Community Management Services


*** We are now consultants on behalf of ICF Ironworks so the specific parameters of our consulting offerings may change, though the general focus will not.  We’ll update this page shortly. ***


We offer community management consulting services for associations managing private online communities.

1) SocialFish Community Consulting Package

Tailored for groups who have either just launched, or are planning to launch their online community, the Community Consulting Package guides you through the fundamentals of online community management, focusing on effective practices we’ve identified over the past four years of social media consulting with associations.

2) SocialFish Engagement Booster Package

For more experienced groups who would like to see greater engagement within their community, the Booster Package is a great option. We work with you to recalibrate your community management strategy, and we guide you through engagement tactics we’ve seen work for other groups in similar circumstances.

Sample Deliverables from SocialFish

Community Management Assessment

A great way to learn your organization’s strengths and weaknesses as they relate to your community management practice, skill sets, and culture.

6-Week Community Manager Work Plan

Ideal for groups with a newly hired community manager or a shifting community strategy. The work plan outlines exactly what needs to be done, how often, and how long it will take.

Engagement Strategy Playbook

A valuable resource tailored to the demographics of your membership and customized for your organization. SocialFish walks you through each section and helps you redefine your community engagement strategies and practices. The finalized playbook includes a year’s worth of specific tactics to jumpstart member engagement in your community.

Hiring Assistance–$250 hourly rate

SocialFish can help you hire a community manager. We have extensive experience assisting associations, from deciding what level and reporting structure, to writing the job description and conducting phone interviews to vet candidates.

Outsourced Community Managementhourly rate (tbd)

We can also handle implementation on an outsourced basis, for a period of 3-6 months or however long is necessary to get things up and running.  The outsourced community manager will most likely be working remotely.  We’ll manage the relationship and make sure all the processes are in place when it’s time to hand over to a staff member or new hire.

Kitchen Sink Consulting–$250/hourly rate, discounted to $200 for ten hours or more per month
If you’re looking for a trusted advisor to help you take on a special project–for example, crafting social media policies or providing feedback and recommendations for your social media activities–putting the SocialFish on a monthly retainer is a good idea. We’ll set aside a block of hours for you, push your work to the top of our priority list, and help keep your project rolling along.

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