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Associations traditionally send out a bland proforma statement in support of or welcoming the incoming administration after Presidential elections. And of course, it's important for associations to represent all of their members and also to be able to work effectively with the new administration. But this year, there are obvious concerns that must be addressed - as some associations have learned the hard way. Read More

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Working at a nonprofit can be a pressure cooker. Trying to manage huge workloads with limited resources, can easily trap us into thinking that working nights and weekends after a full day at the office is the answer. Overworking will not only steal your clarity, but ultimately zap your energy. We’ve all heard the advice on a plane to “put your oxygen mask on first,” but we roll our eyes and call it cliché. That simple statement is probably the most powerful piece of advice you’ll ever hear about the importance of taking care of yourself first above all others. Read More

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"If this is what content marketing success looks like for associations, then associations are doomed." Must read article by Maggie McGary. Read More

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Catch this Readitfor.me deal before it ends! Really awesome book summary service. Read More

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I've partnered with Ben Martin of Online Community Results to offer an on-demand, crash course on the Essentials on Online Community Management (EOCM). We designed this course for community managers (full or part-time) and the executives who oversee community management. Read More

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As always, Jamie Notter whets our appetite on the topic of performance management over at Association Success. Here's some good stuff from him. Read More

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The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has launched the application process for the new Community Engagement Fellows Program, which will provide professional development for engagement experts in the scientific community. Applications will be accepted through Sunday, October 16. Read More

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The SocialFish job board is live! Please share this with your friends and colleagues and employer and anyone else you know who might be looking for a job or looking to hire? We focus on jobs in social media, marketing, communications, PR, advocacy, digital and technology. Read More

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The moment you've been waiting for... Our job board is live!! If you're a jobseeker, or an employer looking for someone awesome, check it out! Read More

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New to peer-to-peer fundraising? There’s nothing to fear! DonorCommunity has 6 tips for nonprofits who want success. Read More