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"imagine my surprise when I read a post about the 12 not-so-great realities about nonprofits and social media and my immediate thought was “Ok, yes, some of these are true, but there are a lot of great things about nonprofits and social media.” Who am I now, an optimist? Apparently." Read More

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Jamie Notter moderated a great panel with a group of smart Millennial association execs recently for Association Success. The idea was to talk with them, rather than about them... Read More

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I was privileged to teach a module about Aligning Community Management and Workplace Culture to the new class of Community Engagement Fellows at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Read More

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Join us at the #CMAD hashtag on Twitter for Community Manager Appreciation Day on Monday January 23! Invite your peeps! Read More

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The importance of having strong core strength is key to maximizing balance, flexibility, and growth. The same is true for organizations. To be fiscally fit, organizations need to be strong at the core. How is your organization’s core strength? As individuals and as organizations, it’s time to ready ourselves for 2017. There are bound to be new opportunities for growth and you don’t want to miss out! Read More

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How to invigorate your content marketing with fresh ideas - which just happen to be inspired by our love for old school hip hop. And no, you don't have to know anything about the music to appreciate this. :) Read More

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Here's the recording for you in case you missed it. On this edition of Association Chat, John Graham, CEO of ASAE and Scott Wiley, President joined host Kiki L'Italien to discuss ASAE's participation in signing the National Association of Manufacturer's letter pledging cooperation with the new administration. What do you think of this? Did they answer questions you may have had about how ASAE will protect the rights of their constituents? Read More

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It’s not surprising that in the association space, we’re so fascinated by Millennials. After all, they are the largest generation in U.S. history, so while they may not be a large portion of your membership today—they will be. And like any new generation, their behaviors are born out of a time that is quite different than anything that came before it. And that affects your bottom line. But what do Millennials think about being put under the microscope? And do they agree with the conclusions? Read More

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Associations traditionally send out a bland proforma statement in support of or welcoming the incoming administration after Presidential elections. And of course, it's important for associations to represent all of their members and also to be able to work effectively with the new administration. But this year, there are obvious concerns that must be addressed - as some associations have learned the hard way. Read More