Breaking: Demographic Analysis of Your Instagram Audiences Is Now Possible

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Demographics Pro has just launched their new Instagram analytics tool. Unlike other analytics tools, this one provides deep demographics (see my bold below) – not just number of followers and basic engagement metrics.

Demographics Pro is pleased to announce the addition of Instagram audience analytics to its leading social profiling platform. Available from today at www.demographicspro.comthe service is the first ever to give deep insight into Instagram audiences, including detailed breakdowns of audience age, gender, marital status, ethnicity, language, location by country, US state, and worldwide city, occupations, income, likes/interests, influences and brand affiliations. All statistics are aggregated to protect individual privacy.

Since the launch of its Twitter audience profiling service in 2011, more than 10,000 brands and agencies have relied on the company’s demographics, via dashboard and API, to gain actionable insights into the followers of their accounts, people tweeting about their products/services, and responding to their campaigns. On today’s addition of Instagram, Demographics Pro CEO Paul Hallett commented, “Over the past two years, Instagram has become a key marketing component for many of the world’s top brands. With this addition, we fill a data void for marketers and analysts who need to understand brand audiences, as well as justify selection and sponsorship of Instagram influencers.”

Coinciding with today’s release, Demographics Pro is sharing a showcase of topical Instagram audience insights, to help demonstrate how marketers can analyze and compare Instagram audiences, as well as people posting photos with hashtags of interest.

Showcase insights include a bunch of examples, including:

  • An Instagram Trump Your Cat craze has cat owners sharing photos of their pets with toupee style makeovers. Analysis of people tagging photos with #trumpyourcat reveals 70.1% are married, an average age of 27.8 years and a median personal income of $43.8k/year. While 10% of all US Instagram users are Hispanic, only 2.7% of people trumping their cats fall into this group.
  • Youtube/Instagram influencer Michelle Phan has recently launched a makeup line in conjunction with L’Oreal. Of her 2 million Instagram followers, 88.7% are female and 81.9% are single, with an average age of 19.3 years. Strongest brand affiliations within her audience include Sephora, Forever 21, Benefit Cosmetics and Victoria’s Secret.
  • The SoulCycle fitness chain shares photos of its customers on Instagram. @SoulCycle followers are female (86.6%) and affluent, being 16 times more likely than Instagram average to fall within the $75-100k/year income band. Top cities include New York (30.2%) and Los Angeles (7.7%), while top likes/interests include charity, yoga and wining/dining.

Just for fun, I compared my Twitter account to Michelle Phan‘s Instagram. Which explains why I’ve never heard of her – I’m not 19 years old. LOL.

There’s a ton of great info in this tool, though, and I’m interested to hear how you analyze your Instagram influencers or followers. Will you try this? Let me know.

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