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If you’re starting a capital campaign, then you know how much work and effort goes into planning a fundraiser of this magnitude. You want all your hard work to result in a successful outcome: reaching your goal. For that to happen, you need to have the right capital campaign marketing plan in place, which should include strategies to attract tech-savvy donors as well as traditional supporters. We’ve compiled a list of five tech-savvy marketing strategies to help you raise more. Read More

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Thinking of getting a new job in 2017? Spend some time over the holiday break applying for some of these! NOTE TO EMPLOYERS - special discount code offer ends on 12/31. Post your job now! Read More

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I was recently invited to chat with Celisa Steele over at the Leading Learning Podcast. We talked about "the implications of social media on associations, how it has led to organizations becoming more human-centric (including the impact millennials are having on this), and the important role of learning in organizational culture." Read More

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What can a local kickboxing club teach us about membership marketing? Plenty! Read More

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"The concept of creating content pillars is not new, but if you are not currently leveraging this idea then it could be revolutionary for your association. The idea of a content pillar is that you generate one large resource, say an annual industry study, then utilize smaller content elements to support that resource." Read More

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Associations traditionally send out a bland proforma statement in support of or welcoming the incoming administration after Presidential elections. And of course, it's important for associations to represent all of their members and also to be able to work effectively with the new administration. But this year, there are obvious concerns that must be addressed - as some associations have learned the hard way. Read More