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The nonprofit workforce speaks is being offered to nonprofit organizations nationwide to help them best understand how their workforce thinks and acts when it comes to job satisfaction, engagement, and seeking work. In addition to first-hand testimony, this ebook offers ready-to-execute steps for attracting, engaging, and retaining talented employees in a highly competitive job market. Read More

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SURGE Spring is a free virtual conference for association professionals running on May 2nd-4th, and based on a simple premise: that transformation is a team effort. Read More

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The Nonprofit Talent & Culture Summit, April 18-20, Washington, DC is an immersive event where nonprofit and association leaders discuss concepts and ideas for advancing their missions through their people. Attendees walk away with actionable plans for leading, transforming and inspiring their workforce. EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT ENDS DECEMBER 31. Read More

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Don't just talk the talk about innovation - learn how to actually walk the walk in this engaging webinar. Read More

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WHOO HOO! I am super excited to share with you my brand new Generations on-demand course.  This is based on a really popular 4-hour in-person training that Jamie has been facilitating for a couple of years, and we've been wanting to figure out how to make it accessible to more people. So ta-daa! Here it is. Read More

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At the heart of all organizational capacity building is workplace culture, and nonprofits and foundations are no exception to this rule. The problem is that culture is usually thought of as being about high-level values and concepts, but in reality it’s made up of a complex network of behavior-focused cultural building blocks. Until we work on those, we won’t see the results we want - e.g. stronger capacity and sustainability - and the lack of attention on culture can even hold us back. Read More

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Really awesome one-day event in Chicago on September 14. Join us!! Read More

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Are you going to #18NTC? You may have heard that session voting is open. Here's a quick roundup of some great sessions - please vote for these if you love them as much as I do! Read More

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I’m speaking at .orgCommunity’s “Solutions Day” in just a few weeks in Chicago, and I’ll be sharing some exclusive data around this innovation question and how associations are showing up in the data (and dealing with it in real life). You won’t want to miss it! Read More

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As corporate responsibility has become more of a deal breaker with millennial shoppers (the biggest profit generators in the economy today), businesses are taking note. Read More