Building Social Proficiency Across the Organization [Slides]

social fish
social fish

Here’s a nice, short and sweet slide deck from my friend Michael Brito, speaking at Dreamforce a few days ago (oh how I wish I was there!  If anyone can pull strings and get us speaking about Humanize for Dreamforce next year…  )

Here are Michael’s notes from this blog post with the slides:

Before I talked about the how, I started the presentation with why it’s important and what the results of social media proficiency can bring :

  • Employee Advocacy: Employees are trusted; they can help feed the content engine
  • Employee Collaboration: Innovation, Process improvement and an increase in productivity
  • Partner Collaboration: Bringing products to market faster through social collaboration
  • Social Marketing Excellence: Sharing best practices w/ other marketing teams, geographies; governance/compliance

I then discussed some key considerations when deploying a training curriculum.

  • Have a vision; aligned with business goals. Obviously.
  • Establish a Social Media Center or Excellence responsible for deploying training initiatives.
  • Create actionable curriculum that enables employees and other marketing teams
  • Build workflows for content creation, approval, optimization and distribution
  • Start thinking like a media company

This post contains a slide deck. If you can’t see it because you’re reading this in a reader, please click through to the post.
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