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How the big boys are thinking about social business.

As we close out the year, here’s a good report on the current state of social business maturity. As the report says, we’re slowly but surely “shifting out of first gear”.

“A fundamental shift in business communications is taking place. Technology is changing rapidly, real-time discussions are having more impact on business and the global economy is moving toward greater efficiency and austerity. In this environment, it is critical to maximize effective communication and build a sustainable approach to customer retention. Lean startups appreciate that social media is inherently inexpensive. But it is also key to recognize that it takes time and much effort―part of the “sweat equity” that many businesses require. This presentation provides guidance in developing and implementing a social media and customer relationship management (CRM) business strategy: Building a presence, maintaining a reputation and creating a sustainable business for the long term.”

“The findings suggest that while the strategis vision for social business is strong, implementation sometimes falters. 50% of the survey participants reported that their organizations have a strategic framework or vision, however on average, report 38% having integrated social strategy development. Moreover, these data revealed that only 48% of organizations surveyed differentiate between social business and social media marketing.”

“have generational issues been superseded by social media and social business? I don’t think so. I think generations are still a big challenge for organizations. So the question is, how do generational issues connect to social business? Here are some points to think about.”

Social Business at IBM

Very interesting slide deck by one of my faves, Ethan McCarty from IBM. Check it out.

In our circles, everyone understands that social technologies are a must for marketing and communications. That bandwagon is pretty crowded these days. But I am still amazed at how slow these same people are to integrate social technology into management practices outside of the marketing department.

Social business demands culture change (but don’t worry, you don’t have to call it culture change). Leveraging technology in today’s social world goes way beyond the technical requirements—success or failure seems more dependent on how flexible and effective your management practices are, rather than your specific IT competency. Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant can help.

MIT’s Sloan Management Review paired up with Deloitte to do a research project around social business earlier this year. They got nearly 3,500 responses to their survey from managers in companies in 115 countries and 24 industries, so it’s a nice, broad study.