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Are you free online?

It’s a question many of us wouldn’t hesitate to answer to. The rapid growth of the internet, as well as its proliferation across devices and throughout our lives, often gives way to the idea that the online world is largely a free one.

According to Freedom House’s 2017 Freedom on the Net report, however, this notion isn’t a truth for many digital citizens — in fact, their study of 65 countries worldwide found that less than one-fourth of the world’s internet users reside in countries where the internet is technically designated “free.”

Not only are a large number of internet users censored online by their country, through disinformation, online manipulation tactics, and other means, but almost half of the countries studied — 32 out of 65 — have experienced an overall decline in internet freedom.

How does your country stack up? Top10VPN put together an infographic about online censorship around the world that visualizes some of the key findings of Freedom House’s study. Check it out below to see if you’re really as free online as you think you are.

Online censorship around the world:

Online censorship around the world

Countries that block political, social or religious content:

countries block political content

Countries that block social media/communication apps:

countries block social media

Countries that arrest, detain or imprison bloggers or ICT users for posting political/social content:

countries arrest free speech

Countries that use pro-government commentators:

countries use progovernment commentators

Photo by Nicole Harrington on Unsplash

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