Come celebrate Jamie’s recovery and the book launch with us!

social fish
social fish

You’re invited to a very unusual event!

It’s a strategic workshop!
We got our heads together with our friends at Epic PR to put together a strategic workshop, a book launch party, and a cancer fundraiser all rolled into one!

Sponsored by Higher Logic at their brand new HQ in Virginia, the theme of the event is defining and communicating your organization’s culture in tangible, actionable ways that garner results. Below are just a few of the topics we’ll explore:

The four business capacities your organization must adopt to attract top talent, retain customers and stay competitive.
The art of creating a culture focused on timing and flexibility to make you a better leader, communicator, marketer, and crisis manager.
Results over process: How a shift in focus and communications can promote better collaboration at all levels of your organization.
Walk away with a culture communications score to access and make changes that are real and permanent.
It’s also a book launch!

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