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Is your content awesome? Let’s see what we can learn from Lego to make it that way.

Here are three reasons why content marketing in the for-profit world is different than content marketing in the association world, and why what works for them won’t work for most associations.

I tell my friends that the association industry is the biggest industry no one knows about. And as an industry there are a LOT of websites with a LOT of content. So if ISPs are going to throttle content coming across their networks, could that affect the hundreds of thousands of associations and other non-profits out there?

“Mobile and tablet computer sales are expected to surpass sales for desktop and laptop computers in 2013. So why are you still designing a site for only one mobile experience?”

“Web technology moves quickly – and a website quickly becomes outdated. While responsive design is today’s hot topic, baseline technologies such as AMS integration, social sharing, search engine optimization and more are pain points for a number of associations as they ask their websites to compete in a crowded online world.”

“Your website is not written in stone. In fact, it will never be “perfect” because by its very nature (and this is a good thing) the web is fluid and dynamic and begs to be updated and changed on a regular basis. The web demands to be “good enough.”

“Members who engage in a way that is aligned with their association’s strategic goals directly help the association grow stronger and more relevant. Any association that has the ability to objectively score member engagement is in the enviable position of being able to measure the effectiveness of its members in supporting its strategy. Composite Engagement Score (CES) allows you to do just that.”

Have you developed and adopted a code of conduct statement for your community? Do you look forward to developing one? It may not be the “fun” part of working on, or being part of, a community, but it is an important part of your engagement strategy. A code of conduct gives your community a direction and helps define its identity.

Pew is not the only one watching gamification. Gartner analysts predict 50% of corporate innovation will be “gamified” by 2015. Will associations move in this direction as well? Deciding if gamification will work for your association is much less of a daunting task than you might think (and you may already be employing a few game mechanics).

Member engagement has always been crucial to the ultimate success of any association. Understanding why, how, and to what degree a member engages with his or her association can make all the difference when it comes to growing a thriving non-profit. It’s no secret, then, that member engagement is imperative to the association, yet it’s never been quantified in a consistent way. While taking such a measurement can sound daunting, it doesn’t need to be.