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Writing a scholarship essay is never easy. Not only it takes time, creativity, and skills to reflect your thoughts on a paper; it also puts too much pressure on students because an essay is what defines whether they will get a scholarship or not.

If you feel stuck and can’t write this paper on your own, remember that experts from are always happy to give you a helping hand. Professional writers from EssayPro can create a flawless paper for you. However, if you are up for the challenge and willing to do everything yourself, our simple guide will help you get started!

Writing a Winning Scholarship Essay

Writing a Winning Scholarship Essay in 7 Steps

1. Read and Re-Read the Instructions

What should a winning scholarship essay look like? It is personal, engaging, clear, and well-structured, but most importantly – it is written in accordance with provided guidelines.

Although this tip may sound obvious, many students still skip the instructions because they don’t want to spend time reading them. Feeling pressed for time, it can be easy to miss out on details. However, this can have unpleasant consequences and even result in an automatic discard of your essay.

If you don’t want to risk and waste time on writing for no gain, make sure you carefully read and re-read the given instructions. Some of the key details to keep an eye for are:

  • Topic or main questions;
  • Formatting rules;
  • Word count;

Make Sure You Are Aware of All the Details Before You Get Started

2.  Brainstorm

As a rule, common scholarship essay topics give students a fair amount of freedom in terms of the contents. You may be given a specific topic or several prompts to choose from. In any case, brainstorming should be one of the first steps!

It may sound tempting to rush into writing right away. However, in most cases, without brainstorming, your drive will vanish rather soon, as you will realize you have no ideas.

Take a piece of paper and quickly outline your key ideas, examples, and thoughts related to the topic. This trick will help you organize your thoughts and define what you should be writing about.

3. Choose a Topic

This tip doesn’t apply if you are given a specific topic. However, if in the instructions you find a list of prompts, your next move is a choice of the best one.

The perfect topic for a winning scholarship essay is the one that:

  • You are personally interested in;
  • Can help you reflect your personality and potential;
  • Speaks to your core values;
  • Helps you to connect the dots with a particular organization.

Ideally, a chosen topic should give you enough space to highlight your best qualities and accomplishments and explain why you deserve a scholarship. Also, it is vital that you find it engaging. If you are interested in a topic, writing won’t seem too hard, and your enthusiasm will not vanish too soon.

Choose a Topic

4. Make an Outline

Creating an outline is one of the most responsible steps that should be approached, respectively. At this stage, you are creating the foundation for your winning essay, so it is important to structure it properly and include all key ideas and details you came up with.

All scholarship essays typically have a standard structure. There should be an introductory passage, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Here is a sample outline of a winning paper:


  • Attention-grabbing sentence.
  • Brief insight into the topic.
  • Thesis statement that addresses the given prompt.


  • 1st paragraph: a short description of the main point + supporting argument, example, or story.
  • 2nd paragraph with the same structure.
  • 3rd paragraph.

(Note that every paragraph should focus on a single point/idea)


  • Summary of all points.

Make sure you make smooth transitions between all parts of your text to ensure readability and logic.

5. Write the First Draft

When you have all your ideas at hand and organized, and your outline is all set and ready, you can finally get to writing your essay.

While working on your paper, always keep the outline at hand. Writing will be much easier and effective if you follow a specific plan. Also, this will help you ensure that you are not missing out something important.

Keep in mind that this is just your first draft, so it can be rough. Later on, you will have to refine it anyways. Thus, try to focus mostly on your ideas and the content of your text. Unleash your creativity and let those ideas flow onto the paper. Remember that everything, including spelling and grammar, can be adjusted.

6. Ask for an Outside Opinion

It never hurts to get objective feedback about your text from someone else. It can be a friend, teacher, or family member. Ask someone to read your essay and provide you with constructive critics. This may help you get a fresh opinion about the quality of your work and define the weak points that need improvement.

7. Polish Your Paper

Take a day or a few off after you finish your paper. This will allow you to refresh and disengage from your topic so that later you could take a fresh look at your draft.

Carefully proofread your text to define any errors. Then, get to editing. Pay special attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation, as well as the style, word choice, and ease of reading. Also, keep in mind the feedback you got from the outside.

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The Pros and Cons of a Balance Transfer Sun, 02 Feb 2020 03:30:09 +0000 A balance transfer is an excellent way to save money and get out of debt easier and faster. But if you don’t know how to use it efficiently and responsibly, it can result in more debt and will even take a toll on your credit score. In a nutshell, a balance transfer is a process of transferring your balance to another account for lower interest and easy repayment terms. But, there are a lot of benefits and potential risks you […]

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A balance transfer is an excellent way to save money and get out of debt easier and faster. But if you don’t know how to use it efficiently and responsibly, it can result in more debt and will even take a toll on your credit score.

In a nutshell, a balance transfer is a process of transferring your balance to another account for lower interest and easy repayment terms. But, there are a lot of benefits and potential risks you should consider, so you should weigh out all the pros and cons before going on and doing a balance transfer.

Pros of a Balance Transfer

The primary reason for people doing a balance transfer is that it could potentially land them on a credit line that would give them a lower interest and better repayment terms, which makes it easier to pay off your debt. Because of having a lower interest rate and maybe little to no finance charges, you can focus on paying off your debt instead of paying the interest.

Also, if you are running on a promo that gives you a 0% interest charge for a while, it is possible that you can pay off your debt before the promotional period ends.

Another reason why people do a balance transfer is that it can consolidate their credit card debts. Moving all your credit card balances from several credit lines into one credit account will make it easier to pay debt since you will only have to worry about one repayment each month.

Another benefit of doing a balance transfer is that it can lower down your credit utilization in the long term. In the long run, yes, but not in the short term since transferring all your balances will make your credit utilization higher, especially if you incurred more debt while doing your finances irresponsibly.

Due to the promotional offer that most credit lines offer, your payments will go into the debt rather than to the interest. Because of this, your overall balance will go down, as well as your credit utilization. This is beneficial if you are planning to apply for CreditNinja transfer loans in the future since lenders like to see a lower percentage in your credit utilization.

Cons of a Balance Transfer

With the benefits of doing a balance transfer, there is no way it could be free. Most balance transfers have fees that could take up to 5% of the balance you are about to transfer while the minimum can be 3%. Before doing a balance transfer, compare the amount you have to pay for the transfer charge and the balance of the credit line you are moving from.

This is an excellent way to gauge how much money you are going to lose or gain in the process. Consider the costs both in the short and long run before applying for one.

If you decide to apply for a balance transfer, after all, check the requirements of the credit line you are applying. Not all of us can be applicable for a promo, and applying for it can be tedious and difficult. The most important thing to consider is your credit score. A good credit score will give you a higher chance to be approved for a promo than a bad one.

As a consumer, having a higher credit limit might be a good thing. But it will only prompt you to spend more. This is one of the potential risks you will have when you do a balance transfer. Even then, paying the debt off will be easier if you manage to have a 0% APR since your payment will go directly to the balance rather than the interest. However, this doesn’t mean that spending more because of a higher credit limit is justified. You may incur more debt than before.

Also, opening a new credit line for a balance transfer can result in a hard inquiry on your credit report. Your credit account average age will drop, as well as your credit utilization going higher.

Going higher than 30% credit utilization will make you lose points in your credit score. Not to mention that promotional offers don’t last that long. When it ends, you will have to pay an interest, which means more debt and more credit utilization if you don’t settle your debt immediately.


Doing a balance transfer can make your financial life easier. However, it will also worsen your financial situation if not handled properly. You will risk ruining your credit score by having a hard inquiry on your credit report, lowering your credit line average age, and having higher credit utilization by doing a balance transfer. But, no matter how grim it can be, by settling your debt, regularly checking your credit utilization, and being responsible in your balance transfer, you will gain the points that you have lost in the process of doing a balance transfer.

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Our EliteSingles Review Fri, 10 Jan 2020 05:33:57 +0000 While some people have the opportunity to find their matches in post-secondary studies, others have to go through different routes to find lasting relationships. Finding the right online dating site or application can be hard. After looking at a few different websites and applications, I fell on EliteSingles. This is a dating website for people who already have careers set. The idea behind this is that you don’t need to waste your time on people who can’t invest in a […]

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While some people have the opportunity to find their matches in post-secondary studies, others have to go through different routes to find lasting relationships. Finding the right online dating site or application can be hard. After looking at a few different websites and applications, I fell on EliteSingles. This is a dating website for people who already have careers set. The idea behind this is that you don’t need to waste your time on people who can’t invest in a relationship, dates, etc., and as such, you can have more valuable conversations and more valuable relationships. If you’ve been on the edge about joining this dating platform, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you can read about our EliteSingles review.

Overall Impression on EliteSingles

My overall impression of this site is that it has good intentions. While some things can be applied more efficiently, the entire concept behind the platform was a good one. I don’t like wasting my time and I like to be around people who have their life figured out, which is definitely the impression I got from EliteSingles.

Overall, this site is great for people who don’t want to deal with someone who is still developing or who are still trying to find out who they are. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gone on a date with someone only to find out that they still have a significant amount of healing to do. I don’t have time to manage someone else’s life and my own, which is why sites like EliteSingles are ideal for me.

While the price of the platform is quite extreme, it seems like the majority of the people on the site are easily able to afford it. OKCupid is one of the only sites that have prices near this one; however, OKCupid has reportedly created almost 5% of all marriages in the U.S. EliteSingles doesn’t have these statistics to back it up, but I was impressed with the matches I was sent.

Who It’s For (And Who it Isn’t)

Every website has a target audience. EliteSingles has a very specific clientele, that being, marriage seekers, people aged 20+, and graduate students. This is because EliteSingles aims to provide matches with a match that is tailored specifically for them. Doing so is much easier when your demographic is smaller.

Advantages of EliteSingles

Before you decide to sign on with EliteSingles, you’ll need to know about the advantages it has to offer.

Talking points

When you use EliteSingles, you don’t need to worry about running out of things to talk about. If you notice that the conversation is veering toward you too much, there are suggestive bubbles that you can click on to give you ideas to ask the other person. The bubbles suggest questions surrounding communication, sexual experiences, and more. This will prevent conversations from running stale and will keep both you and your match engaged in what’s going on.

Information provided

information provided asked by EliteSingles

The advantage of having to fill out a long questionnaire is that you’re provided a lot of information about potential matches. You and potential matches will have to disclose how much money you make, as well as your job title and your post-secondary degree. Luckily, EliteSingles also promises to verify whether the information provided is true. This way, you don’t need to worry about being scammed.

The information you provide will also be ranked by what you deem to be important, which can be seen above.

Matches themselves

There is also something to be said about the number and the quality of matches on EliteSingles. You’re provided with up to 7 matches per day, which are all given a compatibility score out of 100. You’ll also have a list of the things you and the match have in common. The great thing about this system is that, while there are only 7 matches, your matches are tailored specifically to you. Websites like Match and Tinder, on the other hand, will provide you with dozens of potential matches to choose from. Match is pretty good about showing you people who may interest you based on those you’ve skipped, but it’s nothing like EliteSingles’ process.

You can use the “Have You Met” option on the platform, which will show you some people who differ from your filters. This is made to provide you with the opportunity to explore your horizons; after all, sometimes the most interesting relationships are made with people we don’t expect.

One of my favorite features of EliteSingles is the interactive map you’re shown. This has a number of little icons, which represent the location of the singles you’ve been matched with.

The atmosphere

A major benefit of using this website is that you get the impression that you’re using a high-class site. Since all of your matches will also have a degree and because you’ll be aware of how much the person makes in advance, you have the opportunity to share something in common with the person you’re matching with. You can also expose yourself to new domains by asking about their jobs.

Easy to Use

The overall website is incredibly easy to use. You don’t have to click on several subtabs or sublinks to get to the page you need.

It should also be noted that the main page is clean and sleek, as shown in the above image. You’re asked about your gender and about you’re looking for. From there, you press “Get Started” and you can begin your journey. There aren’t any popups or chat windows to click on, which is a major bonus compared to other platforms.

The blog

The blog section of EliteSingles is in-depth and provides you with a number of topics that relate to being single or dating. You can, for example, find some blogs that provide you with tips for choosing the best venue, with tips for healthy communication, and more. I found this blog useful because it provided me with tips and tricks that I hadn’t thought of beforehand.

The demographic

The users who sign up for EliteSingles tend to be older than some other platforms. This is great for those who are trying to find something more serious and for those who are slightly older than the usual dating platform demographic. While this may seem like the site is limiting itself, the platform aims to match “elite” singles together. This requires them to have post-secondary studies and to have stable employment, which needs to be verified by the site. It makes sense, then that the overall demographic is older.

I really appreciate the idea of EliteSingles, but I also find it a bit shallow to be matched with someone depending on what they do for a living and how much money they make. While it does allow for quality relationships, I have something against being matched with people in this way.

The security

Because of how much personal information you provide on EliteSingles, it can be nervewracking to imagine how much of this information can be leaked or shared. The good news is that EliteSingles has made a significant amount of effort in providing users with complete security. The website claims to check all accounts and information manually, so any of your financial information, as well as that of your potential matches, will have to be confirmed before you can get started. Not only this, but the site has a 24-hour IT team that will take care of any of your needs as they arise.

Disadvantages of EliteSingles

Now you know all about the advantages of using EliteSingles, it’ll be useful for you to know about the disadvantages.

It takes a long time to set up

It takes a long time to set up

In comparison to other dating websites, EliteSingles does take a long time. With dating sites like Match and Tinder, you can set up your account with only a few minutes. If you want to give thoughtful answers to the questions, you’ll need to reserve at least 30 minutes for this. The questionnaire you’re given can also be awkward at times. There were moments when I asked myself why I was being asked certain questions.

The questionnaire

The questionnaire asks questions that are extremely hard to answer or to figure out. You’re asked to rate how “logical” you are, for example, which isn’t exactly objective. There are some things that you can’t possibly be honest about because you don’t want to rate yourself badly on things like “communication” or you’ll appear to be problematic. My main problem with this is that the platform is setting us up for dishonesty or for unrealistic expectations. With 200 questions to answer, it can be overwhelming to make your way through everything.


A major disadvantage of using this website is that the shortest distance you can use as an option is 50 miles. If you’re looking for someone who is closer than 50 miles away, you might find yourself sifting through a number of prospects before finding someone who is at a reasonable distance.


The price of this platform is its major downfall. I had a hard time justifying spending so much money on a dating platform membership, You can use the free version of EliteSingles, but it doesn’t allow you to actually message anyone or see photos. Here’s a list of the prices you can choose:

  • 3 months: $69.95 per month
  • 6 months: $53.95 per month
  • 12 months: $39.95 per month

This probably would have been more reasonable if EliteSingles had more options for memberships. I would, for example, be willing to pay more money for a membership that lasts one month instead of having to pay more than $200 for 3 months.

The good thing about using these high prices is that EliteSingles gets to filter people who aren’t up to the website’s standards. Since EliteSingles requires people to live a more luxurious lifestyle, the prices of the platform are the first step in weeding out people who aren’t the target demographic. You can be pretty sure that most of the people on this platform are looking for something serious.

The Matches

I mentioned this as one of the site’s advantages, but it is also a disadvantage. I noticed that some of my matches didn’t match the parameters I had set. Some people were more than 50 miles away, which was the distance I had set.

The Date

Going on a date from EliteSingles was better than the majority of the dates I’ve gone on. My match was mature and had questions that were extremely targeted. I could tell he took the time to go through the information on my profile.

We went to a local French restaurant, where he bought us appetizers, a main dish each, wine, dessert, and coffee. I’m not saying that this is a requirement for a date to be good, but it was nice to have someone invest money on a date.

EliteSingles Alternatives

There are a lot of dating websites out there, which is why it can be hard to know where to start or which one to choose. Below, you can read all about how EliteSingles compares to other dating platforms.


Tinder is known across the world for being the perfect app for hookups and for younger populations. It isn’t rare to see captions from people who reveal that they’re underaged or from people who are traveling and looking “for a good time”. EliteSingles prevents this hassle by being upfront about what they want, which is a community of like-minded people.


OKCupid is another dating platform that has maintained popularity through the years. This website claims to be responsible for almost 5% of all marriages in the United States, which could be why its prices are so high. That said, EliteSingles does have higher prices without the statistics to support them.


Match is a dating app that is most like EliteSingles. Match is, however, slightly less expensive and provides users with more matches. You’ll also have to answer some questions, albeit fewer than EliteSingles.

More: Our Ultimate Match Review

Final Thoughts

I’ve always found dating websites to be intimidating. After finding myself recently single, I started exploring different websites. With some, I’ve found that the majority of single people online are only looking to hook up. Not only this, but a lot of dating websites are tailored to a younger generation of people. This can be good or bad depending on who you are and what you’re looking for.

Still, I appreciate the effort that the creators of EliteSingles has put into developing a platform for people who both have their lives together and who are looking for something serious. In this sense, I got the feeling that people on the website were trying to find a partner rather than a relationship. The majority of the people I spoke to were genuinely interested in what I had to say and, overall, my time on EliteSingles was a success.

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Our Ultimate Match Review Fri, 10 Jan 2020 05:23:48 +0000 The dating industry has become oversaturated with dating websites and applications. Some require payment upfront, while others don’t appear to properly vet those who sign up. Despite this, there are some that appear to be more popular than others, which is where Match comes in. I, like many, have heard the various stories from those who have tried the online dating website and who swear by it and those they encounter. If you want to know more about this dating […]

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The dating industry has become oversaturated with dating websites and applications. Some require payment upfront, while others don’t appear to properly vet those who sign up. Despite this, there are some that appear to be more popular than others, which is where Match comes in. I, like many, have heard the various stories from those who have tried the online dating website and who swear by it and those they encounter. If you want to know more about this dating platform, you can keep reading below for our Match review.

What is it? is a dating platform for those who are tired of the classic methods of meeting new people. Blind dating, for example, is exhausting for those who are tired of being set up with complete strangers and who are tired of being blown off by the classic “I’m too busy for dating!”

What is

Match is made for those who have lost hope in the idea of finding someone new. If I’m being honest, we’ve all been there at some point, and the idea of online dating is intimidating. With both the stigma behind it and how difficult it can be to find someone who is both honest and upfront, it’s no wonder why so many people are hesitant about online dating.

Match is also one of the older online dating platforms out there. In came out in 1995, which was 5 years before eHarmony. The website promises you that if you haven’t found someone within the first 6 months, you’ll get 6 months free. With Tinder so prevalent among younger users, I was initially curious as to how this would match up.

Who it’s For (And Who it’s Not)

Match is a dating website that is tailored to those who are looking for something serious. On this site, you’ll either find being in their later 20s and older or you’ll find business professionals. Overall, this site isn’t made for younger generations unless that have an increased or impressive sense of self and sense of confidence.

The Benefits of Match

Now that you know a little bit more about the website and application, it’s time to look at the benefits of using it.

It’s easy to start

get start on

This is what the website looks like when you enter the URL. You’re asked what you’re looking for, your email address, and your postal code. This will help the website to narrow down your options.

Match does ask you the usual questions about yourself. You will, for example, have to answer questions about your physical appearance, religious beliefs, and your hobbies. For some, these questions might feel redundant; however, I found them absolutely necessary. They eliminated the need for small talk and instead, I was able to have meaningful conversations more quickly. I was able to weed out the people that weren’t looking for the same thing that I was. Opening my account only took about 5 minutes, which is significantly less than some of the other dating websites I’ve tried.

You can place priorities

Being able to prioritize was one of my favorite parts of using Match. You can write what you prefer in a partner and then you can rate how important those qualities are to you. Match will also consider these qualities before presenting someone to you. If, for example, you claim that having someone who doesn’t drink is a priority, they won’t show you people who are heavy or social drinkers. Being able to do this ensures that both people in the match start off on the right page. After your first questionnaire, you can also fill out some of the other sections they have available to get results that are tailored more closely to you.

It’s minimalistic

While a lot of dating websites seem to spam you with pop-up chats asking you what you need and asking you if you’re interested in joining, I appreciated that Match tries to keep it simple. I found it easy to find everything I was looking for and I didn’t need to maneuver my way around advertisements and chats. The homepage was also sleek compared to websites like Plenty of Fish.

Matching is easy

The way matching works on this platform reminds me of Tinder. You’re provided with a match and you have the opportunity to skip it or to match with it. I thought that, compared to Tinder, the strength of this website is that you receive a significant amount of information about the people you’re being matched with. You are also only presented with one match at a time, which is better than applications like Grindr, which provides you with a list of profiles to sift through, all of which are stacked on top of each other. As you move through the people you’re presented, Match will analyze the people you skip to present you with potential matches who suit what you’re looking for more efficiently.

It’s not just about hooking up

This might not be an advantage for everyone, but this is something I prioritize. Match is a relief for those like me, who are tired of trying to find something serious among a series of people who are only looking to hook up. Most of the people I spoke to on this platform were completely genuine and were upfront about what they were looking for on the site.

You can meet up in a group

I didn’t try this myself, but the overall concept of it was fantastic. You can remove the pressure of going on a date by meeting up with a group of people. For those who are traveling, you can look at local events and attend one for your date; otherwise, someone will host an event and you will be able to join your group at a predetermined location.

Disadvantages of

I’ve spoken a lot about the things that make Match worth the time you put into it, but there are also some things that may not be to your advantage.

You have to pay

While the majority of dating platforms provide you with a functional, free version that you can later decide to upgrade, Match’s free version isn’t all that functional. If you’re using the free version of the app, you can’t message people. The bad news about this is that if you have a tight budget, you may not be able to find your match as easily as you would otherwise. The good news is that the longer you subscribe, the less you’ll pay in the long run. You may want to consider that other websites or platforms like eHarmony can cost you almost $50 per month. Here’s a list of the price plans you can find on Match.

  • One month: $35.99
  • Three months: $19.99 / month
  • Six months: $17. 99 / month
  • 12 months: $15.99 / month

Personally, I would only find it useful to get the 6-month plan at most because, as I mentioned before, Match promises to provide you with 6 months for free if you don’t find someone within 6 months.

There isn’t a diverse demographic

While you can find someone of any age on Match, you won’t be able to find as many younger singles as you will singles in their late 20s and 30s. This could easily be solved with some advertising that is well-placed. There also doesn’t appear to be any marketing or intentionality behind recruiting more people in the LBGTQ2+ community. Some of Match’s other competition, like Tinder, is tailored more toward a younger population and apps like Grindr are tailored toward the LGBTQ2+ population. Because of this, Match is limiting itself to an older demographic. On the other hand, this demographic appears to be more serious about creating lasting relationships, which is Match’s intention in the first place.

You’ll get spammed

This is one of the things that bothered me the most out Match. The moment I signed up for the website, I was sent messages about potential matches. I was pretty surprised by this because there aren’t any popups on the homepage itself. Match allows you to update your email preferences on the website; however, if you don’t know that right away you’ll find that you’re spammed with a few dozen emails before you’re able to change your settings. For me, this was extremely frustrating.

Sharing too much

For some people, sharing the amount of information that Match asks you to share may not be comfortable. While I appreciated how upfront it was, I can imagine that some people find it thrilling to get to know a person from scratch, and this feeling can be forgotten on Match. In my own experience, I found that people on Match could move too fast for me. While I appreciate how upfront the platform is and how much information we’re given, I also like to ask questions based on that information. Some people had the tendency to skip any of the information they already knew, so it was rare that someone would ask about my job, religious beliefs, etc.

Experience on

Experience on

Admittedly, I only went on one date with Match. That one date, though, was pretty impressive. It isn’t hard to find single people in Montreal, but it is hard to find people who are genuine and who are willing to invest time in a relationship.

We went to one of the many “hidden bars” here. At first, I wasn’t too sure about going with him because many of the hidden bars around are in back alleys and unmarked buildings, but the moment we went in and sat down it was great. It wasn’t so much a bar as a speakeasy. He made reservations in advance, held the door for me, and pulled my chair out before I sat down. These are all acts that I thought had died off by now, but I appreciated him for it.

The date itself was of higher quality because we already knew quite a bit about each other based on Match’s application and information system. We already knew about each other’s careers, kids, religion, etc., so any questions we asked each other were more targeted for the individual. In my opinion, one of the worst things about going on dates is that you have to retell your entire life story over and over. I didn’t feel the same way after using Match’s system.

Match Alternatives

Match isn’t the only option out there for singles, so it’s also important to look at how this platform compares to some of its competitors.


Tinder is probably the most well-known dating application out there at the moment. Where Tinder surpasses Match is in its free plan, which is completely functional and which allows you to find matches without having to pay money. Tinder is also tailored to a lower age group and advertises to a larger demographic. Tinder does, however, have the reputation for being an app for hooking up, and I’ve found that it can be difficult to find people who are honest about what they’re looking for from a person.

Tinder also got featured in 41 Best Hookup Apps and Websites 2020( In-depth Review)


EHarmony is a known dating platform and is considered a veteran in its field. That being said, this platform also has a very large tier system for matching you with people and it is tailored for those looking for a serious, long-term relationship.



This platform is known for prioritizing customers and for tailoring to a larger demographic. They’ve made it clear that they support the LGBTQ2+ community and as such, have gained a significant amount of traction among younger generations.

Final Thoughts

I was skeptical when I tried Match, but my concerns were quickly reduced. I was under the impression that, because it’s a “veteran” dating platform, it would be out-of-touch and it wouldn’t be very innovative. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. Match provides users with a system that helps them in creating informed decisions about potential matches so that they aren’t taken by surprise after going on a date or after talking to the person for a while.

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Christian Mingle Reviews Fri, 03 Jan 2020 06:21:07 +0000 The internet is hands down the most far-reaching, easily accessible life-enhancing tool in today’s world. From consuming an infinite supply of media to getting your groceries delivered to your doorstep, the web has something for everyone. However, one of the internet’s most impactful features is its ability to create and foster human connections. Here, you can bond with people over similar interests or band up with a gang of hobbyists. For religious folks, the web can present an excellent avenue […]

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The internet is hands down the most far-reaching, easily accessible life-enhancing tool in today’s world. From consuming an infinite supply of media to getting your groceries delivered to your doorstep, the web has something for everyone.

However, one of the internet’s most impactful features is its ability to create and foster human connections. Here, you can bond with people over similar interests or band up with a gang of hobbyists.

For religious folks, the web can present an excellent avenue for enhancing ethical values like evangelism and discipleship, family connections, and friendship.

However, irrespective of your religious affiliations, one vital human need that the internet simplifies for all is the search for a romantic partner. Dating websites offer an excellent way to expand your options, especially for people living in less populated regions where the available pickings are slim.

However, for devout Christians, delving into popular dating sites may seem scary as significant portions of the user bases of these platforms may not subscribe to their faith. Furthermore, your typical dating platform does not run on Christian values and maybe a bit too secular for some.

Situations like this are where Christian dating sites like Christian Mingle and Christian Connection come in handy.

Christian dating platforms offer secure spaces where the majority of members are of your faith, significantly increasing your chance of meeting that special someone for that god-fearing union you crave.

Christian Mingle: Christian Dating for Christian Singles

Christian Mingle: Christian Dating for Christian Singles

Christain Mingle is an online dating platform that focuses on fostering relationships between god-fearing women and men from around the world. Since its creation in 2001, Christian Mingle has, by a combination of excellent service and aggressive advertising, gone on to dominate the Christian dating space.

For many users, Christian Mingle is the home of Christian dating online, and they are not wrong. The platform boasts a user base of over 16 million members and receives up to 2.5 million visitors per month, a surprising statistic for such a niche site. Consequently, Christian Mingle is the most popular Christian dating website available on the web today.

Christian Mingle accepts Christians from all denominations and encourages people to be open about their faith. Since the platform specifically targets religious people, the entire platform helps the user to delve into their faith without judgment and help them find that exclusive union with a like-minded person.

Like any regular dating app, Christian Mingle offers a range of features to help foster connections like chatting, daily matchings, and the ability to post and share photos with other members.

Furthermore, Christian Mingle does not try to reinvent the wheel with their service. The platform is an average dating website with a Christian finish and no unique bells and whistles.

Who is Christian Mingle For?

The name of the website is all you need to know who the target audience is. If you log on to Christian Mingle, you should be looking for Christians.

However, the site’s membership is not restricted to people of faith alone. If you are a non-Christian who is open to dating and eventually marrying a Christian partner, Christian Mingle is an excellent place for you to seek out a mate too.

If you are looking for long term relationships, you are in the right place. The platform focuses on fostering committed unions, and the site’s members are a perfect match for this goal.

The Christian Mingle user base is significantly populated with people in their late 20s and 30s who are ready to settle down. Hence, most of the folks on here are people looking for long term meaningful relationships. Christian Mingle also has a sizable population of people over 55+, making it an excellent platform for senior dating.

Are you looking for that lovely Christain partner your parents are sure to love? Christian Mingle is as good a platform to give it go. The website is also great for seeking out friendship and companionship with people of faith.

Christian Mingle is available to both people seeking heterosexual and same-sex unions.

Christian Mingle: Effectiveness

With only 16 million members, Christian Mingle does not have the most extensive user base out there. However, the site’s extremely targeted niche makes it an excellent hub for creating connections between Christian daters.

Since its inception, Christian Mingle has remained one of the most successful Christian dating websites, fostering thousands of relationships around the country, and producing success story after success story.

According to one survey of American Christians, the Christian Mingle platform is responsible for almost 30% of all Christian marriages that started off the web.

Despite its boring user interface and lack of any exciting features, Christian Mingle is excellent at satisfying its target audience, making it a super useful site based on what it aims to achieve.

Christian Mingle Site Features


When it comes to aesthetics and the design of the user interface, Christian Mingle takes absolutely zero risks. The platform features a basic dating website without any particular features or gimmicks.

The platform is clean, organized, and quite intuitive. It works. Even people with limited internet savviness should have no issues navigating around and utilizing the platform. However, many, especially younger people, will consider the aesthetics of Christian Mingle bland and boring.

Getting Started

The signup process for Christian Mingle is one of the fastest and most straightforward of any we have tried. Since the platform caters to a slightly older than the average audience, it is no surprise that they opted to keep things as simple as possible.

The entire registration process should only take about 4 minutes, and there are no quizzes or personality tests. The only requirement for signup is that you are over the age of 18.

Getting started with Christian Mingle

To get started, you can register with your email address or opt instead for the Facebook account integration to get a quicker start.

During the signup process, the platform prompts you to fill out your personal information as well as to upload up to 6 pictures to your profile. If you choose to register with Facebook, you can even put the photos directly from your Facebook profile.

Profile of Christian Mingle

After signing up, you can then proceed to fill out answers to a series of questions about your religious beliefs and actions, views on commitment, and details about your interests and wants that form the basis for your Christian Mingle profile. All questions are to the point and are an excellent way to both match with and know potential mates.

Matching and Meeting Members

When it comes to establishing communication with other members, Christian Mingle uses a hands-off approach that places most of the power in your hands. On this platform, you can message anyone you choose without having to worry about matching.

Once you initiate a conversation, you can then proceed with Christian Mingle chat functionality, which is as basic as they come, with no unique special features.

The platform features both regular and advanced search that lets you filter member ethnicity, religion, denominations, physical features, lifestyle peculiarities, and lots more. Alternatively, you can rely on the site’s matching system, which uses the Color Code Personality Test to match you with compatible members.

Furthermore, for those who like through browse through member lists, you can peruse the who’s online now section to browse through the Christian Mingle photo galleries seeking out potential mates.

Once you target a member profile that you are interested in, you can initiate conversations by sending a custom message or a wink. Alternatively, you can simply like their profile to add them to your watchlist. However, this function notifies the user of your like and adds you to their “secret admirers” section.

Other Features

Features you can use or activate with your Christian Mingle account include:

  • Basic and advanced search
  • View who’s online
  • Photo gallery
  • Photo upload from Facebook
  • See who viewed your profile
  • Message boards
  • Chat rooms

Other features you can find on Christian Mingle include:

Worship Center: A separate section of the platform where users can share religious content and get spiritual upliftment and guidance.

Live Events: Christian Mingle hosts live events every month where users can meet other Christian singles in person.

Christian Mingle: Pricing

Christian Mingle offers unified plans that provide the same features on all subscriptions irrespective of their duration. However, like with other dating platforms, you get a significant discount if you pay for longer subscriptions.

Duration Price Per Month Total Cost
1 Month $49.99 $49.99
3 Months $34.99 $104.97
6 Months $24.99 $149.94

In addition to their regular plans, you can pay for an extra feature known as Messaging+, which allows free members to reply to your messages.

Free vs. Premium Accounts

With a free Christian Mingle account, you can access most of the platform’s features save for messaging. Hence, a free account is an excellent way of acquainting yourself with the platform and getting a feel for the member base before you leap a paid plan.

A free account lets you:

  • Register and create your profile
  • Use both regular search and advanced search
  • Use the matching feature
  • Unlimited photo and profile viewing
  • Send smiles to other users
  • See who visited and liked your user profile

Once you sign up for a premium plan, you get unlimited access to the messaging feature, and you can reach out to any platform member whenever you want.

A paid account also unlocks Incognito mode, read receipts, and the Messaging+ feature, which allows free members to reply to your messages.

Christian Mingle Pros and Cons


  • The most extensive user base of any Christian-only dating website
  • The premier location for religious singles seeking committed relationships
  • A very active member base
  • A speedy registration process
  • Clean, uncluttered user interface
  • Balanced gender ratio
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat or email


  • Outdated aesthetic and bland design
  • The platform lacks any unique features or particular selling points
  • The website occasionally gets buggy
  • No background checks or user verification
  • Limited dating pool except in large cities
  • No iOS app

Christian Mingle Alternatives

Other popular Christian-centric dating apps include:

Christian Mingle User Reviews

User reviews for Christian Mingle are split through the middle, with many users praising their service and retelling success stories while other users moan about the abundance of fake accounts on the platform.

One user reports their own success story on Christian Mingle:

It’s simple to make a page for yourself. Easy to navigate and find matches in your area (or more distance if you prefer). I myself made a search within 100 miles and I found the guy whom I am still married to today! But think there are good quality and genuine people to meet on this website.

Another user worries about their excessive pricing:

While I have my reasons for not using CM, they have nothing to do with the site being a scam. I’ve gone on many dates through this site and, when I contacted CSR, they were prompt and even fully refunded me when I said I wasn’t happy. (I live in Canada, and they didn’t make it clear the price would be USD, which is far too much money for one month.) I think their recent model of letting people have accounts without paying, but restricting their ability to communicate, is hurting the pool. No one is paying and, therefore, can only wink at each other and never make contact. Just as on any site, be careful and look for the signs of fake profiles, but CM is legit, and their CSR has treated me well.

While reviews like this one that complains about fake accounts abound:

In recent years, CM has become a site full of scammers/fake profiles. It is a complete waste of money and I’d be amazed if you find any real men actually on this site. They need a better way to filter out all the fake profiles and to only have legitimate members on this site. It was an excellent site way back in 2005-2010, but in recent years, they make no effort to filter out scammers. In my last membership, I received 10-20 scammer ‘smiles’ a day. In a 3-month membership, I only came across one guy who was not a scammer, but he was a creep. Save your money!

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It’s Just Lunch Reviews Fri, 03 Jan 2020 04:28:35 +0000 Dating today is hard, and it will be quite tough for anyone trying to argue to the contrary. Consequently, many of us who are currently active on the dating scene turn to online dating platforms for help in broadening our options and getting us to Mr. and Ms. Right. Yes! The Internet, that all-seeing, all-knowing overlord that makes all things more straightforward. However, when it comes to dating, the opposite can often be the case. Finding someone who is perfect […]

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Dating today is hard, and it will be quite tough for anyone trying to argue to the contrary. Consequently, many of us who are currently active on the dating scene turn to online dating platforms for help in broadening our options and getting us to Mr. and Ms. Right.

Yes! The Internet, that all-seeing, all-knowing overlord that makes all things more straightforward.

However, when it comes to dating, the opposite can often be the case. Finding someone who is perfect for you is tight in its own right, and when you toss in the many complications that internet dating apps add to the mix, you can quickly get stuck bind wondering where you went wrong.

For one, internet dating platforms avail us with too many options and too much information at the same time, which can quickly cause decision paralysis or feed the mirage of “someone a little bit better I haven’t found yet.”

Furthermore, dating sites typically feature “matching algorithms” that often only give you an illusion of its proper discernment of who is right for you. If any platform had an algo that could dish out near perfect matches, they would promptly win over the entire market as almost everyone on there will be successfully paired off in no time.

Matchmaking platforms like It’s Just Lunch take a different route, adding a human element to their matching system instead of leaving our fate up to the mercy of some data-matching computer system.

It’s Just Lunch: The #1 Dating and Matchmaking Service

It's Just Lunch: The #1 Dating and Matchmaking Service
Touting itself as the premier dating site for busy professionals, It’s Just Lunch is a dating and matchmaking service that aims to pair active users with potentially suitable partners, taking out all the stress and uncertainty from internet dating.

It’s Just Lunch completely ditches the antics of a typical online dating site and opts instead to operate akin to a brick and mortar matching service with an internet-facing access point. Instead of competing with conventional dating sites like Match and OkCupid, It’s Just Lunch works more like a replacement for blind dates, personal ads, or video dating services.

The platform’s primary asset is a team of six professional matchmakers, as well as a larger team of trained and certified matchmakers that play the role that your friend that is always setting you up, but better.

It’s Just Lunch matchmakers help you find that special someone by introducing you to people that are the matches based on your information and interests, and they even go as far as setting up the first date for you guys.

The platform first launched in 1991 in Chicago. Since then, It’s just launch has expanded to serve the most of the US, the United Kingdom, Canada, and several locations in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Caribbean.

It’s Just Lunch services that are currently available in over 100 cities worldwide.

Who is It’s Just Lunch for?

It’s Just Lunch markets itself as a matchmaking platform for busy professionals. Hence, the platform’s primary target audience is single business professionals who do not have the time or willingness to comb through endless user profiles on popular dating sites.

On It’s Just Lunch, the platform’s matchmakers handle most of the selection process, and all you have to do is agree to the date and show up. Aside from explaining your preferences to your designated matchmaker, you do not get control over the search process. Furthermore, here, you do not have access to user profiles and photos as you have to rely on the matchmaker to sift through on your behalf.

While using matchmakers for your online dating may seem like a dream come true for many, for others, the lack of freedom of access to the universal dating pool may be off-putting. Hence, if you are okay with letting go of the selection process and want all the screening work done for you, It’s Just Lunch is the perfect platform for you. For everyone else, however, we do not advise considering this service.

Most of It’s Just Lunch clients are in their 30s and 40s, so you should consider and adequately align your dating preferences before joining the service. Furthermore, It’s Just Lunch is only available in select locations; hence, you must verify with them that the service is available in your city before you sign up.

It’s Just Lunch: Effectiveness

According to the It’s Just Lunch website, since its launch 28 years ago, the service has been responsible for over 2 million first dates, with many of these resulting in at least a second date between their clients. On average, It’s Just Lunch sets up over 50,000 connections every month for their user base of around 30,000 members.

These statistics touts It’s Just Lunch as an excellent matchmaking service, and the platform has the reviews and success stories to back it. On Consumer Affairs, It’s Just Lunch is the top dating site with several 5-star reviews and an average rating of 4 stars.

However, based on our research, many of the positive reviews are from users in large cities where It’s Just Lunch has a sizable user base. And we found several negative reviews from members in small towns who complained of lack of matches, lower quality matches, or just plain terrible service from the matchmakers domiciled there.

Hence, if you are not in a major city, It’s Just Lunch may not be the best option for you. However, if you are staying in one of their top locations, this service may just be an end to all your online dating troubles.

For example, San Diego alone has two It’s Just Lunch locations, with over a thousand clients and a record of 70% second dates from their matching attempts.

Getting Started with It’s Just Lunch

Signing Up

Unlike what you get with other conventional dating platforms, with It’s Just Lunch, you do not get a signup form. To get started with the service, you have to contact It’s Just Lunch by phone or walk into one of their physical offices.

Signing up with It's Just Lunch

After signifying your interest to join the service, you will have to schedule and complete a 30-minute phone call with one of their matchmakers. On this call, you will be briefed about the service, how they operate, their terms and conditions, and potential costs.

Once you complete this initial onboarding process, you then have to undergo a video interview via Skype before you proceed to procure their services. Here, It’s Just Lunch learns about you, your relationship goals and preferences, personal interests, and what you consider dealbreakers. The platform then uses this information and other future correspondence to select your matches.

Matching and Dates

It’s Just Lunch work based on the premise that the best way to honestly know someone and gauge their compatibility with you is over a casual date like lunch. Hence, while the service does all the matching for you, the final step rests with your decision on the first casual date.

The way the system works is that It’s Just Lunch matchmakers crunch all the data you provide them from interviews and begin considering a shortlist of suitable potential candidates. Once the matchmaker figures out a match for you, they inform you of a possible arrangement.

Your matchmaker then moves on to arrange a date between you and the potential match where both of you can evaluate each other for compatibility and look for that spark of chemistry. The platform sets up the date to match both users’ schedules, and the appointment can either be lunch or a casual drink after work. However, you and your partner have to cover the bills as the service does not cover that.

After this “pre-date” It’s Just Lunch has no say in how you choose to proceed, whether to exchange contact information, arrange a second date, or call it quits. However, your matchmaker will ask for your feedback afterward to help further finetune your future matches.

Furthermore, It’s Just Lunch will continue to match you with new prospects until you relay otherwise to your matchmaker.

It’s Just Lunch can take anywhere from a week to a month to find you a match depending on your location, preferences, and the availability of potential candidates.

It’s Just Lunch FAQs

What do You Get with an It’s Just Lunch Membership?

With a subscription to the service, you get attention from a matchmaking team that personalizes their contract with you to include all your preferences, match your needs, and help you find that particular person. Furthermore, with every subscription, It’s Just Lunch offers an allotted number of guaranteed matches.

What Guarantees does It’s Just Lunch Provide?

Depending on your location and requirements, during sign up, the platform with offer you a certain amount of guaranteed matches that they will set you up with on dates. However, the number of guaranteed matches can vary wildly, ranging from 3 to 14, depending on the specifics of your situation.

Are there Background Checks for Potential Matches?

No, It’s Just Lunch does not provide any background checks. According to the platform’s website, the service refrains from investigating clients because of the lack of adequate databases, and from avoiding imparting users with a false sense of security that could result in them harboring unrealistic expectations and relaxing their judgment

It’s Just Lunch: Pricing

All It’s Just Lunch plans are custom plans as they are based on the users’ location, requirements, and the number of guaranteed dates. Consequently, prices for their contracts can vary widely, with several online estimates placing it in the range of $1300-$4000.

While the price may seem excessive, especially when compared with regular dating platforms, figures like this are pretty standard in the world of personalized matchmaking. However, you have to decide if their ability to save you time and effort in your dating endeavors is worth that much.

It’s Just Lunch Pros and Cons


  • The hands-on approach and personalized service is excellent for busy professionals who don’t have the time or patience to sift through the weeds with regular online dating
  • Superb personalized customer support with matchmakers that are willing to converse via phone at a moment’s notice
  • Topnotch privacy as your photos, contact information, and last name are kept from potential matches until you choose to reveal them
  • The service provide both guided dating and valuable dating tips


  • Only truly viable in major cities
  • Significantly more expensive than a dating app subscription

It’s Just Lunch User Reviews

On Consumer Affairs, It’s Just Lunch is the top dating site with several 5-star reviews and success stories and an average rating of 4 stars.

I had my first date through It’s Just Lunch! The team at IJL were professional and kind to work with. I was able to meet an interesting woman who I would not have had the opportunity to be introduced to in another setting. I look forward to learning more about my date. It was a very non-threatening environment. A delightful evening!
I’m based in Memphis, but UDonna & her team introduced me to matches both in the city where I primarily live and other places where I do business. They recently introduced me to someone I would not have met without their help. I really appreciate them keeping my interests in mind. It depends on the person but I’ve had two good experiences with IJL! I hired them ten years ago (in Philly) and recently down South! Sam

However, a common thread among negative reviews is from people complaining about a lack of matches, lower quality matches, or just plain terrible service from the matchmakers domiciled in their location.

I would not recommend this service. You are duped into thinking they have several matches lined up (I was even given a number. 10), however they really do not have anyone lined up. Also, I have had SERIOUS trouble with reliability of getting emailed or called back. My initial profile had to be edited even after a thorough interview because it contained lots of incorrect information.

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eHarmony vs Match Thu, 02 Jan 2020 04:30:23 +0000 At some point in life, almost everyone needs the company of that special someone that can make facing life’s harshest moments a little jarring. Consequently, this search for mutually beneficial bonding has been at the center stage of the lives of many for most of history. Hence, it is no surprise that the advent and growth of the internet has brought with it new ways for people to find love and meet that special someone. Since 1995, several dating websites […]

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At some point in life, almost everyone needs the company of that special someone that can make facing life’s harshest moments a little jarring. Consequently, this search for mutually beneficial bonding has been at the center stage of the lives of many for most of history.

Hence, it is no surprise that the advent and growth of the internet has brought with it new ways for people to find love and meet that special someone. Since 1995, several dating websites and apps have popped on the scene, all promising the best digital system for discovering that seemingly elusive love affair.

With a seemingly endless list of established dating platforms to choose from and the rise of new swipe-powered platforms like Tinder and Bumble, taking the plunge in the web dating sphere may seem scary at first. It is often tough discerning which platforms match your needs, and most users would not want to spend a small fortune trying them all out.

That’s why we are here.

Based on our tests, we can confirm that if you are looking for flings and relatively casual relationships, new-age platforms like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge are where all the fun is at. However, when seeking longer-term committal pairings, you are often better off with the older platforms that have massive user bases and more profile-centric models. These platforms also generally tend to attract more earnest daters.

eHarmony and Match are two of the OGs in this space that has dominated the internet matchmaking sphere for decades now, offering peculiar approaches to helping you find the mate you desire.

eHarmony vs. Match: The Basics

Scan any list of the top dating sites on the web, and you are sure to see both eHarmony and Match. These behemoths are some of the best options for finding a mate, especially if you are interested in long-term committed relationships.

However, which of these platforms is the best for you based on effectiveness, the features they offer, and their pricing plans?

First off, the similarities. Match is one of the pioneering members of the internet dating space, starting as far back as 1995 and maintaining a position at or near the top of service providers over the years. Similarly, eHarmony, though founded in 2000, quickly rose to become one of the most prominent dating sites and has remained there ever since.

Consequently, both platforms have some of the largest user bases, with Match boasting over 30 million members and a monthly visitor count of more than 13.5 million. In contrast, eHarmony boasts a user base of over 10 million members.

Both platforms are also some of the most popular options for people seeking serious relationships. Part of the reason why the platforms attract these audiences is that they both employ highly detailed profile systems that focus on the personality of their members and how these traits will affect any long term pair bonding with potential mates.

However, that is where the similarities end.

eHarmony and Match have very different approaches to how they handle the business of matchmaking between their users.

With eHarmony, you get a highly restrictive platform that aims to do all the matching and most of the mate selection for you. eHarmony is an entirely guided dating system that limits your options to a small list of potential connections that the platform’s algorithm picks for you daily.

The eHarmony matching system was developed by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, eHarmony’s founder, as a purportedly scientific approach to matching users with maximum viability for being compatible partners in long term relationships.

Consequently, eHarmony does not allow user-initiated search or lets you, message users, you aren’t matched with, offering a significantly different system from what you will find on other dating platforms.

While this system does reduce the user’s freedom of choice, it also significantly simplifies the matching process and helps you focus on what matters: getting to know your potential mate.

Match, on the other hand, takes a contrasting approach that offers you as much freedom as you require in both searching out and matching with other members. The Match system is significantly more casual and laid back than eHarmony, and is the preferred choice if you want more control over the overall experience.

Match packs several search filtering options and parameters for matching that further enhances your ability to seek out the exact partner you want from the see of site members. However, you may have to do significantly more work finding that connection than you would on eHarmony.

eHarmony vs. Match: Who are these Platforms for?

Both eHarmony and Match engineer their setup and marketing to target people that are interested in more committed relationships with a bias for long term unions. Hence, generally, both platforms attract similar audiences: people in search of serious love affairs, a significantly more earnest demographic than you will find on many of today’s popular dating sites.

However, there are a few key differences of note between the user bases of both sites. When it comes to their focus on future-proof connection, eHarmony is significantly stricter than Match, and for many users, signing up for eHarmony is synonymous with “seeking marriage.”

On eHarmony, the overall interaction process is biased towards vulnerability and immediate consideration of the potential of each connection in a prospective long term future. If this setup sounds too strict and reserved for you, Match will most like offer the right speed for you. However, for many daters who are solely interested in jumping straight into something serious, eHarmony may be the perfect match.

Match, on the other hand, while still heavily focused on long term unions, is a lot more casual than eHarmony. Match offers you more options in search for potential matches with advanced searching capabilities, and the platform adds some fun to the mix with games and live events.

Furthermore, generally speaking, eHarmony tends to attract a slightly older demographic than you will find on Match.

Another factor worthy of note is that the eHarmony company is known to have conservative leanings, and a significant proportion of the site’s user base is Christain. Hence, many of the platform’s features have a “Christain tint” to it. For example, many of the user personality questions will ask you about god and religion even if you set your profile setting to atheist (there is no atheist option: the closest one is “irreligious.”)

Match, on the other hand, is a more inclusive platform that is significantly more receptive to people of any sexual orientation or religious leanings.

eHarmony vs. Match: Effectiveness

Despite their differing approaches to the matchmaking business, eHarmony and Match have similar success profiles as they are some of the most effective platforms at what they do.

Notwithstanding the many restrictions and the lack of search capability on eHarmony, the platform ranks number one amongst dating sites in its foremost goal: creating marriages. The eHarmony platform is responsible for 4% of all marriages in the United States, according to a company report. Despite its comparatively smaller user base, eHarmony is already behind over 600,000 weddings in the US and significantly more long term relationships.

According to one report by eHarmony, their dating platform is also behind an astonishing 550 wedding ceremonies from around the country every 24 hours.

Match is no pushover, either. A 2015 report by Dating Advice details that Match enabled 517,000 love connections, with more than 92,000 leading to marriages and producing over a million babies.

With similarly encouraging statistics from both platforms, you can be confident about the efficacy of either to get to you to that elusive match. However, when it comes to facilitating marriages, eHarmony is the clear winner. No surprises there as every element of the eHarmony platform subtly nudges you into considering nuptials. However, to enjoy this platform, you will have to sacrifice some freedom of choice.

eHarmony vs. Match: Features

Design and Ease of Use

Both platforms feature simple, reasonably easy to use user interfaces that should not present any problems to the seasoned internet surfer. While Match utilizes a familiar “dating site setup” complete with features packed into all corners of the screen, eHarmony opts for a cleaner minimalist aesthetic that is quite pleasing on the eyes.

However, both platforms are relatively intuitive and easy to master.

Signing Up and Getting Started

Since both platforms are sites geared towards fostering long term relationships, it should not surprise you that they both have lengthy signup processes. Signing up for Match will take you about 15 to 20 minutes, while eHarmony’s signup process is significantly longer, taking at least 40 minutes, and most likely up to an hour to complete.

With Match, you get a traditional signup process that includes all the personal questions you will expect on a typical dating site.

However, eHarmony goes a different route with a more detailed personality quiz with over 100 questions to analyze your temperament for their dating algorithm properly. While it is easy to understand the point of this exhaustive questionnaire, it is no doubt extremely tiring, and we felt like giving up so many times during our trial run. Plus, after this questionnaire, you still have to fill out your profile, which is another journey of its own.

Nevertheless, the lengthy signup process on eHarmony helps to significantly enhance the matching system, providing you with better matches and cutting down the time you need to know your potential mates.

Furthermore, the initiate questionnaire process is unskippable as you must complete it before you can do anything else on the eHarmony platform. On Match, however, you can skip any part of the initial setup process and return to it whenever you want.

While eHarmony lets you start using the platform immediately after signup, on Match, you will have to wait for the manual review process and the approval of your account, which can take up to 24 hours.

eharmony Guarantee®: Find meaningful connections, or get 3 months free. See site for details.

Members and Matching

On eHarmony, you get a few matches every day from the algorithm that the system perceives to be a potential quality partner for you based on your personality tests. Since there is no search feature, you are limited to only the matches the system provides.

Match, on the other hand, will give you a list of handpicked matches based on your profile and preferences as well, but the system lets you browse the entire catalog of members and reach out to anyone you want.

eHarmony is the best choice for the most targeted matches, while Match gives you all the freedom to tinker with who you match with.

Other Features

Here is a comparison of the additional features offered by eHarmony and Match:

  eHarmony Match
Matching Based on User profile Yes Yes
Compatibility Test Yes No
Profile Checklist Yes Yes
Activity Status Yes Yes
Who Viewed my Profile Yes Yes
Instant Messaging Yes Yes
Open-Ended Questions Yes Yes
Guided Questions Yes No
Winks and Flirts Yes Yes
Search by Profile Criteria            No Yes
Search by Keyword Search         No Yes
Search by Photos No Yes
Privacy Settings Yes Yes
App Yes Yes
SMS Alerts No Yes
Add to Favorites Yes Yes
Secured Calling Yes Yes

eHarmony vs. Match: Pricing

eHarmony is significantly more expensive than Match on all price tiers. Unless you are enamored with the eHarmony matching system, Match is the clear winner in terms of budget-friendliness.
eHarmony Plans

Plan Duration Price Per Month Total Price
eHarmony Standard Lite 6 months $69.95 $275.70
eHarmony Premium Plus 12 months $22.97 $419.70
eHarmony Premium Extra 2 years $17.97 $431.40

Match Plans

Plan Duration Price Per Month Total Price
Match Month 6 months $35.99 $35.99
Match 3 Months 12 months $19.99 $59.97
Match 6 Months 2 years $17.99 $107.94
Match 12 Months $15.99 $191.88

eHarmony vs. Match: Free Accounts and Premium Accounts

Both eHarmony and Match offer similar free accounts that are useless to the end-users. With these free accounts, you can sign up, set up your profile, upload pictures, and browse potential matches; however, you can not send messages with either.

Match offers a free three-day trial that unlocks all the site features, including messages to you. However, to activate the free trial, you will have to enter your credit information. eHarmony does not offer a free trial.

Premium accounts are where all the fun is on both platforms. A paid subscription on either platform will unlock similar features like unlimited messaging, read receipts, secure calls, extra matching abilities, and unlimited photo viewing. Both platforms offer almost identical packages, with the one significant difference being their pricing.

eharmony Guarantee®: Find meaningful connections, or get 3 months free. See site for details.

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Single Parent Meet Reviews Thu, 02 Jan 2020 04:18:33 +0000 Figuring out the dating game in today’s volatile environment is hard enough: throw in the throes of raising children, and you have a recipe for disaster waiting to happen. While the act of balancing both can be straining on both your time and energy, it is the relationship dynamics that often end up getting you. For one, many single parents fail to recognize that establishing a relationship in their situation is less like creating a love affair and more like […]

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Figuring out the dating game in today’s volatile environment is hard enough: throw in the throes of raising children, and you have a recipe for disaster waiting to happen. While the act of balancing both can be straining on both your time and energy, it is the relationship dynamics that often end up getting you.

For one, many single parents fail to recognize that establishing a relationship in their situation is less like creating a love affair and more like creating and balancing a family.

When you have kids that predate a new relationship, both the union the kids enter a competition for your attention. Consequently, all you need is some insecurity from either party, and you have a disaster waiting to happen.
Another more subtle yet arguably more frustrating issue is the stigma you have to deal with as a single parent on the dating scene. With online dating, single parents often have to explain their status to every new potential connect, plus they risked being overlooked due to being single parents.

Thankfully, there is an easy fix for single parent dating stigma, and that is using single parent-only dating platforms.

While a single parents-only dating website cannot help you with balancing relationships and family life, they sure can help relieve some of the pressure single parents typically face on the dating scene.

Single parents-only platforms offer an accepting community where you don’t have to justify your single parenthood but can focus instead on screening potential mates on their relationship viability.

Single Parent Meet: Online Dating Network for Single Parents

If you are ready to take a dive into the world on exclusive single parent online dating, Single Parent Meet is a good a place as any to start. With over 50,000 monthly visitors and a signup rate of over 1,000 new users daily, Single Parent Meet is the largest internet dating service that focuses exclusively on matching Single Parents.

As a single parent, finding that special someone that will accept and love both you and your kid can be tough to accomplish, especially in today’s world of instantly gratifying dating apps.

However, with Single Parents, you can rest assured that you are joining a community of like-minded parents looking for the same thing you are seeking.

Furthermore, since the members of this service are in a similar situation as you, you don’t have to worry about any stigma and lengthy explanations. Plus, it is significantly more comfortable for another single parent to understand the peculiarities of single parent dating and adjust accordingly.

As a single parent, whether you are seeking companionship, romantic relationships, or marriage, Single Parent Meet offers you a more convenient and targeted replacement for conventional dating sites like Match and eHarmony.

Who is Single Parent Meet For?

Being a single parent requires a lot of time and scheduling, and adding dating to the mix does not help your case one bit. Single Parent Meet is for those single parents that do not want to waste more time on regular dating platforms and want to get interacting with people who understand their situation and its peculiar requirements.

However, Single Parent Meet is not restricted solely to single parents. The platform gladly welcomes anyone, irrespective of their current status, who understand single parenthood and is willing to date single parents.

Whether you are seeking friendship, dating, or even something more serious, Single Parent Meet is a perfect place for hands-on parents to meet their match.

The age demographic for members of Single Parent Meet range from 18 to 55. Hence, irrespective of your age group, you are guaranteed to find plenty of potential mates that match your interests.
The platform is open to both heterosexual and same-sex unions. However, Single Parent Meet is only available to users in the US and Canada.

Single Parent Meet: Effectiveness

While you won’t find any data online that reports the efficacy of the Single Parent Meet platform, the fact that this service is the largest in the single parents’ niches speaks loads. With the site receiving over 50,000 unique visitors monthly, it is evident that Single Parent Meet is the preferred platform by single parents across the country.

Furthermore, browsing through user reviews from review aggregators, you will find a wealth of success stories from users of the platform, who found both companionship and long term relationships from the site.

Single Parent Meet Features


Design of Single Parent Meet
The Single Parent Meet website looks like something straight out of 2005: it is archaic, but it works. While the user interface is simple, intuitive, and easy to use, we do think the platform could use a significant aesthetic overhaul if they want to create a more credible image.
However, on the flip side, the simple structure of the setup ensures that it is uncomplicated, and even people with low tech-savviness will have no issues using this site.

There are no in-your-face graphics, no popup features or advertisements, and no complicated site settings.
Single Parent Meet’s navigation system is also straightforward and easy to follow. From the top of the user dashboard, you can access links to your inbox, the matches page, user settings, search functionality, and the Tokens page. Tokens are an in-platform currency that you can use to purchase extra features like secured calling and virtual gifts.

Getting Started

Unlike what you will get on other popular dating sites, the signup process on Single Parent Meet is straightforward and hassle-free. All you need to register for an account is a username, password, and email address.
Getting started with Single Parent Meet
Single Parent Meet is free to join, and you only need a premium account when you want to start sending messages.
Aside from the initial sign up process, everything else is left entirely in the hands of the end-user. You can decide how much of your details you wish to share on your profile.

Apart from necessary personal information, the only other required space in the user profile is an open “about me” session where you can define your story with up to 1500 words.
profile of Single Parent Meet
Other optional details you can provide on your profile include your personal and romantic interests and answers to several preset personality questions. Nevertheless, you can adjust any part of your profile, including the personality questions, whenever you want.

We like how easy it is to set up your profile on here and the optionality of several portions of your user profile. However, the flip side of this is that give users this amount of freedom will lead to many incomplete profiles.

A profile picture is mandatory on every user account. However, Single Parent Meet manually reviews your first profile picture; hence, you may need to wait a while before it shows up.
pictures of Single Parent Meet

Establishing Contact

Your options for meeting people on Single Parent Meet is either to reach out to your matches on the Match page or to use the search feature to seek out members that match your criteria.

With Single Parent Meet search, you can filter users by a host of attributes that include religion, distance from you, astrological sign, physique, online status, birth month, favorite activities, and lots more. Whatever specific feature you yearn for in a potential mate, Single Parent Meet search has an appropriate search query to match.

Once you locate a user profile you are interested in, you can add them to your favorites list, like their photos, or move on to initiate contact. Your options for establishing connections include sending flirts, instant messaging, or the ConnectMe secure calling feature. However, on flirts is available to free members, as you will have to coup a premium plan to enable proper communication channels.

Single Parent Meet: Pricing

Single Parent Meet offers a three-tiered subscription model that unlock the full capabilities of the platform, allowing you to send unlimited messages to any user on the platform. With a free account, however, you get access to all aspects of the platform except messaging.

Duration Price Per Month Total Cost
1 Month $16.99 $16.99
3 Months $13.02 $39.07
6 Months $7.64 $45.85

The plans offered by this platform are significantly cheaper than what you will find on most other popular dating platforms. However, you have to factor in the fact that you are paying for a significantly smaller user base than you will get on sites like Match. Nevertheless, we feel that the uniqueness of the population here makes it worth every penny.

Single Parent Meet Token Economy

In addition to the regular payment plan, Single Parent Meet implements a token economy on its platform that is available to both free and paid members. You can purchase tokens with credit and then use this token to activate special platform features like NotifyMe and PromoteMe.

Tokens Price
25 $0.99
110 $3.99
280 $9.99

Features you can purchase with Single Parent Meet tokens include:

PromoteMe (20 tokens): this feature boosts your profile to the top of search results for 60 minutes, making you more visible, and significantly increase your chances of receiving new messages.

NotifyMe (20 tokens): This feature alerts you whenever any of your matches come online, increasing your chance of establishing contact. Each NotifyMe purchase is valid for seven days.

Virtual Gifts (10-75 tokens): Virtual gifts are a great way of showing affection on the Single Parent Meet platform and are excellent ways to make someone feel special.

Single Parent Meet Pros and Cons


  • The premier dating site for single parents with the most extensive user base in the niche
  • Registration and search is completely free, allowing you to gain a feel for the platform before making any financial investments
  • Significantly cheaper subscription cost compared with most other dating platforms
  • The open-ended profile system is excellent for user expression
  • With secure calling feature that keeps your contact information protected
  • Multiple methods of interaction


  • Archaic user interface with redundant options
  • A lack of features and incentives compared with other premium dating platforms
  • Customer service is non-existent

Single Parent Meet Alternatives

Other popular niche sites that focus exclusively on Single Parents include:

  • Single Parent Love
  • Our Time
  • Elite Singles
  • Just Single Parents
  • Mom dates Dads

Single Parent Meet User Reviews

User reviews for Single Parent Meet are almost split equally between success stories singing the praises of the platform and users complaining about a lack of response from other users.

Reviews like this success story abound online:

We fell in love seven years ago, and everything started with single parents meet. We were very lucky. Now we have a daughter and happy relationship. so SingleParentMeet is not all bad.

Here is one negative review of note as well:

Just a terrible site the women on here ignore just like on all these sites have three or four kids all they do is come look at your profile view you read your messages then move on to the next profile you sign up you write 500 emails and get nothing in return Buyer beware they will also try to auto-renewal your credit card first thing they will do is get you all these responses from different women all over the country then once you pay for the membership to read those messages there is nothing in return.

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eHarmony Review Tue, 31 Dec 2019 03:15:16 +0000 In today’s fast-paced world, many aspects of our lives are increasingly adapting to rapid speeds, same-day deliveries, and the increasing I-need-it-now instant gratification mania. Even the dating sphere is now ruled by swipe-powered apps that give you an endless stream of potential mates at the edge of your fingertips. While the current state of online dating platforms are excellent for the wealth of options they provide, they could prove to be problematic if you are looking for serious long term […]

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In today’s fast-paced world, many aspects of our lives are increasingly adapting to rapid speeds, same-day deliveries, and the increasing I-need-it-now instant gratification mania.
Even the dating sphere is now ruled by swipe-powered apps that give you an endless stream of potential mates at the edge of your fingertips. While the current state of online dating platforms are excellent for the wealth of options they provide, they could prove to be problematic if you are looking for serious long term relationships.
While it is possible to find serious relationships on platforms like Tinder and Bumble, a significant percentage of their users are on there in search of flings and short term pairings, and they are often less likely to commit.
Nevertheless, if you are a hopeless romantic/serial monogamist, you are not entirely left in the cold when it comes to online dating. Sites like eHarmony and religious dating platforms like Christain Mingle offer an online dating domain where users are almost exclusively interested in long term relationship and marriage.

eHarmony: Serious Matchmaking for Singles

For when you want to slow it down and focus on finding the right partner for the long haul, eHarmony provides an online platform where users can match with other people seeking serious, long term connections.
Everything from the site’s homepage to how the interface is set up makes it clear that the service’s goal is to pair up users for long-lasting relationships. Since its creation in 2000, eHarmony has stayed true to this mission, consequently making it the go-to platform for individuals seeking marriage partners.
eHarmony’s founder, clinical psychologist Dr. Neil Clark Warren creating the platform with a focus on matching users with the highest chance of compatibility for long term relationships.
Consequently, the standout feature of the eHarmony platform is a complex patented matching system tries to match users by comparing their traits. According to eHarmony, they are committed to figuring out what makes long term relationships work, and they incorporate findings of their scientific research into their matching model.
To feed this algorithm with sufficient data, eHarmony collects significant amounts of member information and runs personality tests as well. From the analysis of this data pool, the matching engine provides you with a small list of potential matches.
However, unlike other dating websites, eHarmony does not let you search for and message new members, except those on your match list.
Nevertheless, eHarmony pulls in a significant amount of users in search of serious relationships, and the platform currently boasts a member base of over 10 million users both from the US and 200 other countries worldwide.

Does eHarmony Work?

With the extreme focus on marriage and the restriction on who you can contact on the platform, eHarmony is already sounding like a very restrictive, conservative dating site.
However, while these accusations may be true, with the service now handling over 10% of the US dating market and reporting more than a quarter-billion dollars in revenue annually, they must at least be doing something right.
While the site is not one of the largest in terms of its user base, it is super effective at achieving its goal, which is fostering long term relationships.
The eHarmony platform is currently responsible for over 600,000 marriages in the US, and they facilitate several more long term connections. The website creates more than 15 million matches every single day, and the platform claims that this results in at least one love connection every 14 minutes.
eHarmony is the clear leader amongst dating sites when it comes to creating marriages, and one report claims that the platform is responsible for 4% of all marriages in the United States. Furthermore, eHarmony also claims to be responsible for about 550 weddings per day in the country.
Furthermore, since the eHarmony platform is regarded as the premier location for seeking marriage connects, many of its users and new members are people that fit that profile. Hence, if you are nervous about the unrestrained nature of online dating, and would much rather settle for more serious connections, eHarmony may be one of the best options for you.

Who is eHarmony For?

If we asked you the first thing that comes to mind when we mention eHarmony, the chances are that you will say “marriage.” The possibilities are that most people will say the same thing, and that is part of the reason why the platform is excellent for people seeking serious relationships. Those types are the only ones you will find on there.
Consequently, eHarmony is a perfect match for people who are ready to take the brave step to seek a committed serious relationship.
However, being bored on Tinder and Bumble is no reason to jump onto eHarmony. The eHarmony platform is not a place for seeking non-committal flings or friends with benefits, and you may even have a jarring effect on other members if you misuse the platform.
Many of eHarmony’s users are divorcees or people with long term relationships in their history, and most of the site’s user base is only interested in a serious, committal relationship. Hence, if you are not ready for monogamy, this is not the platform for you.
On eHarmony, the whole platform and interaction process is geared around being vulnerable, opening up, and considering a long term future with your matches. If this setup is not your style, you will be better off with an alternative service.
Furthermore, the eHarmony platform has conservative leanings, and for the longest time, the website’s main target was the Christain demographic. Hence, if you skew significantly towards liberalism several features of the site may have too much of a right bias for you.

eHarmony Site Features


Design of eHarmony
The eHarmony website features a pleasing minimalist aesthetic that is easy on the eyes and great for getting the job done. All aspects of the interface, like the notifications, labels, chats, and other features, have inch-perfect placement and a lovely interplay.
However, some elements of their profile builder are quite old-fashioned and are not on the same level as the overall design.

Getting Started

To begin the signup process on eHarmony, you have to fill out the form on their homepage indicating your gender, the gender you are interested in, and then enter your email and password.
get start with eHarmony
However, this signup form is only the first of many in a multi-stage process that will take at least 30 minutes to complete.
Next, you have to answer a multiple-choice compatibility quiz that contains over 100 questions, as well as several essay-style questions that will form the basis for your eHarmony user profile. This entire signup process has a clinical feel to it that is quite comparable with personality tests like the Myers-Briggs test.
eHarmony test match
The questions cover everything from your views on monogamy, religion, and social situations. The signup process is quite thorough, and you immediately get the feeling that the site has the potential to match you with people with whom you are genuinely compatible.
signup process of eHarmony
While signing up for an eHarmony account is entirely free, you will have to pay for a premium subscription before you can see your matches or initiate contact.

The eHarmony Matching Algorithm

One major feature that sets eHarmony apart from the competition is its unique member matching system. Site founder Dr. Warren created the matching algorithm in the late 90s based on his experience as a practicing psychologist and as a long-time marriage counselor.
The matching system uses eHarmony’s 32 dimensions® model to match members based on their compatibility. According to eHarmony, the compatibility matching system uses scientific methods to filter for prospects that match you and have the highest chance of building a quality relationship with you.
To use the eHarmony matching engine, you should check the Matches section, where you will find the users that are compatible with you. Typically, the platform serves you a few matches daily. From here, you can view a detailed percentage view of how you match with each person or move on to view their profile and establish contact.
However, unlike other conventional dating platforms, you can not search for users yourself, and you are limited to only the matches the system serves you. Hence, if you do not have any potential connections or do not like the ones you currently have, you have to edit your profile and wait on the eHarmony algorithm, which is as frustrating as it sounds.

Meeting Members

meeting member from eHarmony
Once the system matches you with another member, you can choose to like their profile or to reach out with a custom message. Alternatively, eHarmony offers a guided communication system that takes you step-by-step through several levels of communication from icebreakers to detailed personal questions. These automated questions can help you start and carry a conversation and get to know the other person.
If you and another member hit it off, you can then proceed to more advanced communication channels like emails or voice conversation with eHarmony’s SecureCall feature.

Other Features

What If – this feature lets you finetune the matching algorithm to your taste. Here, you are presented with a sample of 30 random users and prompts to choose who you would like to add to your watch list. The system then uses your selection as part of the data it uses in picking your future matches.
Smiles – another way to initiate conversations is to send a smile. Below each user photo on your watch list, you will find a smiley which you can use to send a smile to initiate contact.
Add to Favorites – eHarmony lets you add users you do not want to contact immediately to your favorites list by clicking the star icon beside their profile. You can also view people that have added your to their watch lists under the “hidden matches” section.
SecureCall – offers a safe way to call other members without exposing your phone number. However, this feature comes with an extra charge of $7 per month.
eH Advice – Here, you can browse through a curated list of dating tips and advice from expert writers on the eHarmony blog.

eHarmony Free vs. Premium

While eHarmony does technically have a free account option, the free account is worthless. The free account lets you take the personality test, set up a profile, and browse your matches, but that’s it.
With a free account, you can not initiate conversations or reply messages. You can also send winks and automated questions to other members, but your actions will be pointless because you can not reply to their replies even if they send them.
Furthermore, with your free account, you can view member profiles and add people to your favorites list.
A premium eHarmony account, on the other hand, brings added perks like extra matches, unlimited messaging, the ability to view photos, see who added you to their favorites list and who viewed your profile. With the more expensive Premium and Premium Extra plans, you the ability to browse the site anonymously and see read receipts for all your messages.
However, a premium eHarmony subscription is a serious commitment as the starter standard plan will set you back a whopping $69.95 per month.

Plan Duration Price Per Month Total Price
eHarmony Standard Lite 6 months $69.95 $275.70
eHarmony Premium Plus 12 months $22.97 $419.70
eHarmony Premium Extra 2 years $17.97 $431.40

eHarmony Pros and Cons


  • Premier option for finding long term partners
  • One of the top platforms when it comes to privacy and security of user data
  • The comprehensive profile-building system focuses on user personality
  • Guided communication feature is excellent for an in-depth understanding of your potential mate
  • Extensive user insights from the dashboard
  • Unique personality-based matching system


  • A limited number of available matches even for premium users
  • The highly restrictive matching process with no search or browse feature
  • Significantly more expensive than the competition
  • The matching process is often unnecessarily long
  • The matching system brings up unrelated matches
  • No video integration

eHarmony Alternatives

When it comes to the depth of their profile system, few sites can hold a candle to eHarmony. The closest alternatives you can get are and OkCupid. However, both options offer significantly more freedom that eHarmony as they allow you to browse nearby people, search through the user base, and match with whoever you want.

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Pure App Review Mon, 30 Dec 2019 06:39:02 +0000 While some berate Tinder and other similar apps as the herald of hookup culture that is fueling the dating apocalypse, this reprimand has not stopped the rapid rise of these platforms. Over the years, hookup apps have continued to gain increasing popularity, with many users seeing them as a convenient way to get sexual intimacy. With our ever busier lives, these apps present an escape from the complicated intricacies of longer-term relationships and provide an avenue to squeeze in some […]

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While some berate Tinder and other similar apps as the herald of hookup culture that is fueling the dating apocalypse, this reprimand has not stopped the rapid rise of these platforms. Over the years, hookup apps have continued to gain increasing popularity, with many users seeing them as a convenient way to get sexual intimacy.

With our ever busier lives, these apps present an escape from the complicated intricacies of longer-term relationships and provide an avenue to squeeze in some low-stakes fun in the form of a quality fling.

In fact, according to one review from Binghamton University, our propensity for hooking up could be a genetic drive. Either way, there is no denying the expediency of hookup themed dating apps.

Furthermore, the wealth of options available to you in this space is robust enough to ensure that you find the right match for your needs. Whether you need a platform like with extensive profile and chatting functionality, or a swipe-powered, matter-of-fact one like Tinder, there’s something for everyone.

The Pure App takes the minimalism of Tinder a step further, offering the promise of instantaneous, anonymous casual hookup mates with the added innovation of using on-demand, self-destructing user profiles.

Pure, the Hookup App

Since its launch in 2014, Pure has been one of the contenders that are providing stiff competition for the Tinder behemoth. The platform’s tagline is “dates right now,” a nod to their defining feature: the temporary profiles that encourage more on-the-spot hookup arrangements.

Designed as a platform that significantly uncomplicates the traditional hookup app, Pure feature profiles that only need a selfie, no lengthy profile information, and no need to link your social media accounts.

Users of the app only get an hour to scan through a list of nearby potential mates seeking a connection. Within this allotted hour, other users can view your profile too, and then decide if they want to hook up with you. Your time slot begins when you create a profile and ends by the hour mark.

If you get a match within the allotted time limit, you can then proceed to chat the user up, request more pictures, get their contact details, or arrange a meetup on the fly. However, once your profile expires, you will have to create another to begin matching up again.

The Pure app blends this innovative concept with a minimalist and aesthetic user interface to create a platform that significantly simplifies the entire dating process, providing a barebones setup that gets you to hooking up as soon as possible.

More: 41 Best Hookup Apps and Websites 2020( In-depth Review)

Getting Started with the Pure App

Sign Up

Sign Up Pure

Since Pure is an app-focused platform, to get started with the service, you can download the Pure app either from Google Play or from the App Store. Alternatively, you can choose to use the desktop version of the platform instead.

Getting started with the service is pretty easy, and it takes only a few minutes. First, you have to enter your email address, gender, and what gender you are interested in. Then, you must verify your email address to get access to the Pure dating platform.

On your first login, Pure will request access to your data as well as your GPS location. Since Pure only allow connections with users nearby, the platform relies heavily on GPS data to function correctly.


One area where the Pure app stands out from the rest of the competition is in its unique implementation of the user profile feature. On Pure, all user profiles are temporary, and they get automatically deleted after an hour of going live.

Furthermore, the Pure user profile is one of the most minimalist yet as it only features a photo and nothing else — no user information, no excerpt, no extra photos: nothing.

To get started using the Pure App, you have to upload a photo to your profile. Since this photo is all that other users can see, you should upload your best photo to enhance your chance of potential interactions significantly.

After uploading your photo, your profile will stay up for an hour. During this time, you can choose to take your profile online to make it visible to other users: only then can you begin screening other members in your vicinity for potential connections.

While you can keep your Pure account forever, the user profiles are self-destructing, and you will have to create a new one each time the current one expires. However, you can change your profile photo whenever you want, even before a user profile expires.

set up profile in pure

Meeting People

Once you have uploaded your photo to the platform, you can then choose to go online and begin seeking new connections. However, the ability to go online is behind the service’s paywall; hence, you will have to sign up for a Pure premium subscription before you proceed.

Clicking the “go online” button makes your profile visible to other nearby members and simultaneously reveals a swipeable list of those members to you too.

Since there is no user information on your profile, the Pure app does all the work for you. The platform automatically sorts the members’ list available to you to match your sexual preference and your location. Pure uses your GPS information to ensure it only serves up potential matches that are closest to you.

To interact with a member’s profile/photo, you can either like or dislike it. If you and another user mutually like each other’s photos, the chat window automatically activates for your guys. Then, the race against the clock continues.

While the chat functionality is a full-feature setup that allows the exchange of more photos, its use is only possible during the one hour profile window. At the end of each profile’s lifetime, your profile, as well as any ongoing chats, will be automatically deleted.

Hence, the Pure app does a great job of encouraging users to come to terms with the way to move forward quickly.

Pure provides users with maximum freedom during the interaction window, and you can let your chats and media get as raunchy as possible here without issues.

chats with others in pure

Pure App User Experience

Pure’s philosophy of less is more does not stop at their innovative concept, but it extends to their app and website design as well. Both versions of the platform stay true to the Pure branding, offering a lightweight and minimalist aesthetic that is guaranteed to be an instant hit with many young adults.

Both their app and web interfaces use a black font on white background, with hints of pink and an assortment of several minimalistic but engaging cartoons. The app does not include excessive buttons or options, and the entire interface guides you to what you need to do.


Pricing of pure app

You can sign up for a new Pure account and upload photos for free. However, before you can take your profile online, you must sign up for a premium subscription to the service.

While the platform does offer a 3-day free trial, to activate this trial period, you must add a credit card and cancel 24 hours before the end of the trial period, or you will get charged for a regular subscription.

The standard Pure subscription plan is available at $9.99 for one week, $19.99 for a month, and $39.99 for six months. All three programs offer the same features: unlimited new profiles and matching with other members.

Since the Pure platform bills you through Apple’s and Google’s trial and subscription system that works with your associated accounts, you can check the status of your subscription or cancel your plan from the Play Store or the App Store. After cancellation of the service, you still get full access to the app until your current subscription runs out.

Pure App Pros

Enhanced Privacy and Anonymity

One standout positive of the Pure app is the enhanced privacy and anonymity it provides compared with the competition. Pure’s one hour limit on profiles means that after each hour, your profile photo, as well as any correspondence with other members, entirely vanishes.

This design feature eliminates the risk of privacy breaches that are a common bane of these kinds of platforms.

The Direct Approach is Effective

Pure’s straightforward setup and artificial time constraints create an ecosystem where quick connections happen, and on a hookup app, that is just what you want.

The time pressure leads to faster results, while the liking feature ensures that you don’t have to waste any time attempting to reach out as you would on other platforms.

Like and Request System Works

On the Pure app, the only way for two users to get to chatting is for them to like each other’s profile mutually. Hence, this platform significantly cuts down on the number of messages you have to deal with, further saving you time and improving efficiency.

This system also ensures that you do not have to spend any time or effort trying to pursue someone.

Unlimited Chat

Unlike many other dating platforms, on the Pure app, the messaging feature is completely unlimited: no extra premium and no censoring.

Low Ratio of Bots

The temporary profile feature of the Pure app helps the platform to significantly cut down the number of bot accounts and fake profiles on the service.

Pure App Cons

Location Issues

Since the Pure system is heavily location-dependent, your current area of residence can significantly impact your experience with the service. If you are in a location will low activity on the Pure platform, the subscription is not worth it, while in a buzzing area like Los Angeles, the chances are that you are in for a treat.

However, since Pure does not show the location of users on their profiles, it is impossible to tell if the user profiles available to you are for people closeby before you chat them up. And since you need a paid subscription to chat, you may end up paying first to discover then that you are in a ghost town on the platform.

Furthermore, the Pure app will show you a list of users that are within 999.9km of your location, hence, irrespective of whether there are Pure members in your town, you will most likely see some profiles on your feed.

Limited Profile and Matching

Since you only have a profile photo to go off, there is absolutely no information to help you evaluate a potential date. The time limit does not help as well, as it does not leave you with much time to interact before you decide on furthering the interaction.

Furthermore, limited profile information means that there is no matching system on the platform. You find users near you, and that is it.

However, most users of the platform are looking for fast and uncomplicated hookups, and this setup fits perfectly.

Pure App User Reviews

The user reviews for the Pure app followed a similar setup on most review platforms. Users praised the site’s design and concept but often lamented their insufficient user base and the lack of members in their area.

One reviewer states:

Honestly speaking .. the concept is excellent… But almost no user base in my area, used trial but no activity at all. I think the best strategy to increase availability will be to make users post their availability in an area free. Then only paid can search after the trial period. Something like that, because it does not make sense to pay if you find no user base in your area.

In the same vein, this user had similar issues:

After test driving it for a whole month, I’d like to leave a detailed review on this app so others will have some more understanding of what’s going on here. Advantages: – Really great idea and concept – Easy and intuitive user interface Unfortunately that’s it with it’s advantages. Most of the things don’t go well… Disadvantages: – User base They say that “Top 5 cities where Pure is being used the most – New York City, London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco”. I live in SF Bay Area and have never seen more than ~25 different girls per day in a 500km radius. And I’ve been mostly using it on the weekends! If such an amount of users is ‘top,’ it looks pretty sad, and I’m sorry for the less accessible locations.

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