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In this series of interviews of Association Social Media Managers, you’ll be able to compare notes on what all of these fab organizations are doing with their social media management – from how they organize the roles and responsibilities, to how they manage content flow through the organization and out to social, to what campaigns they tried, to how they see the future of association social media.  


Welcome to Tracie Rollins, social media manager for the National Association for Women Business Owners Phoenix Chapter ( NAWBOPHX)! Thank you for coming on SocialFish to share how you manage this work!

1) First things first –  in what department in your organization does your role sit?  Who do you report to? 

I am the owner of The Rollins Advantage, LLC.; a content and social media marketing agency in Phoenix, Arizona. I sit on the communications board as the social media manager for NAWBOPHX.

2) Describe your social/digital “ecosystem” – what social media sites do you (or the org as a whole) manage? Are they interlinked in specific ways? How do you decide what content to post where? Do they have different audiences?

As the social media manager, I am responsible for maintaining all social media platforms, developing and executing social media campaigns, analyzing the results and implementing improvements. I post, syndicate and curate content relevant to women business owners across all of the association’s social platforms including LinkedInFacebookTwitter, Google+ and YouTube. Each message is evaluated for platform relevancy on a post-by-post basis. For example, messaging related to corporate sponsors, professional development and available positions perform better on LinkedIn, whereas pictures from events perform better on Facebook.


3) Can you describe the internal collaboration workflow with other areas of the association (e.g. are you part of a team that meets on a regular basis)? How do you manage content flow? How do you manage monitoring and responding across the organization?

The communications team meets monthly to report out on progress, share metrics, receive updates and consider requests from the other committees. They manage a calendar of upcoming events so that they know what needs to be scheduled on their social media and editorial calendars. In every meeting they discuss ways that they can better communicate and serve their members.

4) Describe a typical day for you – and any favorite tools you use regularly for anything related to social media.

A typical day in my social world starts with a freshly brewed pot of coffee, my laptop and blazing fast Internet. I review each platform for engagement and respond as appropriate. Then I start the process of being helpful by researching, curating content, syndicating blog posts, creating new posts and scheduling them according to the social media strategy. Hootsuite is my tool of choice because it’s cost effective and improves productivity. I also use Canva to create beautiful images to share.

5) Is community management (group moderation) part of your responsibilities? Please describe those activities.

Community management is essential because NAWBOPHX members are passionate about their business and the growth of women owned businesses across the world and they’re not afraid to show it. I review each social platform and engage with members and visitors often answering questions through messages, commenting or moderating comments and posts.

6) Have you done any social media campaigns?  Can you share any success stories (or lessons learned)?

NAWBOPHX recently kicked off our social media campaign to encourage members to get active on social media using #NAWBOPHX. The communication team keeps track of members using this hashtag and awards prizes that are sponsored by their corporate partners. Members have a lot of fun with this activity and enjoy winning the monthly NAWBOPHX Social Media Rock Star award.

7) What’s the hardest part of your job?

The hardest part of being a social media manager is conversion tracking. Multi-level attribution is key to ensuring that attribution is given to social efforts when a new lead who found NAWBOPHX through social or engaged in some manner eventually becomes a member.

8) Give us a glimpse into the future. If budget and resources were no object, what would you love to see in terms of your association’s social media presence in 3 years?

I have a passion for women business owners and enjoy helping them with tips, tricks and useful advice that improves the success of their business. I’d love to see every women business owner in Phoenix become engaged online with NAWBOPHX and achieve her business related goals. I’d also love to see more prospects converting to members and additional corporate sponsors as a result of her social media efforts with NAWBOPHX.

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