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Facebook is "proving their commitment to transparency by “shining a light on ads with political content. Under this new program, any Facebook Page paying to promote political content will have to follow the newly-minted rules for ads with political content." Find out more here. Read More

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"Visual storytelling is one of the most effective means of relaying your mission and engaging new supporters and so Instagram is a natural path for doing so. But to insta productively, you want your profile to reflect your organization’s brand. Branding an Instagram can be tricky business, but with a little bit of planning, a few edits and maybe even a few selfies (to test of course) you’ll be Instagramming like a Kardashian." Read More

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Your organization does great work, but do your donors understand it fully? Are you communicating with your supporters too often—or not enough? Is that channel the right one to connect with your best prospects? Read More

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Which tools are you using to brainstorm engaging social media updates?  Read More

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SURGE Spring is a free virtual conference for association professionals running on May 2nd-4th, and based on a simple premise: that transformation is a team effort. Read More

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"May 25th is quickly approaching and if you have yet to begin the compliance process or are only just beginning, it’s important to make this a top organizational priority. The process can be lengthy and the rules can be difficult to interpret so you should not delay in bringing together experts and launching a thorough look into your data management and processing practices." Read More

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Social media marketing is more than just regular publishing of content on social networking sites in the hope of growing an audience and ultimately making money. This is especially true for business organizations that want to open social media accounts today in an already crowded marketplace. Without a proper strategy to stand out, the likely scenario that will play out will only result to heartache and disappointment. To succeed on social media, you must post relevant, unique content and then do everything in your power to boost engagement. Over the years, the tactics that can give you results have changed. Now in 2018, here are eight social media marketing hacks that all but guarantee results. Read More

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Have you ever seen a takeover on social media? Usually, this is when a student, employee, or key constituent takes over a company or organization’s social media for the day. Here are a few reasons to consider hosting a social media takeover. Read More

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All the size info you need. Read More

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Using hashtags is challenging, yet fun. When you use the right hashtag, you have a higher chance of encouraging your patrons and audiences to engage in the desired action. Try these tips, tricks and techniques and see for yourself the phenomenal power of the hashtag! Read More