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social fish

We’ve had some great discussions, feedback and interest around my recent interview of 3 new community managers and this post about hiring for social media roles, so I would like to do a series of interviews of people currently in social media roles for their organizations.  PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, thanks!

I really want to get a sense of what’s really going on out there.  Surveys to me are pretty pointless (I know that’s just me).  I feel like there’s been a bit of spreading of doom and gloom lately, about whether social media roles are really being taken seriously.  I know some of you are actually doing great stuff (and yes, expect an email from me – hehe).  I’d like to hear from other social media managers / community managers directly, find out how you are doing, see what we can learn from those of you doing this stuff every day out there in the real world.  Is this you?  Email me at maddie [at]

We’ve been talking a lot about how to do the actual work of social media here on SocialFishing; here’s a little reminder of some recent posts on the topic.

I’d also like to hear from anyone who has specific things they would like me to ask social media managers about.  Are you thinking about hiring but not sure where the role fits, for example?  Are you curious about how social media managers handle being the intermediary between a bunch of different departments?  Are you wondering what kind of listening dashboard they use or how they report back what they hear on the social web?  Let me know in the comments or by email – I want to make this interview series really helpful for everyone.


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