Announcing #culturechat Thursdays!!

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BIG NEWS to announce!  In conjunction with, Jamie Notter and I will be hosting a new #culturechat Twitter chat every other Thursday at 1 pm EST starting February 5th.  Mark your calendars!!

Our first #culturechat will be about GENERATIONS AND CULTURE – a topic you know is very close to our hearts.  Will you join us to talk about such things as generational dynamics, how to retain and/or attract the best talent from different generations, and how to deal with internal conflict arising from generational differences?  We’d love to have you join the conversation!


Here are some of the topics we’ll be discussing in future chats.  Got more ideas? Let us know!!

  • hiring for culture fit
  • diversity as a cultural principle
  • culture change
  • distributed culture (eg chapters/National, or remote workers)
  • top-down – role of the CEO/founder
  • how to deal with a culture that is too slow
  • bringing the digital mindset to culture
  • core values – more than a statement on the wall
  • culture eats strategy for lunch
  • intrapreneurship
  • branding as lagging indicator for culture
  • technology’s role in culture
  • holacracy and culture that breaks down hierarchies
  • culture during a leadership transition
  • subcultures
  • processes to make culture visible (Aptify, Menlo)
  • culture-related technologies
  • HR’s role in culture change
  • how to assess your culture
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