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I was recently invited to chat with Celisa Steele over at the Leading Learning Podcast. We talked about "the implications of social media on associations, how it has led to organizations becoming more human-centric (including the impact millennials are having on this), and the important role of learning in organizational culture." Read More

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I've partnered with Ben Martin of Online Community Results to offer an on-demand, crash course on the Essentials on Online Community Management (EOCM). We designed this course for community managers (full or part-time) and the executives who oversee community management. Read More

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Explore social learning, how social media technologies can be an intentional part of your organization’s overall learning toolset, and ways to design social learning interactions so learners get the best out of the experience. Read More

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The competency model offers a win-win-win situation for associations, industries, and learners. Read More

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Hessie Jones on defining the millennial mindset. Read More

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We’re seeing some interesting things going on in the association industry at the intersection of online communities and learning management systems (LMS) Read More

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So you're an entrepreneur, you have an idea, and a business plan, but one thing you should consider is further study, in this case a course to become a Certified Associate in Project Management. Read More

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Are you having difficulty gathering a large group of people to share information? Don't have time to travel to headquarters half way across the country? Interested in giving a presentation, but don't know how to find an audience or expand your viewers? Enter, BigMarker. BigMarker is a Chicago based, online webinar and video conference system. We have hopes to expand the webinar space by building the world’s first open and free online webinar network. Read More

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Two interesting slide decks about the future of education. Read More

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An online community is about year-round engagement with the organization. It's networking (the top reason people join associations, according to the MGI report), socializing, exchanging expertise and being reminded on a regular basis of the association's offerings. In my opinion, there is no better way for people to engage with both the association they're paying to belong to and the other members they're paying to network with. Of course, face to face is the best way to network and communicate, but realistically, that can't happen every day. Online community can. Read More