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“In regular life, when someone professes respect and appreciation for you and declares you their ally, then turns around and kicks you in the stomach, you realize that person sucks and stop trusting them and spending time with them.”

Really really really trying hard not to say I told you so… but failed. 🙂

“Especially for those of us in the association sector who have limited resources when it comes to social media and digital in general, Facebook is the platform that we tend to use/depend on the most even while it continues to make our lives and jobs harder.”

Promotions via Facebook are the way of the future for causes. Non-profit organizations such as March of Dimes and the American Cancer Society have already been using them to great effect. Which is a process you can become a part of, with the right focus and the desire to market on a global scale through user participation and member oriented methods.

“Any platform that’s free, is out to serve its own bottom line and interests, AND doesn’t offer any metrics for its community feature–let alone let you tie it back to your own CRM–is not the place to invest in building community. As a funnel back to your owned community? Sure, why not. But as the solution to engagement or revenue problems? Just no.”

All you need to know about government use of social media.

YouTube and Facebook step up their game this time.

Facebook changes hurting your brain? This will help. Maybe.

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Can a few simple modifications to a social action drastically improve the number of supporters driven to action? Yes. Here’s a great example of how one organization improved the performance of their Facebook social actions by 300%. What’s your advice for improving Facebook engagement?