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Is your nonprofit ready to start getting more from your social media channels? With these strategies on hand, there’s nothing stopping your donation page from reaching more potential givers! Read More

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"You can use hashtags to monitor charity and non-profit news, find new people to connect to and participate in related events without ever leaving your office. But rather than go on a random keyword search for relevant hashtags, check out these hashtags that every nonprofit expert should follow." Read More

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SURGE Spring is a free virtual conference for association professionals running on May 2nd-4th, and based on a simple premise: that transformation is a team effort. Read More

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"May 25th is quickly approaching and if you have yet to begin the compliance process or are only just beginning, it’s important to make this a top organizational priority. The process can be lengthy and the rules can be difficult to interpret so you should not delay in bringing together experts and launching a thorough look into your data management and processing practices." Read More

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Community Manager Appreciation Day is here!  CMAD is 100% grassroots organized and groups around the world plan their own events, both online and in person.  The main place to find out what's going on is on Twitter. And we have some new stuff to announce! Read More

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We’ve got some predictions about the increasingly important role of social media in the new year’s peer-to-peer fundraising: Read More

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At the heart of all organizational capacity building is workplace culture, and nonprofits and foundations are no exception to this rule. The problem is that culture is usually thought of as being about high-level values and concepts, but in reality it’s made up of a complex network of behavior-focused cultural building blocks. Until we work on those, we won’t see the results we want - e.g. stronger capacity and sustainability - and the lack of attention on culture can even hold us back. Read More

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You might think you know, but do you really? Read More

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SURGE 2017 is an experiment in collaborative innovation. It is a free virtual summit running on November 7th-9th, was inspired by the association community, envisioned in conversations with people throughout the industry, and planned and created through teamwork and cooperation. The summit will consist of twelve pre-recorded sessions, with a highly participatory format so that attendees can engage together in deep learning opportunities. Association professionals from around the globe will assemble for exclusive access to the sessions and discussions, ready to learn, to listen, and to lend their ideas. Learn more here. Read More

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It's been a wild ride and we're grateful to be part of it. Online community management for the win! Read More