CEOs and Social Media – Trends and Effective Practices

social fish
social fish

Here are my slides from the presentation I did last week to the board of directors–all manufacturing company CEOs–for SPI, the plastics industry trade association. My main point from the slides is that there is more to being a “social CEO” than *necessarily* just using social media personally, and each individual CEO will find their own style and affinity for specific tools (if they use social media personally at all).

Another important thing to note is that the reasons for a CEO to use social media are NOT THE SAME as the goals for the company on social. What those specific goals might be will change depending on the individual executive, but will always be related to who he or she wants to build relationships with – journalists? Members of Congress? Thought leaders? Other CEOs?

Is your CEO a social CEO? If not, are they too busy? Don’t see the value? This trends-based presentation might help.

Oh and by the way, we help CEOs get their feet wet and be strategic about their use of social media. Contact us for more information.

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social fish
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