The ROI of Social CRM

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Here are the slides* for a presentation I gave recently to the CESSE Association Leadership Through Partnership program, hosted by Plexus Consulting.

The most important piece of advice I gave the group of scientific and manufacturing association CEOs was that it’s time to change the conversation – away from social media and the various tools (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) and towards social CRM, namely the discipline of applying social data to membership management.  Once you start to talk about social differently like this, it becomes part of everyone’s job instead of some frivolous add-on for everyone other than the early adopters on staff.  It feeds the holistic understanding of how social can help your organization succeed.  It helps you achieve more and measure the right things.

The ROI of Social CRM

For membership organizations, ROI often comes down to recruiting and retaining members. But how do your social media efforts fit into that equation? See how Social Customer Relationship Management (Social CRM)–both the philosophy and the technology–can help your association solve common membership management challenges. Understand the complexity of the challenge Social CRM presents, and explore some approaches that can help you sell your vision internally. Take away two white papers which explain the strategic value of building a social CRM practice.


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