8 use cases for social media and associations

social fish
social fish

In case you missed them, or want them all in one handy link, here is a nice roundup for you of our Social CRM Use Case series, which was originally created for the Avectra blog.

And why is this important, you ask? Why, because it’s the key to social media ROI, of course 
We’re SO excited to talk about these use cases and any more that we – or you – can think of – at the Avectra Users and Developers Conference in Orlando at the end of February.


What we’ll be up to at #AUDC12:


We’ll be presenting our session on these Social CRM Use Cases on Monday February 27 at 9:45 am, then Lindy and Chris Urena will have a great session in the afternoon on The Emergence of Social Learning and Its Impact on Social CRM.


On Tuesday, we’re joining the fabulous Dean West of Association Labs, Linda Chreno of Marketing General, and Jamie Notter for an “office hours” slot where you can ask specific questions or get our help to solve individual issues; then Jamie’s presenting a session on Creating a More Human Association (and a little bird told me there just might be certain copies of a certain book being given out – sssshhhh).


And that’s just our SocialFish crew!!  There’s so much more going on – we can’t wait to dig into all of these topics with this super savvy crowd.
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