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This series of posts is for software and app and tech vendors who have new tools they’d like you to know about. Startups are welcome to contact me at maddie[at]socialfish[dot]org to submit guest posts about their platforms.


Throwing a successful event is difficult, and of all the aspects involved we’ve found that the biggest difficulty (and the biggest mystery) is always event marketing. Every organization’s number one concern is filling seats and getting heads in the door: this is their bottom line. But the marketing process that accomplishes this task is almost always a black box — organizations create and distribute marketing materials haphazardly, hope for the best, and then try to take stock after the event, of what worked and what didn’t.

While this method can garner success, it’s hit or miss. The underlying reasons for an event’s success are unknown, and a strategic approach to marketing isn’t uncovered. The organizers are human and will chalk up how well an event did to numerous amorphous factors.

But it’s possible to do it a better way — to track every aspect of marketing event, so that you know in real-time what channels are working and why. What’s driving people to register for the event, how they’re finding out about it, and who’s sharing it on what network.

This is the problem EventKloud solves: we act as a technology partner in order to optimize an organization’s event marketing, and ensure that each event gets as many attendees as possible, and that your marketing improves week after week.

How does the EventKloud platform do this? Our software focuses on three main aspects of the event marketing workflow: Promotion, Engagement, and Tracking.

Centralized Event Promotion: Marketing your event across every channel can be time-consuming and repetitive. EventKloud lets you enter your events in one place and easily promote them everywhere: your website, social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc.), blogs, event sites. You can control all your event marketing from one central place, and if you need to update the event, you make the change once and it updates everywhere.

Simple Event Engagement: The prime factor deciding the success of your event is attendee engagement. You want your attendees to have instant access to your content, no matter what device they’re on, so they can quickly get event info, share the event with friends, and register from their phone, tablet or computer.

Unified Event Tracking: A benefit of promoting all your events from one place is being able to track all your events in one place. EventKloud gives you real-time tracking data that lets you learn what’s working, and improve your event marketing every week. It does this by tracking who’s viewing the event, where they came from, how long they spent looking at it, what they clicked on, and what path they took to register. EventKloud’s powerful tracking learns what works and intelligently improves how you market, in order to increase event attendance.

The result of these three tools working together is a massive revolution in the event marketing workflow. These tools radically change event marketing in two ways: 1) they saving a lot of time and hassle of promoting events on channel after channel; and 2) EventKloud brings a method to the madness by using data to let marketers know what works and what doesn’t.

EventKloud is a powerful suite of tools for marketing events. If you’re an event marketer and you want to: understand what really brings people out, simplify the promotion process, improve the way you market, and increase attendance at your events, come check out EventKloud.

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