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In 2014, the people at Miriam-Webster dictionary declared the word of the year to be "culture" - based on data about what words people are looking up. Are you paying attention to what your employees are "looking up"? Read More

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Watch this great (and short) TED Talk and tell me it's not a great metaphor for how to get engagement from your online community. Read More

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It is only by connecting the qualitative and quantitative assessments that you get a clear understanding of both the WHAT and the WHY of your culture. When you understand both of those aspects, then it becomes much easier to figure out what needs to change internally to strengthen and focus your culture in the right areas. Read More

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Stop focusing on the Millennials and their entitlement, their impatience, their flip flops, and how they only know how to text, but not how to write. Much of that hype is not particularly true, and even for the parts that are true, we have much bigger fish to fry than the specific quirks of the Millennials. Read More

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Are you ready for a culture that works? Jamie Notter and I have developed a set of workshops to help our clients with their culture change issues. We have a specific interest in and focus on culture change related to technology change, but we also have expertise in conflict, generational differences, and leadership development. Find out more here. Read More

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The future is digital, so we (particularly the older generations) better start understanding what that really means and applying it to the way we lead and manage our organizations. Read More

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We knew it was coming. Here's the start. Read More

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NTEN shares their Impact Evaluation - which measures publicly how they are succeeding in their mission. Beyond awesome. Read More

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Got a spare hour? You might want to bookmark this. Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant were invited to be the first interview for their new #SitrionTalks series, and they share their thoughts about Millennials, organizational culture in the digital age, and their research for their upcoming book. Read More