Social CRM and ROI

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Twitter stream and good nuggets from AMS FEST MIDWEST. Read More

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The good news is, the recipe for a strong culture is not as difficult as you might think. Read More

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Online business owners consistently make the same mistakes when it comes to integrating social media with ecommerce. One of these huge mistakes is simply thinking that having a presence on places like Facebook and Twitter is enough to attract more customers. Read More

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Frustrated with how to make money using social media? Learn what social intelligence can do for you by joining our friend Melinda Wittstock in this great webinar. Read More

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To read ROI case studies from organizations like The Financial Planning Association, The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and more, download Higher Logic’s in-depth article on Community ROI. Read More

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A new book about the future of marketing from Hessie Jones and Daniel Newman. Read More

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Lots of good stats about crowdfunding. Tip o' the hat to Allyson Kapin. Read More

An online community is about year-round engagement with the organization. It's networking (the top reason people join associations, according to the MGI report), socializing, exchanging expertise and being reminded on a regular basis of the association's offerings. In my opinion, there is no better way for people to engage with both the association they're paying to belong to and the other members they're paying to network with. Of course, face to face is the best way to network and communicate, but realistically, that can't happen every day. Online community can. Read More

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We want to examine why mobile is working for What have we done over the past few years that has brought us to this point, ahead of where we thought we would be? What can we share with the HIV/AIDS community to improve their efforts in outreach, education, and prevention? What else should we be doing? There are three things that stand out, as we consider what we have done and what is working for mobile and Read More

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Betcha didn't know you could set up Facebook Interest lists. Did you? Read More