[Cool Infographic Friday] 7 Steps to getting your Brand’s Instagram Channel off the Ground

social fish
social fish

Instagram is the baby of social networking at just over four years old. However, it’s user base is absolutely giant! The photo sharing social networking platform boasts 300 million active users per month, including some of the world’s biggest brands (Nike, Redbull, and Oreo, to name a few). So, it seems like everyone uses Instagram, everyone loves Instagram, and yet your brand’s Instagram channel is struggling to take off… Well, don’t worry. You did the right thing by coming here!  Entrepreneur, best-selling author, and marketing and social media strategist, Issa Asad has devised a compelling infographic [see bottom of the page] that will help any brand get their Instagram channel off the ground in seven easy steps.

  • Step One: Set up and Optimize your Profile – Here are some best practices for getting your profile fighting fit and ready to compete with the biggest brands out there.
  • Step Two: Spread the Word – This step is all about finding users from other sources. Got thousands of followers on Facebook? Be sure to tell them you’re on Instagram!
  • Step Three: Start Sharing Photos – This process is pretty self explanatory. But in the infographic Issa Asad goes really in-depth about exactly what kind of photos your users want to see.
  • Step Four: Hashtags – So many of us aren’t using hashtags correctly. But, in order to get your share in the 2.5 billion daily likes on Instagram you’ll have to learn.
  • Step Five: Networking – Arguably the most important point to assist you in really getting some traffic to your Instagram channel.
  • Step Six: Videos – Instagram is about more than photos now. Issa Asad explains the importance of video in this point.
  • Step Seven: Reward your Followers – The last step is important for retaining followers and keeping them engaged with your Instagram channel.

Now that you’ve had a quick breakdown, check out the infographic for a more detailed explanation of how you can get your brand’s Instagram channel off the ground!

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