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From Elizabeth Engel: "In our new whitepaper Include is a Verb: Moving from Talk to Action on Diversity and Inclusion, Sherry Marts, PhD (S*Marts Consulting) and I tackle the challenge of turning associations’ powerful talk into equally impactful walk." Read More

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"There is a symbiotic relationship between education (acquisition of knowledge and skills), employment (economically rewarded activity) and living a “good life” (an ethical, spiritually rewarding existence as individuals and as a collective). After all of the research we have done, we believe the current system may have been sufficient for the 19th and 20th centuries, but not the 21st. We can do better." Read More

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A new whitepaper showcases how the Lean Startup methodology applies to Associations. Read More

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This year’s State of Community Management report is a significant milestone for the discipline of community management - it defines objective artifacts of community management maturity and enables comparisons and benchmarking across communities. Read More

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Download this new ICF International whitepaper—and put your gamification knowledge to the test. Examine examples of healthcare gaming, explore key market drivers, and predict gaming trends in achieving healthier populations. Read More

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Download this ICF white paper to learn how successful healthcare companies are adopting new approaches to consumer interaction. Discover how three elements—Empathy, Engagement, and Empowerment—are critical ingredients to your success. This white paper delves into these critical success factors and gives providers, insurers, and life sciences companies a framework for evaluating and adjusting to an increasingly consumer-centric business model. Read More

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“Designing a great device is not the same as designing a great user experience. Designing a great user experience is not the same as designing greater engagement.” Read More

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Are you an association or nonprofit whose been doing social media work for a while? Do you need a "gut check" to make sure you're on the right track? Do you need recommendations for growth or infrastructure improvements? Do you need data to backup future requests for more staff or resources? SocialFish can help. Read More

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What does satisfying customer or member needs (and I use these terms interchangeably) really mean? Is it designing programs or services that your organization believes are relevant? Discounting fees for the unemployed? This top-down, provider–to-customer product design conjures up for me images of amateur target practice. You aim in the general direction of the target but which of its concentric circles you will hit is a tossup. All you can do is just hope that you may per chance land at the center. Treating all member or customer needs as equal parts of a blurry, undifferentiated whole seems comparable to such random target shooting. So is guessing that a lecture or discount are better solutions for the unemployed than, say, peer brainstorming or custom training. Sure there is some relationship between your program topics and the situation but do they address problems that” keep members up at night”? How does an organization change the tone of its relationships with customers from distant to intimate? Read More

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