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Just wanted to say thank you to Deirdre Reid, a great friend and colleague and occasional writer for SocialFish, who, inspired by our posts about CEOs on Twitter, has started her own series over on the Avectra blog showcasing CEO’s using social media.

These are so awesome, I’m reposting the first few here – check ‘em out!

Susan Avery, CAE – International Association of Plastics Distribution –

“I have personally found LinkedIn to be an incredible opportunity for my association. I have connected with potential members and individuals within my members’ companies that I would have never had access to. I am forming relationships in a different way and even recruiting new membersthrough my active engagement in LinkedIn.”

Dave Phillips, Pennsylvania Association of Realtors –

“Social media is optional and so is being relevant.”

Lori Gracey, Texas Computer Education Association –

“I know so much more in my job simply because of using Twitter,” she says. “It’s hard to know everything as a CEO, there’s just not the time. But I have people on Twitter who, in a way, are working for me. They’re answering my questions and gathering the information I need. They’re there to help. You don’t get that anywhere else, that immediate and overwhelming response. And it’s all free. It doesn’t take that much time, but makes a huge difference.”

We know there are more association CEO’s out there using social (we mentioned a few here), and the list is growing.  Check out, for example, this Twitter list of manufacturing association CEO’s.  While there are still some eggs on the list (and I’m not referring to the CEO’s themselves obviously, but the accounts with no profile picture), every time I look at this list I see more and more of these CEO’s engaging.

Is your CEO on Twitter or any of the other social sites?  Post the links here!

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