Demand Perspective

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On December 15, a small group of forward looking executives will spend a day learning about and practicing alternative paths to leadership and innovation by applying Design Thinking tools to product, innovation and engagement “laboratories.” Read More

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We are launching our Workplace Genome Project, an organizational assessment that will give you a very clear picture as to whether or not you have established the internal building blocks that are consistent with a social organization. Read More

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"Personalized, collaborative, and strategic relationships with members are not part of most associations’ experience and frame of reference. To bridge the gap, you will have to build cultures and capabilities for fostering customer connections." Read More

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"The value this member derives from his membership is not in any one of the resources VIN provides or even in the totality of resources. It is in the way these resources are organized, paced, and made accessible and how they can be customized, updated, and reconfigured to provide exactly the solutions he needs when he needs them." Read More

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"The problem is that inside-out associations are wired to produce and sell products—membership, educational programs, insurance, exhibition space—rather than to grow and manage relationships." Read More

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A value proposition is not about you—your flagship programs, reputation or achievements. It is about the value a member perceives and actually experiences through the relationship with your association. Read More

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The most critical obstacle to bureaucratic organizations becoming competitive in the knowledge age is that they are not set up for the continuous, strategic, and probing mode of learning, experimenting, innovating and constantly adapting. Read More

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Suppose your organization is experiencing attrition. Do you focus on symptoms and tactics—improving your “message,” revving up your communication or investing in a cool new website, for example? Or do you uncover and remedy the roots, such as the value of your benefits no longer being relevant to what matters to your customers? Read More

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Outside-in organizations first understand the problems and issues that matter the most to their customers and then craft constantly fresh solutions for them. Read More

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"By now, most organizations realize that to satisfy today’s demanding customers they have to do more than just pushing generic products and benefits to the market. A go-to solution is “customer service.” This usually translates to more of the same: using mechanical tools, such as scripted responses and quantitative performance measures, to address human-based gaps in value and relationships. Without empathy, interest and ability to understand customers outside the narrow scope of their transactions with your association and your function or department, customer service is the equivalent of piped in, elevator music: a programmed response and a background “filler” rather than a value-generating relationship. To shift from one to the other you have to change your conversation with your customers." Read More