BREAKING: LinkedIn is Shutting off the Jobs Tab for Groups

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IMPORTANT:  I submitted a ticket to LinkedIn last week, because despite all my best efforts, I was unable to set an organization’s group settings to allow the Jobs tab.

Here’s the normal settings page, where you click to “enable the jobs feature”

As you can see, I selected that. Then I go back to my main page… and under the jobs tab, instead of a normal place to just post something, here is what I see.

I click on “post a job” and I get this:

Which is all well and good, but none of the stuff here is in any way related to either me or this group (which happens to be a scientific society, so, sorry, but Java Developers are not what we had in mind for posting in here).

And then, what a surprise, if I click on “Post a Job”, you can guess what happens next. Only $195 for a posting!

So in my total confusion about what is going on I send in a support ticket, where I say, “I’m managing a group and trying to enable the jobs tab and it’s not working properly.” This is the response I get back (my bold):

This option is no longer available. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. We’re continually developing product features to enhance your LinkedIn groups experience. Periodically, digest changes are tested on a limited scale before doing a full scale release to the entire membership. To get the best results and control distortion of the results, our test participants are systematically chosen from a cross section of members. Because of this, you may become part of a test program before a full roll out to our mass membership occurs. At this time, the digests format can’t be chosen manually.

We encourage you to visit your groups to view all content. You can select the “Popular” view that shows discussions that have been liked and/or commented on, or you can choose “Recent” so you see all discussions.

As with any feature, we encourage you to provide your feedback on the feature test through one of the “Feedback” links available throughout the site or by clicking on the “Send Feedback” link found at the bottom of your homepage. This information will not receive a Customer Service response. Instead, your comments are directly routed to the Product Team. Because they are so busy testing the enhancement they will review your comments but they usually won’t respond to your comments.

Feedback from members like you is extremely helpful in shaping how new features are finally released. Thanks again for sharing your opinions!

Holy crap!! This is a serious issue. We’ve worked with many organizations to get their groups organized not only to move recruiter spam out of the main discussions tab and into the jobs tab, but also to use the jobs tab as a channel for getting traffic flow to the association’s own job board, which is obviously a source of non-dues revenue.   I have to assume that job boards will figure out other ways to get traffic from LinkedIn, but I fear that this will wreak havoc on a lot of association LinkedIn groups.  Not sure what we can do, though I’m all ears.  Have you noticed this issue?  Any thoughts about it?  Right now it appears this only affects groups where the jobs tab was not already enabled, but it looks to me from their response (“this feature is no longer available”) that at some point they will cut everybody’s job tab off.

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