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Struggling to find young donors? Millennial giving is growing swiftly on Centscere, a B Corp based in New York City.

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Centscere’s patent pending Social Media Donation System enables donors to give a few cents to their favorite charity every time they tweet on Twitter, post on Facebook or click ‘Like’. That is to say, every time Frank tweets, he donates 10¢ to Habitat for Humanity.

Any nonprofit can join Centscere for free, and the donation service is offered at no cost to the nonprofit. 90% of gifts go directly to organizations from the platform.

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Through the social media donation system and other in-kind philanthropic promotions, Hire Heroes USA has raised nearly $1000 every month, despite having only 30 Centscere donors.

Since being featured in The Huffington Post in February, and on NPR in April, Centscere has raised a seed investment round. The company is actively building an analytics service designed to gather data and uncover trends across its donors.

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Imagine an engine that analyzes and aggregates an individual donor’s traits across multiple social media profiles. Indeed, from their favorite causes to music preferences to their favorite Twitter personalities, the power of Centscere’s engine is extraordinary.

Nonprofits can sign up at centscere.com. Eligibility is determined using Guidestar. 

If your organization has a combined FB/Twitter reach of over 100,000, Centscere is offering a special three-month program that offers free advertising, free data, and reduced transaction costs.

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