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Which tools are you using to brainstorm engaging social media updates?  Read More

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Here’s how Amplifr helps social media managers, agencies and solopreneurs around the globe deal with their everyday tasks and relieve them of some of their prominent headaches. Read More

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Social media marketing is more than just regular publishing of content on social networking sites in the hope of growing an audience and ultimately making money. This is especially true for business organizations that want to open social media accounts today in an already crowded marketplace. Without a proper strategy to stand out, the likely scenario that will play out will only result to heartache and disappointment. To succeed on social media, you must post relevant, unique content and then do everything in your power to boost engagement. Over the years, the tactics that can give you results have changed. Now in 2018, here are eight social media marketing hacks that all but guarantee results. Read More

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There is somewhere around 58 million tweets posted every single day, which breaks down to about 9,100 per second. While this is good news for those who use Twitter, because it means that they’re getting up-to-date engagement, it’s not so good for companies looking to grow their presence on this platform amidst all of the competition. When you have to square off with that many posts, it can be extremely difficult to stand out. Yet, many people have been able to climb the Twitter chain and become some major influencers on this platform. How can you become one of them? Read More

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Everything you need to know if you're exploring options for fundraising software. Read More

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Social media may be not the best place to find some serious medical advice, but it's an awesome place to find motivation and inspiration when it comes to living healthy and fit. Read More

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Visual marketing has been growing steadily throughout the years now. These days readers expect to see visual content when they land on a blog post. Few people enjoy reading a wall of text. Content marketing will not work unless you engage in visual marketing. Here are a few tools to help you! Read More

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Just a few links I thought you should see. Enjoy. Read More

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Across the world, right now, thousands of community managers are about to decide which platform is best for their organization, but there’s no single source of honest community platform reviews, from real community managers, for them to research peer reviews. Why isn’t there a Yelp specifically for community software? Now there is. Read More

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