SocialFish Case Studies

Our SocialFish Rockstar clients

We work with associations large and small, trade and professional, at all different stages of the social media adoption curve. You might recognize a few of our clients…

…among others!  (Feel free to ask us for references!)  These organizations have a variety of different goals and objectives for their social media efforts, but all want to align their social activities with their mission and under an overall strategy which makes sense for their staff and stakeholders.

Here are some examples of association strategic objectives:

ASAE & The Center have a large (1200+) group of open volunteers who have raised their hand and asked for volunteering opportunities.  ASAE needed a homebase where those volunteers could find projects to work on, staff and existing councils or committees could post work they needed help with and members in general could connect and collaborate with each other in one central place.  The concepts of citizenship and open “drop in” volunteerism have implications for their membership at large, and massive potential for energizing an already willing and communicative member base.  On the technology side, ASAE has system-wide implementation of Sharepoint, and we’re using a social layer on top, the MemberToMember platform created by SusQTech, to help them build a homebase community online.

The National Association for the Self Employed is a small staff association with a large membership of people used to coming to them for benefits, discounts and services like tax advice.  But self-employed people, many of whom work from home, are potentially the perfect audience for an engaged online community.  The NASE are in the process of redesigning their website with a social component; and we’re helping them nurture and grow their presence on outposts like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – outposts which all link back to their homebase website.  Their internal model for enabling individual staffers to grow their own audiences on behalf of the organization and share the listening and responding responsibilities is outstanding.

The MDCSCO received a small grant specifically to build a Ning site for their association.  Their goals are to have a place for their members to post and find clinical trials, discuss administrative issues relevant to three particular subgroups (oncologists in private practice, hospital oncologists, and practice managers), and receive relevant industry news bulletins.  Currently in the build stage, we’re helping them focus the functionality of the site on these social objects, and launch and nurture the site.

These are just three examples of many organizational goals achievable though social media. All of our work is about quick wins combined with long term growth; and we can help your organization find those “sweet spots” which will have maximum impact and have measurable success while using internal resources effectively.  We also help develop your social media policy framework so your staff and members can operate safely and transparently.

Our Public Projects

We’d also love you to have a dig around our pet projects.  The concept of “designing in public” – always beta testing, continuously asking for feedback, measuring and seeing what works and what doesn’t and why – is something we write about a lot.   Everything listed here is fully open and we encourage you to join and participate.

Young Association Professionals (YAP) – YAP is our own community of friends and colleagues, as well as our sandbox and testing ground. Here is our homebase, as well as Facebook GroupFacebook Page,  LinkedIN,  Twitter,  and  Friendfeed outposts.   We built it from scratch and it’s continuously growing and evolving.  We call ourselves YAP Hostesses, but we’re actually more like proud parents.  This is the place we’ve truly tested the practical implications of harnessing a group’s most important social objects (the things people come to a site to do), as well as tying online community to offline community.

Buzz2009 – our massively successful one-day Advanced Social Media for Associations conference, featuring Guy Kawasaki and Andy Sernovitz, which focused on how to create and energize stakeholders using word of mouth (WOM) and social media.  In keeping with this theme, we used WOM techniques for the conference itself, and kept a living case study of everything we did to plan, promote and build buzz around the conference.

Association Social Media Wiki – our wiki was featured on the IIG Social Media Case Studies Superlist with this nice description:

“The Association Social Media Wiki has a growing “A to Z” list of some 100+ associations using social media with links to the association’s social media web pages. Ranges from the American Library Association’s Second Life intiative to the Urban Land Institute’s blog.”  We also feature one association case study each month, and an Association Professionals on Twitter page.  Not in the wiki yet?  Feel free to add your association’s activities.  Help us continue to make this THE resource for finding out what associations are up to in the social media space.

Engage365 – we’re community managers for this exciting new online community for people specifically interested in social media for events.  The community is a great mix of skilled event planners, conference organizers, tradeshow managers, education people and more.   Do check it out and have a look around.