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If you’re an organization that relies on LinkedIn groups as your online community platform, now is probably a good time to start crafting your exit strategy.

LinkedIn is messing with us again. Sigh.

“To association CEOs who depend on keeping their orgs relevant, here’s the thing: yes, as the figurehead of your association, it is your personal responsibility to remain relevant professionally…and LinkedIn is part of that.”

“Change is inherent to the world of social media, so it’s important not let it rattle you. Instead, go ahead – dance. I dare you.”

How have the changes impacted your org’s LinkedIn group? Anyone experiencing any positives to counteract the negatives I and others have experienced? Comment by sharing this post.

If LinkedIn were a brick and mortar place that the owners were just slowly letting fall apart, wouldn’t you assume that they were just riding out the decline until eventually closing their doors forever?

All you need to know about optimizing Linkedin.

Lots of good tips here for amping up your company page.

I recently came across what I think is a hugely valuable tool called PeopleLinx – and asked Steve Werner from PeopleLinx to tell you more. How do you handle getting more staff to use LinkedIn effectively, both personally and on behalf of the enterprise?