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Stop focusing on the Millennials and their entitlement, their impatience, their flip flops, and how they only know how to text, but not how to write. Much of that hype is not particularly true, and even for the parts that are true, we have much bigger fish to fry than the specific quirks of the Millennials. Read More

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Are you ready for a culture that works? Jamie Notter and I have developed a set of workshops to help our clients with their culture change issues. We have a specific interest in and focus on culture change related to technology change, but we also have expertise in conflict, generational differences, and leadership development. Find out more here. Read More

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The future is digital, so we (particularly the older generations) better start understanding what that really means and applying it to the way we lead and manage our organizations. Read More

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We knew it was coming. Here's the start. Read More

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NTEN shares their Impact Evaluation - which measures publicly how they are succeeding in their mission. Beyond awesome. Read More

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Got a spare hour? You might want to bookmark this. Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant were invited to be the first interview for their new #SitrionTalks series, and they share their thoughts about Millennials, organizational culture in the digital age, and their research for their upcoming book. Read More

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Here's an excellent deck by Rawn Shah about social business and the future of work. Read More

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The revolution has already begun... and were not waiting for HRs permission. Read More

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People who design software or websites care a lot about "user experience." Or they should, anyway. I know from the user perspective, that if I have to struggle to use your product or navigate your site, I will give up very quickly and go to a competitor. I have no patience for that, since it's so easy to switch. But do our organizations care about that? Read More

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In social media (and other places, of course) we have constant "relationship transactions." There is an expectation of trust depending on quality of our social media activity. Beyond brand-to-customer/user/potential customer engagement, social media is used as a vehicle for content promotion. The content is related to your brand, and so is your ability to deliver that content. Your social media audience expects something from you, and you should be working to meet those expectations. So, you have to deliver with assumption that people in this relationship are able to make a quality assessment equally. And if they can't make that assessment, they have to trust that you can. Read More