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People usually think that understanding the concept of plagiarism is very easy! Especially when we talk about students, we see that they often take plagiarism and plagiarism checkers to be one of the most well-understood and explored topics in their immature career. However, understanding plagiarism is not easy and is very complicated, and that is the case we are going to discuss today.

Due to new advancements in the technology field and with new tools launching every other day, people don’t take plagiarism very seriously these days. After the launch of free online plagiarism checkers, you will see that people have stopped talking about facts and a lot of valuable lessons about plagiarism and that is what makes the journey of plagiarizing more easy and unimportant!

We have today gathered the top five facts about Plagiarism so that students can understand it better.

Plagiarism Is Not Just About Text!

Mostly all of us think that plagiarism is only about textual copy-pasting and paraphrasing. Students think that the definition of plagiarism only about copy-pasting other’s work, but the definition is very wide and detailed. Plagiarism is not only the copying of text but also the copying of facts, ideas and other important information without reference and proper citation.

Now deciding whether a citation is important in a document is a very difficult question and is a very tricky matter. You must note this that talking about general knowledge or common attributions without sources does not needs citation or referencing of any kind but on the other hand, if you are using facts and figures to support your text then it is important that you use citation and if you are not using it then you are committing plagiarism.

You can also take help from your instructor to understand the concept of citation!

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Uses of SEO Plagiarism Checker!

Now let us talk about the check for plagiarism tools these days! The check for plagiarism tool available online to detect plagiarism in a document. This statement can be true in some cases, but good plagiarism checker tools are not like that and they have other uses too.

For example, the plagiarism checker of a good repute can easily help you cite your documents. These tools are not only responsible for detecting copied text, but they also provide the exact reference from where your idea or facts are matching with. The SEO plagiarism checker can in this way help you cite your highlighted text easily.

We have seen many examples in the past that are ignored by the students in which writers have copied the work of their teachers and seniors; some say that Shakespeare also used to plagiarize the work of other authors. So you see detecting plagiarism and citation is a very important thing that you need to consider!

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Common Problems That Happen Everywhere!

Don’t limit plagiarism to the writing and academic department only because plagiarism exists in almost every work environment in the world. No matter what industry or department, we can see plagiarism everywhere.

Recently a case was reported where plagiarism was seen in some accounting reports of cryptocurrency, which resulted in the loss of over 15 billion dollars. So you see plagiarism is a problem that now exists in every part and business of the world.

Plagiarism can be an accusation for a thing as simple as a comic book or as detailed as an autobiography.

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Plagiarism in Articles About Plagiarism!

If you are thinking that the only place where plagiarism exists is the place where it is being discussed, then you are totally wrong as you can also find plagiarism in these types of articles too. While such incidents in the content world are very rare but there is always a possibility that you can find plagiarism in plagiarism explanatory articles them.

Despite All of This, It Can Still Be Ignored!

Using plagiarism checker tools can save yourself from any accusations related to Plagiarism. First of all, we would recommend you that you try and write original and unique content and after that, you also have to check it through a well-reputed plagiarism checker so that there is no room for mistake left!

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Best Jobs You Can Get Without a College Degree Sun, 08 Dec 2019 03:48:04 +0000 Are you in your last few months of high school and can’t afford to go to college? You may be worried about what you’re going to do after you graduate because everyone always talks about the importance of tertiary education and how it’s the stepping-stone to a great life. But did you know there are myriads of high paying jobs out there that don’t require a college degree? All you need is a strong determination to learn so you can […]

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Are you in your last few months of high school and can’t afford to go to college? You may be worried about what you’re going to do after you graduate because everyone always talks about the importance of tertiary education and how it’s the stepping-stone to a great life.

But did you know there are myriads of high paying jobs out there that don’t require a college degree? All you need is a strong determination to learn so you can gain experience and build up your resume. Take a look at the jobs you can apply for without a college degree below.

1. Start Blogging and Get Paid for It

Whether you create your own blog or you’re writing blogs for others, this is an excellent way to gain some experience and extra money while you’re still in high school. Blogging for others will help you build up a client base and teach you how to handle difficult situations on the spot.

It’s a way to help you work with the finances of your small blogging business, which will look great on your resume should you venture out into the corporate world. If you can manage emails, money, and client expectations, you’ve already gained some key experience the corporate world is looking for in young people.

On average, bloggers earn about $1,000 a month. You can earn more if you’re dedicated, and you have a larger client base. You can earn up to $10,000 a month if you have more time available to spend blogging.

More: How To Create A Successful Blog For A Business or E-Commerce Website

2. Become a YouTuber

YouTube is a wonderful platform for outgoing and creative people who have strong personalities. There are various types of YouTubers, such as vloggers who discuss general topics or people who show you how to make something or how to perform a task correctly.

You simply need to find your niche and the type of people you want to attract to your channel. This will give you some marketing experience, which is ideal for companies looking for interns to do their social media advertising. This is because you’ll learn about YouTube algorithms to help you reach a wider audience with your content.

Before you can start YouTubing you’ll need the correct equipment such as the following:

  • High-resolution recording camera
  • A mic with excellent audio
  • The correct lighting equipment
  • An internet connection

If you upload consistently with quality content on YouTube, you can gain thousands of views. The number of subscribers, views, and the number of ads you allow to play during your video will determine how much you earn.

For example, famous YouTubers earn up to $10 million to $15 million for their content. But you’ll need millions of views to receive this amount of cash. The average YouTuber gets paid $3 to $6 per 1000 views on each video.

So ensure you make quality content so you can get those views rolling in and earn top dollar.


3. Secretaries and Administrative Work

Secretaries and administrators are highly sought after because they’re the people who increase workflow in an office. This type of work requires the following:

  • Correct filing of office documentation
  • Managing groups
  • Operating the switchboard and transferring calls to the right people
  • Capturing relevant data onto company systems
  • Book flights and manage meetings for top executives

You don’t need a college degree for secretarial or administration work, but you do need to know how to multitask and communicate efficiently. Secretaries and administrators earn an average salary of $38,800 on an annual basis.

4. Working in a Fashion and Makeup Stores

If you have a passion for the beauty industry, you can work in clothing and makeup retail stores. The only skills you need are how to communicate with customers by giving them advice on the best products for their needs. Beauty retailers can earn up to $9.84 an hour.

Bear in mind that retailers typically work on holidays and shifts, so ensure you can handle the working hours.

5. Real Estate Offers Bigger Paychecks

If you have a knack for selling, perhaps the real estate sector is for you. You’ll need some experience with marketing and sales. But these skills are easy to learn because there is a multitude of highly informative articles online you can read that teach you all about the art of selling.

Your skills will improve over time, and you will learn how to increase your prospects. All you have to do is make yourself visible by creating professional social media accounts, personal websites, and blogs. You’ll also need to know how to exchange leases and contracts with clients which you’ll learn how to do through the company you’re with.

Real estate agents earn commission on the property they sell, so the amount of money you make will depend on how much the property sells for. The average real estate agent earns between $45,000 and $71,000 annually.

Final Thoughts

Did you find a job that you might take up after high school? Let us know what your plans are once you graduate in the comments section below. We’d be happy to hear about what you plan on doing in this next phase of your life.

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How to Opt for the Most Suitable Internet Package for Your Home? Sat, 30 Nov 2019 02:16:36 +0000 There are many things that one needs to consider before making a choice especially when it comes to choosing between many different services that you require almost every single day. Things of everyday use are the things you can never compromise on based on your dependence on them. If you get a little irresponsible at making these decisions, you will see yourself complaining every day – every moment you have to use it. It is also not just about you. […]

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There are many things that one needs to consider before making a choice especially when it comes to choosing between many different services that you require almost every single day. Things of everyday use are the things you can never compromise on based on your dependence on them. If you get a little irresponsible at making these decisions, you will see yourself complaining every day – every moment you have to use it. It is also not just about you. It is about many other people in your house who depend on it – services like internet, cable, phone, TV, gas, electricity.

Even if there is a chance of getting an inexpensive package that compromises the quality of service, do not go for it. You may find the offer attractive but in the long-term, you will see yourself spending a lot more on getting it fixed or finding its alternative than getting facilitated by it. There is always at least one part where the service providers are lacking so to offer a service at such a low rate.

Here are a few more things that you can look at whenever you plan to buy an internet provider for your home or your company.

1. Draw a comparative analysis between your options

Once you start to look around for the service that you need for your company or your place, you will be given multiple options from where you can decide the right fit in accordance with your requirements. You, for instance, might be concerned that finding a dependable internet provider near me would be quite the hectic task and that concern is only natural.

The best practice here is to opt for an option that is preferred by the local masses. You will eventually learn the reasons behind that once you separately experience different options but mostly what you will be choosing is the one that people around your area are using.

Sometimes what happens is, the service that works best in a different state, let’s say Chicago, does not work as well in New York. There could be several reasons involved. One of which is, not every type of internet service – fiber, cable, satellite, and DSL – can work best in your region. If you live in a far off area from the city life, satellite internet may be the best option there. Cable services do not work best in areas that are too far from the city for being underdeveloped to support cable networking.

The best advice is, you ask friends around to know what deals they are using. The major providers that you hear the name of are Comcast, Mediacom, Century Link, AT & T and some more. Somewhere AT & T works best while in some areas you observe the supremacy of Mediacom.

2. Checking the Ratings and Rankings

By looking at American customer satisfaction index that comes out yearly, you can tell which internet service is working best and in which areas. This annual review is extremely good at storing records of every service provider, how they have performed over the years. Mediacom has been performing quite well. What these reports do is take and analyze the reviews of customers who had been using a certain service. They take care of multiple factors that contribute to making an opinion.

They also look deeper into the reasons why some services do not perform just as well as other services do in other states. The main elements comprise the details of the difference of cost between different services, production, the transmission of multiple cable providers and management. Reading through these statistics you will be aided in making a decision which service to choose especially if you have just moved from one state to another.

3. Economical Deals

Although the most attractive sight on the internet would be where you see cheap offers covering multiple services. Not always would you be benefited by these offers for they could have some restrictions that they would hide in the ad only for you to find out on your own, much later when you have made the payments. These are the kind of offers you need to sidestep from. We do not mean that you have to reject the bundle deals altogether.

We only mean that you are careful at making this decision because the chances of profiting from these deals are just as high as going in the loss. You will have plenty of options between the types of internet services (fiber optic, cable, satellite and DSL) and then the service providers, then last but not the least, the list of packages and bundle offers all these service providers offer. They all vary with the need and requirement of your everyday routine. You need to keep a keen eye on the speed of the internet (download and upload), the strength of the interface, connectivity and stability of the service.

4. Be Confident and Ask

Once you have gone through a website, you may get multiple questions in your head regarding an offer you are interested in. What you can do, look for the chatbox where you can frequently ask the question in order to get a reply as early as you can. Many service providers take these queries very seriously in order to develop trust with their potential customers. Make sure you ask about the contracts of these services. Some are long-term contracts while others are short-term. Both have a different version of convenience for the client. You can check.

5. Negotiate the Prices

You have to practice the art of negotiation before you make a final deal with the service provider. It will take a few experiences before you learn how to negotiate with the service providers because manipulative communication is very tricky in this area. The service providers that you choose to deal with a hundred other customers like you. You have to be able to tell them directly what your demand is, and put forward the range of budget you are expecting to spend on it.

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Best Twitch Streaming Software Mon, 04 Nov 2019 04:31:38 +0000 Over the past few years, gaming and streaming have been going through a revolution on its own. Platforms like Twitch, YouTube and Facebook offer great capabilities for showcasing your gaming skills online, offering compensation and fees for the most dedicated gamers with the biggest fanbase. If you want to start Twitch streaming on your own, it must be extremely difficult for you. In this article, we aim to make it much easier for you by helping you pick the best […]

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Over the past few years, gaming and streaming have been going through a revolution on its own. Platforms like Twitch, YouTube and Facebook offer great capabilities for showcasing your gaming skills online, offering compensation and fees for the most dedicated gamers with the biggest fanbase.

If you want to start Twitch streaming on your own, it must be extremely difficult for you. In this article, we aim to make it much easier for you by helping you pick the best Twitch streaming software.

We made this guide with mind of everyone who wants to become a successful Twitch streamer. While Twitch is mostly favored towards videogamers, there are a plethora of other niches promoted through the site. Choosing the right streaming software is half of the job done in building your name.

Why is that? The right streaming software adds value and a professional edge towards your videos and online streams. Viewers are more likely to enjoy a video with high resolution and stellar audio quality, rather than pixelated and laggy content.

Best Twitch

Choosing the right streaming software is hard, especially if you’re beginner. As streaming grows in popularity, different software companies are fighting to prevail at the top of the industry and promise top-notch performance and features for the price.

New streamers are recommended to use free software because it helps get the right feeling about using it while getting used to the streaming ecosystem. Seasoned streamers who have already grabbed some attention and began building their name on the platform should start considering investing in software worth using.

What to look for when choosing the best Twitch streaming software?

If you’re undecided on which Twitch streaming software to pick, don’t worry. There are a couple of criteria to look into when picking the right streaming software. We outlined the criteria that will help you determine the right software, make sure to check it out.

  • Tech support – In case you need to purchase software and it doesn’t provide reliable tech support that will help you in case of a bug, is it a reliable software? Tech support that is available at a decent amount of times should help people tinker around the software and in case of a bug or a crash.
  • Investment – If you’re just walking into these waters, it’s recommended that you don’t spend too much money on software and possibly get a free version. That leaves enough time for you to learn your audience and explore how you want to build your brand.
  • Complexity – Are you into video production and editing? If so, you shouldn’t get any trouble getting to know another software whether it’s easy or hard to use. If you are getting into the two terms, it’s best to start from a more intuitive option.
  • Features – Each software offers features and functionalities of its own. For example, some users have machines that can stream with 720p while others stream in 4K resolution quality. Some streamers stream at different locations and invite different people. Some use special effects and overlays that keep their video lively and much more.
  • Hardware – Video editing and video streaming software require a powerful machine that runs it. Make sure to read the system requirements necessary to run each software smoothly. Software like this mostly demands RAM, CPU, and reliable storage, given that rendering takes some time.

10 best Twitch streaming software

With all the aforementioned information in mind, we’re ready for the list of 10 best Twitch streaming software. We ensured to use a combination of key features and present them as concise and resourceful reviews.

Best Overall: Xsplit Gamecaster

Best Premium: vMix

Best Free: Open Broadcast Software (OBS Studio)

#1 – Open Broadcast Software (OBS Studio) – Best Free Option

Price: Free

Availability: Windows, Linux, Mac.

OBS Studio is one of the best Twitch streaming software you can use if you’re a beginner. It offers a plethora of recording and lives streaming capabilities that novices can enjoy and use to get to know the video recording software better.

The specter of availability for OBS is huge; you can get it for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. There are plenty of features to love, such as color correction, image masking, and color keying which is suitable for sharing videos and other hyperlinked sources.

Because voice and clarity also matter in choosing the right streaming software, OBS also offers innovative mixers and transitions to assist audio rendering. Whether you’re looking for a brighter or more eye-soothing option, OBS sports both dark and bright theme and is extremely easy to use.


  • Free, beginner-friendly, a lot of imagery filters and audio mixers, comes with the both dark and bright theme.

  • No technical support in the community edition, no multistreaming.


#2 – Streamlabs OBS

Price: Free

Availability: Windows

Streamlabs OBS is the efforts of Streamlabs, a general-purpose streaming tool to combine with OBS to create an ultimate, free, yet powerful streaming software. It has incredibly large community and more user-friendly interface compared to the above option.

The two companies combined their skills for this tool since January 2018, making a customizable and software full of face masks, overlays, audio filters, video editor, and more.

There are additional sub-tracking features for stream, such as game alerts, chatboxes, donations, and subs tracking. There is also real-time troubleshooter and Discord support. While this app is mainly gamer-oriented, other people who make money off Twitch should give it a try.

The only drawback is that this tool is still in the beta mode meaning that not all features work entirely or reliably. Additionally, it’s available only on the Windows platform, so those who somehow manage to use Linux or macOS to stream should refer to the above version.


  • Free, user-friendly, Twitch-related features, thousands of free customizations

  • Available only on Windows, still in beta.


#3 – Nvidia Shadowplay

Price: Free

Availability: Windows

If you want to kickstart your live streaming on Twitch for free and you own an Nvidia graphics card, Shadowplay is the right Twitch streaming software.

It’s a software that usually installs as part of the driver installations in the more recent Nvidia GPUs. Shadowplay encodes the features through the performance of GPU instead of throttling the CPU performance, which is mainly used by the competing software, leaving the computer’s performance at optimum.

Shadowplay is equipped with all the basic features that are necessary for you to start streaming. However, other than the gameplay itself, there’s no way to stream anything else. There are no overlays or multiple-source scenes.

The encoder is fast, although if you’ve already spent some time streaming using this software, you might want to move onto something more complex.

All in all, if you have a weaker computer but a good Nvidia GPU, this software is the right one for you. The app is launchable in GeForce Experience.


  • A lot of shortcuts encodes using GPU instead of CPU, Great for local recording

  • Clear lack of features


#4 – Lightstream

Price: Free

Availability: Windows

LightStream Studio is a beginner-friendly, intuitive and powerful Twitch streaming software that is directly integrated into your browser and saves the recordings on Google Docs.

The software is an ultimate supporter of cloud integration encouraging media to be uploaded there. The video is captured through your computer and communication with a browser, uploaded to cloud storage.

Cloud integration also means that instead of overusing the CPU power, it consumes less, and uses your internet network instead. There are a lot of overlays to choose from, quest hosting, live chat support, and other streaming tools to choose from.

The Lightstream will also take care of your internet connection and alert you if something goes wrong. It’s easily customizable and great to use for beginners, before opting for a more feature-rich option.


  • Customizable, easy to set up, free, uploads videos to the cloud, uses less CPU

  • Not as feature-rich, doesn’t support Full HD streaming or 4K, there are some issues with the sounds.


#5 – FFSplit

If you’re looking for fee, lightweight and easy to use streaming software for Twitch platform, FFSplit should meet all your requirements.

While it’s not equipped with all the best features like the other options as mentioned above, it works smooth, doesn’t take too much of the computer resources, and it offers good technical support that should come in your aid.

The company hopes to completely open-source its software, but for now, it’s frequently updating it and providing support for many aspiring streamers around the world. It’s currently available only for Windows.


  • Free, easy to use, lightweight with memory resources

  • Not many features, available only on Windows.


Paid options

As mentioned above, free options are ideal for beginners and those who aren’t looking to make a serious streaming career.

However, if you’ve been streaming for a few months now and want to kickstart your streaming career, your subs, but also your ranking will appreciate more presets, better video quality and more reliability.

That said, we dedicated five more Twitch streaming software to meet your requirement for a one-time payment or a subscription price. Check them out!

#6 – Wirecast

Price: 30-day Free Trial/ $695

Availability: Windows, Mac

Wirecast comes in two versions, similarly to XSplit – Wirecast Studio and Wirecast Pro, both being priced at hefty $695 and $995, respectively. However, both versions cover a large scale of functionalities and bells and whistles. There is also a lighter version starting at $249, although it’s not as innovative as the other two.

You can use it to host other streamers as your guests, add animated 3D titles, and another kind of interesting animations. You have unlimited capture and video encoding, as well as possibility to stream to different servers and platforms.

The Pro version comes with high-resolution ISO recording, scoreboards, 3D virtual sets, instant replays, NDI output, and adds more guests to the stream. The software also comes with a free trial of 30 days, although all its features are watermarked.

It also comes with decent technical support, although more sophisticated support is available at $299 per year. Another bad thing about Telestream’s Wirecast is that despite good optimization it juices a lot of your computer’s resources, so you need a really powerful computer to run it.

All in all, use this software only if you’ve made a professional decision to dedicate to Twitch or some other streaming platform. While the software in itself isn’t overpriced, it’s too expensive for someone who’d stream only a couple of times a week or a month.


  • Various features, free trial, encoding capabilities, decent technical support

  • Too expensive, soak the resources, the free trial uses watermarks over your streams.


#7 vMix – Best Premium

Price: $60-$1200

Availability: Windows

If you’re looking for a streaming platform with top-notch features, vMix is the best what streaming industry can offer. All professional streamers and those who feel like it enjoys its great design and a great scale of features including virtual sets, animated overlays, guest-hosting in the streams, and live video effects.

You can additionally add features like instant replay and more. You can input various stuff like webcams, DVDs, sound cards, NDI, and PTZ cameras with a great range of resolutions.

It also has a professional sound encoding for 4K sound quality. It comes in six packages like Basic, Basic HD, SD, HD, 4K, and Pro. The large package system is good because users can pay exactly what they need and leave out the features they don’t.

The bad news, however, is that its UI isn’t as clean as of Wirecast’s and may appear scary to those who are beginning the streaming journey.

Fortunately, there is reliable technical support that should meet each demand you have. Also, if you still don’t know whether you want to use vMix or not, the company offers a free 60-day trial at full functionality of its features.

The free trial is attractive, especially because there’s no annoying watermark to flatter your streams. Unfortunately, Mac users are left hanging as this option doesn’t come with Mac or Linux support, only Windows.


  • 4K encoding features, various useful features, good support, long trial, a lot of packages

  • Windows only, hard to use


#8 – Xsplit Gamecaster – Best Overall

Price: Free/Premium version($5/month)

Opting for Xplit leaves you with choice of XSplit Broadcaster and XSplit Gamecaster. No matter which option you choose, you’ll be greeted with a clean and user-friendly interface, live streaming and recording features and more.

Gamecaster is, however, a more basic version that will offer only the most essential and necessary features for you to start streaming. There’s also a new VCam tool which can help users blur, or remove the webcam background for those who don’t want to expose themselves.

While the most basic version of XSplit is free, it’s worth noting that a full version will unlock additional features that make live streaming on Twitch a charm. For example, if you want to stream with quality above 720p and 30fps framerate, you’ll need to be faced with watermarks. The paid version removes the watermarks and gives you access to multistreaming.

Another option that XSplit excels at is that it offers reliable technical support and frequently updates its software that it can be bug-free and more helpful to its users. There’s also a section for add-ons and plugins, mainly made by the large community this software boasts.

In terms of incorporating the software with Twitch or YouTube, XSplit requires encoding knowledge and isn’t as intuitive in that sense.


  • Various features, technical support, large community

  • Watermark on free versions on resolution above 720p, no encoding presets, only available on Windows


#9 – Streampro

Price: Free/$14 a month

Availability: Windows

Streampro isn’t one of the most well-known Twitch streaming software, but it’s equipped with more than basic features to help you enjoy your streaming journey.

It’s effortless to use and fitted with a sleek and user-friendly UI. In addition to that it’s highly customizable and allows you to add polls, labels, charts, graphics, and other animations to make your streams more appealing while incorporating it into the Twitch platform.

It’s as easy as drag-and-drop feature to be added to the software.


  • Easy to use, lightweight on resources, customizable

  • Available only on Windows

#10 – VidBlasterX

Price: $9-$999/year

Availability: Windows

VidBlasterX is an RTMP-compatible video streaming software and can be used for other streaming platforms other than just Twitch. It starts at $9 a year and goes up to $999 a year.

It hosts a lot of input features similarly to vMix and Wirecast. There are also features like video routing, local disk recording, output to a monitor of your choice, and more. It has a sleek and modern interface and is easy to use.

The only drawback is that it lacks some features other software includes for free or lesser packages and is available only on Windows.


  • Modern encoding, easy to use, reliable technical support

  • Available only on Windows lacks some key features



Have you tried any of this streaming software? Let us know in the comments!

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Best Video Editing Software for YouTube Fri, 01 Nov 2019 07:06:58 +0000 With the YouTube competition growing day by day, it’s becoming extremely difficult to choose the best video editing software for YouTube. There are a lot of features to be considered and even more questions to be answered, such as the price, the upload pace, the rendering, the resolution, and much more. With that in mind, we’ve researched and tested the best video editing software for YouTube and came up with some great options for you to try out. Read on! […]

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With the YouTube competition growing day by day, it’s becoming extremely difficult to choose the best video editing software for YouTube. There are a lot of features to be considered and even more questions to be answered, such as the price, the upload pace, the rendering, the resolution, and much more. With that in mind, we’ve researched and tested the best video editing software for YouTube and came up with some great options for you to try out. Read on!

The importance of video editing software

If you’re making videos for YouTube, you must make them appealing, detailed, and well-designed in a way that they will crush your competition. Your videos are your identity, and they need to stand out from the crowd. YouTube is full of videos of different categories from viral content, guides, reviews, news coverage, and more; there are even indie movies flattering the network, and all of them use some premium video production to make them more resonating with the network.

Editing a video can be anything from a short crop of a video, trim, or an effect, to advanced frame manipulations you probably haven’t even heard of. People live fast, and with millions of videos at their disposal, they’ll easily find a replacement if they don’t feel enough into the content you upload. Humans are visual creatures and require use of sophisticated tools to catch their attention, sophisticated tools we included in this article.

Free video editing software vs. Premium video editing software

While it’s known that premium editing software for YouTube is equipped with the features free software doesn’t have, it’s worth asking a question exactly what kind of videos you plan to record before you ask what features of premium software you’ll prefer over the free one. The features you should compare is performance to hardware requirements ratio, resources for more original effects, bugs, resolution features, watermarks and more.

More importantly, if you’re a beginner at this considerable niche, you may need to learn some video-editing techniques before you take on a larger software like the premium expensive tools. In such situations it’s the best to opt for free apps because not only they are more beginner-friendly, with sleeker UI and more room for improvement, they are also less demanding on your computer’s resources like CPU and memory. They are the best to use in the beginning, and once you decide what you really want from a good video-editing software you can opt for a more premium approach in video editing industry.

Features to look for in video editing software for YouTube

Different video editing software offers different editing features. If your videos are casual and regular kind of vlogs or similar, you may not be looking for too many editing features, although if you want to make an exciting action video, gaming video or share some experience you’ve recently had online and want to make it look pretty, features are more than recommended.

The first thing you need to check is whether it’s connected to some other app, and which video file formats and resolutions are supported. Additionally, can it export directly to YouTube or some other video-sharing platform that is similar, as well as whether it can grab the footage from your camera without having to convert it into another file format?

If you’re frequently uploading for YouTube, or plan to start to, you probably want green light support as picture-in-picture functionality many of the top-notch premium software support, as well as capability to share on different social media like Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. It’s no secret that social media is extremely influent when it comes to promotion of our content we upload, so it won’t surprise if you want to share your YouTube videos there too for a backlink.

There are some more technical functionalities that are important, like pulling footages and audio from multiple files, and whether you can switch from one file to another relatively easily, without having professional knowledge from video production and video editing.

Many apps also tend to keep up with the latest tech trends, like adding artificial intelligence and different smart features that intuitively make your video editing easier. Some video editing software for YouTube also sports smart trimming as well as smart editing. Those features function in a way to make transitions easier and more customizable to the natural color of the video.

There is also video editing software that works on mobile phones, which allow features like project transferring to PC for more difficult manipulations. There are a lot more features, although these are considered most essential and interesting because they make the tremendous work of video editing much easier.

Best free video editing software for YouTube

As mentioned above, beginners and those who don’t seek extreme wealth and career at YouTube are good to go with free software, despite its lack of features in some more advanced fields. However, is free video editing software really worth using with so much more being available with paid ones?

The truth is that free video editing software for YouTube gets most of basic job done. It won’t look high-grade and too professional, but it should be clean and well-designed in a way to provide quality insight and attract new viewers.

There are many good free video editing tools on the market, although performance in terms of video encoding and exporting isn’t always on point. Most free software is just a lite version of a premium, professional tool with the vast majority of assets being locked into purchase. Additionally, same free software comes with watermarks, which clearly indicates which software is used. People generally don’t mind it, but some do because it interferes with the idea of a video they wanted to upload and effects and transitions they use. Pro features get rid of the watermark.

Another thing that makes up for the free product is that there are software tools that offer open-sourced code. Commercial free tools usually serve to get users hooked up and make them upgrade to a full version eventually, while the open-sourced version makes source code available to everyone.

Further down, we’ve listed five free video editing software for YouTube, make sure to check it out. If you want to learn more about becoming a YouTuber, we also provided a guide on how much YouTube pays you based on certain number of subscribers and views.

  • Lightworks – Best Free video editing software
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Best Premium video editing software.
  • CyberLink PowerDirector – The best video editing software overall.

#1 – HitFilm Express

Price: Free

Availability: Windows, macOS

Can upgrade: Yes ($349)

HitFilm Express is one of the best free video editing software for YouTube because it’s easily accessible and equipped with a modern UI appealing even to absolute beginners. The best part of this software is its reliability, as it can auto-save your progress as each minute passes. There are also a lot of keyboard shortcuts that make the entire process much easier to navigate once you get hold of the software The tool is equipped with various customizable features like 3D effects, text input, models, composite shots, random input images and many filters for transitions.

Additionally, you can use the software for adding more clarity and mixture to the voice and audio in particular. You can use it to edit 1080p Full HD videos, although more advanced features like chroma key and picture-in-picture will require you to upgrade to a full version. The tool is available on Windows 10 and Windows 8 and all recent versions of macOS.


  • Easy to use UI, customizable, often updated


  • High system requirements, you can unlock some features only through purchase


#2 – Clipchamp

Price: Free

Availability: Windows, Linux, macOS

Upgrade available: No

If you need to quickly edit a video before uploading it to your YouTube channel, Clipchamp should do more than suffice. It’s usable through browser add on and doesn’t require you to download it, which makes it a lot easier on your system requirements, especially if you run a weaker computer. There’s a free video editor for YouTube videos, and while it can’t be used to make Full HD videos it can still export to MP4 and accepts all audio, video, and picture formats. You can use it for basic functionalities like changing the speed of any video, chipmunk or slow motion; you choose it. You can resize and crop videos to fit different screen resolutions, rotate and flip, add filters, and transitions like fade in and fade out. The upload process is easy. If you want to add more content to your video you need to upload it to Clipchamp website, and it’s as easy as Drag and drop. Given it is only a browser-based video editor you can run it using any operating system. All you have to do is to register using your email address, Facebook or Google.


  • Easy to use, doesn’t abuse the system, various basic filters


  • Pretty generic, doesn’t sport Full HD videos, no free stock files, exports to 480p quality.


#3 – Lightworks – Best Free

Price: Free

Availability: Windows, Linux, macOS

Upgrade available: $24.99-$437.99

If you’re undecided on whether Lightworks is the right video editing software for YouTube for you, then maybe its award-winning performance wins you over. It’s perfect for aspiring YouTubers for many reasons, and it’s completely free. You can add your voice to the timeline directly, import more than one video at once, preview fonts, build macros, export videos at HD quality (720p) and automatically upload to YouTube account. Unfortunately, there is one drawback, this software doesn’t provide support for all export formats, and those would need to be unlocked in the Lightworks Pro version, which we’ll highlight down below. To ensure easy and intuitive environment, many of Lightworks’ features are drag-and-drop, customizable, and feature a “fit to fill” full-screen mode. There are also a plethora of keyboard shortcuts that enable easy and precise video trimming and more. If you’re new into video-editing, Lightworks also boasts some video tutorials that will help you get started. Lightworks is available on all operating systems and has a large community forum that will help you with all the issues.


  • It can upload directly to YouTube, and You can continue editing as it’s exporting and editing, free tutorials


  • No UHD 4K support, no frequent updates


#4 – FilmoraGo

Price: Free

Availability: Windows, iOS, Android

Upgrade available: Yes

FilmoraGo is equipped with various features you’ll easily fall in love with. Firstly, it’s extremely easy to use and has easy navigation, and it is simple to get a hold of. There are a lot of great features in it, as well as a free built-in music library and video transition. While it’s not as powerful as other pro systems, there are basic video editing tools that will make your video look stunning on YouTube. There are iOS and Android apps that allow you to upload your voice directly from the phone, automatically upload to YouTube, import files from Facebook, Google, Instagram and more. Users can also apply different themes across whole videos and use tools like speed adjusting, rotation, brightness, temperature, contrast, hue and more. There are also a couple of overlays like hearts and leaves, and if you’re not satisfied with the picture, you can crop it in 16:9 aspect ratio. This app isn’t only for mobile, although the desktop app has limitations like a large watermark that looks quite unappealing.


  • A lot of useful features, no ads, free music library


  • Not available on macOS, large watermark on the desktop app.


#5 – Shotcut

Price: Free

Availability: Windows, Linux

Upgrade available: No

Shotcut is a simplistic video editing app that sports several useful features if you want to upload it to YouTube. However, it requires a lot of patience due to its steep learning curve. Even though it’s equipped by uncluttered UI and is intuitive, it takes some time before you master it. It is equipped with many customizable filters, which will make your videos more creative and appealing. There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts and various editing modes. While basic results can be achieved through using basic filters, if you invest some time with the app, you’ll see it’s definitely worth using.


  • A lot of filters, intuitive interface, open-source, cross-platform


  • Hard to learn


Paid video editing software for YouTube

If you’ve played around with free software and can’t pick the right option for premium, don’t worry, we listed some of the best options we found.

#6 – Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Best Premium

Price: $20.99/month

Availability: Windows, macOS

Free Trial: 7-days

Adobe Premiere Pro is a well-known standard in video editing that is available for years, used by the most professional YouTubers and those in video production and editing. It’s not the most affordable software, but it has a professional interface and studio-grade tools and assets used by professionals. With plethora of audio and video filters, 360-degree video support as well as VR, Adobe Premiere Pro is the best premium software for video editing. It is great for multitasking, so you can use it to edit videos before they’re completely imported.

Premiere Pro is extremely versatile and accessible even by the beginners. Additionally, if you pay monthly or subscribe for a yearly subscription, you’ll be constantly greeted with updates free of charge.


  • 360-degree and VR video support, customizable, a lot of filters


  • Weird subscription model


#7 – Apple Final Cut Pro X

Price: $299.99

Availability: macOS

Free trial: 30 days

If you use macOS and want a reliable video editing software for YouTube where you can upload videos directly, get VR and 360-degree video support, Apple Final Cut Pro X is worth checking out. While its UI is different compared to its competition, it’s still relatively versatile and accessible even to the most of beginners. There are a lot of drag-and-drop elements that help you organize video editing elements the way you want. You can split items into voiceover, music, and titles, as well as other elements. It’s great for editing drone videos, as well as videos coming from phone cameras and other devices. The software is regularly updated and continues providing support for new drone models while adding new effects, transitions, and filters. There is also an HDR feature that provides additional color support for light manipulation.

Unlike Premiere Pro, Apple’s software doesn’t come with a monthly subscription. Instead, it’s available for a one-time purchase, although its price is quite hefty. For one-time purchase, you’ll also get updates and is actually more affordable compared to Premiere Pro if you plan to use software for a few years. There’s also a free trial, so you can shape your decision better. It offers more days than Adobe, so that should be more than enough time to shape your decision.


  • Intuitive UI, a plethora of filters and effects, HDR feature


  • Expensive


#8 – CyberLink PowerDirector – The best overall

Price: Starts at $4.99

Availability: Windows

Free trial: 30 days

PowerDirector is more affordable compared to the tools as mentioned above for video editing, and will provide professional-grade editing for your YouTube videos. There are a lot of features you can use to make your videos professional-looking.

Additionally, it offers a gentle and intuitive interface so even the newest can easily get used to it and start editing with ease. There’s support for 8K videos and many effects that you can get good use of, as well as several stock audio and images, innovative transitions, lovely effects, and much more. There’s also a timeline editor that users can use for quick editing of videos and can even directly share to YouTube and Facebook. Its control panel is immensely large, so you can overall use sound effects on your videos. While there’s no VR support, this software offers a good 360-degree video features that you’ll easily fall in love with if you’re into editing action videos.


  • More affordable than others, a plethora of features, has a light editor for quick editing


  • Fewer controls compared to Premiere Pro


#9 – Adobe Premiere – Elements

Price: Starts at $79.99

Availability: Windows, macOS,

Free trial: 30 days

If you find the Premiere Pro to be intimidating for video editing novices, you should try the more affordable version, Elements, which comes at a 30 days free trial, and more time for you to get to know the environment. It is designed to make learning easy and more interesting, with even of its most advanced tools being intuitive and straightforward. Premiere Elements is a one-time-purchase and includes all the free updates. The interface is equipped with large buttons, smooth transitions and a lot of effects. There are additional video tutorials to help your journey. The only drawback, however, is that you may soon outgrow it and have to buy more premium software.


  • Straightforward interface, a lot of features, easy to learn.


  • Easy to outgrow.


#10 – Lightworks Pro

Price: $24.99/months

Availability: Windows, macOS, Linux

Free trial: There’s a lighter free version already available.

We earlier reviewed the free version of Lightworks in which we embraced various useful features. However, additional support requires you to subscribe, starting at $24.99 per month. The premium version unlocks some additional features, stocks audio and photos, more filters and effects in addition to a set of really cool features we mentioned above. The drawback is that it’s unnecessarily more expensive compared to its competitors while still providing slightly inferior features, although it’s still great option for professional video editors and everyone who feels that way.


  • More features, more stock audio, and photos, more resolution options are available


  • More expensive than the competition



The choice of the best video editing software for YouTube solely depends on your needs and requirements for quality. There are many free options that can get the work done, but everything more premium requires a Pro version or a fully-purchasable video editing software. Which video editing software for YouTube do you use? Please leave a comment.

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Best YIFY Torrents Proxy and Mirror Sites Thu, 31 Oct 2019 03:00:58 +0000 With movie and TV show streaming services, torrenting and mirror sites are slowly fading into oblivion. However, YIFI movies and torrents have kept their reputation despite the growing trend of online streaming. Nevertheless, being targeted so often, the site disappears from the search results now and then. In this article, we’ve introduced the list of best YIFI Torrents Proxy and mirror sites you can use to enjoy movies and TV shows. Proxy vs. Mirror sites What’s the difference between a […]

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With movie and TV show streaming services, torrenting and mirror sites are slowly fading into oblivion. However, YIFI movies and torrents have kept their reputation despite the growing trend of online streaming. Nevertheless, being targeted so often, the site disappears from the search results now and then. In this article, we’ve introduced the list of best YIFI Torrents Proxy and mirror sites you can use to enjoy movies and TV shows.

Proxy vs. Mirror sites

What’s the difference between a proxy and a mirror site? Both proxies and mirror sites allow you to access different movies, as well as YIFI torrents, despite the government or ISP blocking access to it. Mirror sites allow you to download movies even when the original site is down, while proxy site can only serve as an intermediary between clients’ (your) requests and another site that hosts the movie. Perhaps the original YIFI isn’t down, but your ISP blocked it, so you can use a Proxy site to grab the torrent of the original YIFI site (unless the proxy you’re accessing got blocked too.)

Should I use a VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is used to bypass the government and ISP blocks on different torrent sides by masking your IP and impersonating the IP from another country that is possibly not blocked. There are a lot of VPN services accessible on the internet, although the best ones are Express VPN and Nord VPN that not only provide reliable services but also host sales and dropdown in price every then and now. You can use them to access different YIFI proxies and mirror sites without having to worry about being tracked. Alternatively, VPNs are also good are keeping your anonymity.

This article is entirely informational and doesn’t promote the use of copyrighted and pirated content. It solely informs readers about the available sites and software used for downloading torrents and discourages piracy.

Best YIFI Torrents Proxy Sites

Whenever YIFI Torrents is down and accessing it through VPN is not an option, there is a list of reliable Proxy sites you can use to access it. Keep in mind that the Proxy sites aren’t the work of guys who stand behind the original YIFI, but of other teams and fans who loyally followed the site’s development. That said, the content on these sites may slightly differ from the original, but they are still worth checking out.

#1 –

Status: Up

Speed: Very fast


What excels at is providing torrent content of movies and TV shows at the smallest file size possible, something like a repack website, but for movies and TV shows. You can use this site’s intuitive UI to browse different movies and TV shows at the qualities of 720p, 1080p, and 3D quality. You can use it to find some recent titles like Lion King and Toy Story 4, although you can also find older titles if you use some of its filter options that are extremely intuitive. There is also a search bar that allows you to search by title or keyword.

While use of doesn’t require registration, you can make an account if you want to contribute with your own content and leave reviews to the movies. It’s worth noting that all these movies are also sporting the IMDB rating, although its large drawback is that there are not as many filtering options like on other sites.


#2 –

Status: Up

Speed: Very fast

yts pm is the official YIFI proxy which closely resembles one of the original site as well as other Proxy sites. It can be used for browsing movies with the best resolution quality, as well as get insight into the release year, condition, IMDB rating and more. The front page is full of featured movies that were released recently, so all you need to do is download. Just like the original YIFI message, this site aims to deliver content at the smallest size so that the download wouldn’t take long. It’s a reliable Proxy site and loads extremely fast.


#3 – YTS Unblocked

Status: Up

Speed: Fast

While YTS Unblocked may not be as fast as the previously-mentioned Proxy Sites, it’s still sufficiently fast for you to watch your favorite movies free of charge, even if the YTS was blocked by your ISP or the government. Just like the sites above, this proxy offers insight into the most recent movies and offers a reliable and speedy download thanks to the compressed file size. There are a lot of features to look for, just like on the original site. That said, it’s worth checking out if the other options are down.

#4 –

Status: Up

Speed: Very Fast

This is another fast YTS Proxy with the most recent titles you can find. In addition to the most recent titles, there are also a lot of older movies sorted by year, IMDB rating, or alphabetically. You’ll easily manage as it’s identical to the previous proxies as well as the original YTS site.

#5 –

Status: Up

Speed: Fast

YIFI Torrents

This sufficiently fast Proxy site of YIFI Movies will provide all the recent titles, as well as some older titles at the minimal file size. There are a lot of features to look into using You’ll also find some old movies and easily search using the innovative search bar at the top right. The options below display in which resolutions are the movies are available. Most movies host 720p and 1080p resolution.

Best YIFI Movies Mirror sites

If you still can’t access YIFI movies or its Proxies or you simply are looking for an alternative, you can check out some of the best YIFI Movies mirror sites we listed below. While some of them closely resemble YIFI’s original interface, others are slightly harder to navigate. Nevertheless, they’re all reliable and frequently updated with new movies and TV show contents from around the world.

#1 – EZTV

Status: Up

Speed: Fast


EZTV is a combination of a Mirror site and a news outlet, so while it provides the most recently added torrents of TV shows and movies, it also offers some media coverage across the world. Its site is uncluttered, and it is extremely hard to use and manage because the font is too small, and it’s not enough visually appealing.

However, EZTV has a large movie library with new movies being added constantly. There is a table with the latest movies rated according to seeders, leechers, size, and date. You can additionally make adjustments to the filters and search based on resolution, alphabetical order and more. Another drawback is that there are a lot of pop-ups and on-click ads so make sure to click carefully.


  • Large movie library, a lot of filtering options, minor media coverage


  • Intimidating UI, a lot of ads.


#2 –

Status: Up

Speed: Fair


It’s no secret that YIFI offered a large scale of anime movies and TV shows, and as such, we had to list, which is full of anime and is frequently updated with new movies and episodes. While its interface is considerably better compared to one of EZTV, it’s still hard to navigate due to Japanese KANJI, although many of the episodes and numbers are listed in English alphabet.

There is also an option to search by a filter, sort and choose a category like horror, drama, comedy, action and more. It’s also worth noting there are fewer ads on this site, although it’s not as fast as others, and has buffering problems.


  • Large library, many filtering options, a toggle for dark mode, fewer ads.


  • Strange UI, buggy.


#3 – Torrentz2

Status: Up

Speed: Fast


Torrentz2 is the successor to the original Torrentz that got shut down earlier. Unlike other sites, it doesn’t provide or upload movies or TV shows to its servers. Instead, it works as a metasearch engine, like a Google, for torrented movies. That way, it doesn’t host copyrighted files on its server but provides other sites that do. The site is extremely easy to use; all you have to do is search in the search bar and navigate to other sites that may host the keyword you’ve been looking for. It has a clean UI, so you can find what you’re looking for relatively fast.


  • Easy to use, fast to use, results are easily accessible


  • Lacks filtering options.


#4 – TorLock

Status: Up

Speed: Very Fast


You’ve probably heard of TorLock before, although you probably never thought it could be viewed as YIFI alternative. It has a dark and intuitive interface similar to the KickAss Torrents and PirateBay, although it’s less innovative than YIFI’s. The movies are listed in a drop-down table with information like date, size, and seeds being available.

You can also search in the search bar and sort and filter content by date, size, alphabetical and more. There are additional tables featuring the most recent movies, TV shows, and episodes, so it’s guaranteed, you’ll find something you like. The uploaded content is mostly of top quality, and you can also use the site for searching games, anime, and books.


  • Easy to use, top quality resolution, other torrents are also available.


  • There are a lot of pop-up ads.


#5 – RARBG

Status: Up

Speed: Fast

RARBG is one of the most popular YIFI Mirror sites, and it excels at adding new movies, episodes TV shows, games, e-books, and more. Additionally, its minimalistic site also sports news so you’ll be frequently updated with news from show business, politics, technology, and other topics. While the site tries its best to keep the uploads frequent, there are still some movies that are older than compared to when they were uploaded to the competing sites.


  • Easy to navigate, simple design, media coverage


  • Infrequent uploads, a lot of ads.


#6 – PirateBay

Status: Up

Speed: Very fast


PirateBay is a well-established name in the world of mirror sites, as it’s one of the largest torrent search engines ever made. In addition to the large scale of movies and TV shows uploaded daily, you can explore games, software, e-books, music, and much more using it. It isn’t overbooked with ads, other than a few slightly inappropriate banners across the website, and there are many creators who constantly upload as it’s a community-driven engine, although the site has a history of frequent crashes and die-outs. Fortunately, we compelled a list of the best PirateBay alternatives, so you can search Proxies, or other mirror sites to replace it when it’s down.


  • Community-run search engine, frequently updated, large library, fewer ads.


  • The site suffers regular hackers and government attacks and often crashes.


#7 – Extra Torrent

Status: Up

Speed: Very Fast


Although visually unappealing, Extra Torrent is a great YIFI alternative in terms of finding reliable and optimized in size movies and TV shows. The movies are frequently added, and you can filter them and search by different criteria. Every torrent displays its size, availability, date added and the number of seeds. You can also use Extra Torrent to search by a keyword, but also read some news that the site occasionally uploads. There are also featured movie lists, new movie lists as well as TV shows lists. You don’t need to make an account or pay to use Extra Torrent, although its ads can be very annoying.


  • Large library of movies, TV shows, and episodes, a lot of filtering options, frequently updated.


  • A lot of ads, visually irritating UI.



YIFI stood as a standard for years, starting from the days when the internet connection was slow, and it’d take hours to download a movie. Now, many sites and proxies have descended onto its functionality, with more sites like it appearing on the network. Which YIFI proxy or mirror sites do you use? Let us know in the comments.

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LimeTorrents Alternatives Tue, 29 Oct 2019 02:57:30 +0000 Since its invention in 2001, the BitTorrent protocol has continued its rise to fame. BitTorrent now ranks as one of the top platforms for sharing files around the world. One side effect of this fame is that media conglomerates like the RIAA and the MPAA now consider many users of the protocol a thorn in their side. BitTorrent gained its popularity for its ability to share massive music and movie files online quickly. According to a report by Palo Alto […]

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Since its invention in 2001, the BitTorrent protocol has continued its rise to fame. BitTorrent now ranks as one of the top platforms for sharing files around the world.

One side effect of this fame is that media conglomerates like the RIAA and the MPAA now consider many users of the protocol a thorn in their side. BitTorrent gained its popularity for its ability to share massive music and movie files online quickly.

According to a report by Palo Alto Networks, In February 2013, BitTorrent was responsible for 3.35% of all worldwide bandwidth, more than half of the 6% of total bandwidth dedicated to file sharing.

Over the years, many programs have implemented the protocol for p2p file sharing. Tracker websites for files on BitTorrent have popped up, and large communities like The Pirate Bay, Torrentz, isoHunt, and Limetorrents have aggregated online that share data through the system.

Furthermore, free torrent-hosting sites such as The Pirate Bay and LimeTorrents have continued to grow their databases to include a growing catalog of files. These sites allow users to search and download from their collection of torrent files Many of these sites now also run BitTorrent trackers for their hosted torrent files

However, one area where many of these torrent indexers have not seen much improvement is in their design and user interface.

Since their creation in the early 2000s, few torrent indexers have done anything to revamp their interface. Hence, these sites are now pixelated eyesores that wreak much havoc on the HD-attuned eyes of this generation.

Nevertheless, a few sites have chosen to buck the trend and opt for more aesthetic and intuitive, user-friendly designs. At the forefront of this movement is a newcomer, Limetorrents.

The LimeTorrents Platform

The LimeTorrents Platform

Founded in 2009, LimeTorrents is a younger entrant on the scene compared to giants like The Pirate Bay and ExtraTorrent. However, in its nearly a decade of runtime, this torrent service has grown to become a familiar name in the torrent ecosystem and regularly ranks as one of the most-visited torrent sites on the Internet.

Part of LimeTorrents’ appeal boils down to its superior aesthetics and its sleek interface that is significantly more intuitive than most legacy platforms. The website sports a vibrant design, fully optimized and responsive web pages, and an intuitive UI that makes using the site a relief, especially when compared with the alternatives.

The site structure is similarly well thought out and quite easy to understand. All the site’s torrents are grouped into appropriate categories, while a health bar beside each file lets you sort magnet links by their seed to leech ratio. Furthermore, you get a filter on most pages that allows for a more varied sorting options.

From the homepage, you can access torrent links to a massive array of content from different mediums and across multiple genres, sectioned adequately into appropriate groups.

Are you in the market for a modern torrent tracker and index that offers an eye-catching and intuitive UI? LimeTorrents is your best bet. What’s more? You get a completely ad-free experience with LimeTorrents.

LimeTorrents Alternatives



What’s better than a new platform with excellent aesthetics? A legacy industry giant with a makeover that brings intuitiveness to already robust torrent website,

In October 2016, 1337x introduced a new, redesigned website. This revamping brought a fresh face to a premier torrenting location, creating the ultimate experience for users.

1337x is an online torrent site to download movies and TV shows using the BitTorrent protocol. From the homepage, you can access a large search bar that helps you find any torrent file or magnet link you need. Furthermore, the movies and other content on the site are divided up into categories to make them easily searchable by new releases.

Since its tracker first came online in 2007, 1337x offers free, BitTorrent-based file sharing for all types of digital files. However, the site prohibits pornography or infected files and malicious software.

In 2016, the site was banned from Google search queries and no longer appeared when searching through Google search. Nevertheless, the ban has not stopped the addition of new functionalities to the website nor the increase of their ever-growing user base.

According to TorrentFreak, 1337x ranked third on the list of the most visited torrent website worldwide in 2018.

If you need a reliable and aesthetic replacement for LimeTorrents, 1337x is the one for you.



When it comes to serving all of the latest movies, no torrent site does it better than YTS. YTS (also known as YIFY) is a torrent movie release group, one of the top movie distributors in the BitTorrent community.

If you have ever watched the ripped version of movies from the internet, there is a huge chance that you have come across the YTS branding. YTS uploaded are often the best quality and most seeded option available on torrent sites like RARBG and TPB.

While the most popular site now operating under the YTS name bears no connection to the original group, they still maintain the same principles. The goal of YTS has always been to provide all of the latest movies in HD but the smallest size possible.

The official website for YIFY gained popularity quickly and soon became a force to reckon with in the torrent space. However, the platform came to an end when it was taken down by copyright agencies in the summer of 2015. In spite of that, several clone websites have continued to build on the YTS legacy with being the most popular at the moment. ranked 183rd on Alexa’s list of most visited websites globally, cementing its place as the successor to YTS.



RARBG is a torrent tracker that first started out as a local Bulgarian tracker in 2008. The platform then moved on to global coverage and quickly gained acclaim as one of the top torrent sites in the world.

The site is most famous for hosting the best-bootlegged versions of all of the latest movies from film industries around the world. RARBG works both as a peer-to-peer torrent platform and a release group. Hence, allowing it to provide original content you often can’t find on other torrent platforms.

However, what makes RARBG a most suitable alternative to LimeTorrents is its design and user interface. The site uses a clean and simple UI that makes the platform an excellent tool for quickly finding torrents. On RARBG, there are no obstructive ads and no confusion as to what each website section represents.

RARBG facilitates peer-to-peer sharing of all file types via BitTorrent. While the platform specializes in high-quality video releases, it also lists other content as well, including games, software, and music.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

No list of torrent sites is complete without the champion of the space. TPB is arguably the best torrent tracker and is hands down the most resilient of the lot. Hence, it is no surprise that the site’s tagline and official nickname is “the internet’s most resilient torrent site.”

TPB and its massive community always keeps on coming back.

One common thread with torrent sites like LimeTorrents and TPB is that they are a constant target for copyright agencies. Hence, it is no surprise that TPB has suffered several attacks and shutdown attempts during it lifetime. However, after every shutdown attempt, the platform always returns with a different domain, a backup database of torrent, and the same, familiar TPB interface.

Sites like LimeTorrents and TPB offer an online database that indexes torrent files and magnet links for all forms of media. On TPB, visitors can search for and download torrent files that link to music, video, and software content from around the world. Site users can also upload their own torrent files and make them available for downloading and seeding by other users.

TPB’s interface consists of a fan-favorite search feature and a browse page that lets you filter the available torrents into categories. Popular categories on TPB include Movies, Applications, Audio, Books, Games, and Porn.

TPB is currently the top visited torrent site in the world. For many loyal fans and users today, the platform is considered the number one resource for torrent files on the internet.

Is Torrenting Safe?

This question is a common one among newbies as well as some seasoned torrenters. Many p2p file users often worry about the legality of torrenting media files and harbor concerns about their safety and anonymity.

While the mere act of torrenting itself isn’t illegal, downloading copyright-protected material is. Hence, many popular files such as all of the latest movies are illegal when downloaded via BitTorrent. Furthermore, many other file types fall into a legal gray area, so downloading them may land you unwittingly on the wrong side of the law.

However, the most immediate risk you face from torrenting illegal files is from your ISP and copyright trolls. Your internet service provider monitors files sent via BitTorrent, and they can take action if they catch you illegally torrenting.

An excellent way to combat the monitoring eyes over your internet packets is to use a VPN that hides your internet activity from your ISPs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right VPN

To ensure maximum protection, the best VPN for torrenting must match the following criteria:

  • It must be fast enough to avoid throttling your downloads
  • The VPN must have a kill-switch that turns off your network automatically to prevent IP leaks. A kill-switch blocks all internet traffic once your VPN connection fails, preventing any potential IP leaks from unprotected traffic
  • The VPN service must not keep a log of your activity
  • The service must not be based in a Five Eyes country or any country where the legal system can be used to obtain customer records forcefully

VPN services we recommend for torrenting include Private Internet Access, NordVPN, and ExpressVPN.

Best Practices for Torrenting Safely

To ensure you are torrenting safely, follow these guidelines at all times:

  • Download any of the VPN software mentioned above
  • Enable the VPN’s kill-switch. This feature may go by different branded names depending on the VPN provider.
  • Connect to a VPN server, selecting a p2p-friendly server if the option is available
  • Open your torrent client and start downloading

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Gogoanime Alternatives and Similar Websites and Apps Tue, 22 Oct 2019 04:18:46 +0000 Long gone are the days when anime movies and series only showed on TV. Then, you had to wait for days or weeks to watch a single episode of your favorite anime shows. Thanks to rapid advancement in technology, it is now possible to watch anime on the go! Provided you have a good internet connection, you can revel in your favorite anime online irrespective of your location. GoGoAnime is a renowned anime platform with a rich database full of […]

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Long gone are the days when anime movies and series only showed on TV. Then, you had to wait for days or weeks to watch a single episode of your favorite anime shows. Thanks to rapid advancement in technology, it is now possible to watch anime on the go! Provided you have a good internet connection, you can revel in your favorite anime online irrespective of your location.

GoGoAnime is a renowned anime platform with a rich database full of all types of anime content. Boasting a significantly large following, GoGoAnime is your home for Japanese anime. The site offers many shows all dubbed in English, which is a feature that allows fans who do not understand Japanese to enjoy and get in on some action.

Owing to copyright issues, GoGoAnime has been pulled down and is therefore inaccessible in many countries. As a result, anime enthusiasts have been left stranded. No doubt, anime broadcasted on TV offers little variety compared to what is available online.

Here are some of the best GoGoAnime alternatives and similar websites and apps you can rely on:



Justdubs is a website that harbors a collection of the best Asian animation shows. All animation movies and series on this site are dubbed but don’t be surprised if you find one or two with subtitles. You can’t look past the fact that Justdubs is free.

Here, you have unlimited entertainment including both recent and classic anime. What’s more, all the videos load at cutthroat speeds. They all have high-quality visuals and clear audio. Enjoy watching as many animations as you want with no interruptions.

Want to see what current updates there are on the site? Click the homepage. Besides updates, you will find other categories such as the latest cartoons, latest anime, and the latest episodes. Some high-quality cartoons on Justdubs include Aladdin, Garfield, and Pink panther, to mention but a few.

Justdubs has a modern dark theme and an easy to navigate interface. Everything is well laid out to enable you to find what you’re searching for in seconds.



No need for registration here. Fans who are skeptical about forfeiting their details during registration on other anime sites can breathe a sigh of relief. Simply search for the site and start watching trending and classic dubbed animations.

From the likes of One Piece to Sword Art Online, to Naruto, you’ll be spoilt for choice anytime you are up for a good time. Use the search feature at the top right side of the site to type the genre or title of the specific animation show you’re looking for.

Need help? There’s a chat feature/widget available on the site to help solve your dilemmas. Whether you want recommendations on the best series or you want to engage other visitors on an interesting discussion, feel free to do so in the chat area.



Constant advert pop-ups are a turn off for most visitors on any anime site. It’s no wonder fans from all around the globe throng the Chia-Anime anime site. This site is not only easy on the eye but there are minimal advertisements. Finally, you can delight in some high-quality anime without distractions.

Chia-Anime has a wide selection of Asian Animations. This, including genres and categories such as Horror, Drama, Erotica, Mystery, Fantasy, and Adventure. While there are no official viewer restrictions, this website is ideal for younger anime watchers.

The site has an impressive loading time and supports various formats. You can play downloaded animations on your smartphone, computer, gaming console or TV.

Want to voice your opinion and interact with other viewers online? Chia-Anime has an active Facebook page made just for this purpose. Get hints on the latest updates on the site, make friends, and connect with other like-minded anime fans drawn from countries all over the world.



Crunchyroll lets you choose from a list of a whopping 15 genres. Categories like, Manga, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Sport, Shoujo, whatever tickles your fancy, you’ll find it here. The genres are further divided into sub-categories depending on their original country of production. Masterpieces like Angel beats, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto are just a few of the top fan favorites you will find fully updated on this site.

Anime enthusiasts can watch anime videos at whatever time or place with sufficient internet reception. Crunchyroll does have pop-up advertisements. If you find them annoying, you are free to use the lock button to avoid distractions.

Visitors can access anime for free on this site. Here, you can choose one out of the available eight languages, which includes French and Arabic.

If, however, you want to watch new animation videos or movie/series updates as soon as they are released and broadcast, you will be forced to pay. Simply register and open your account on the platform first. Thereafter, sign up for the premium package of your choice. The premium membership grants you unlimited access to the most recent anime, HD quality.

Want to get a feel of what premium membership entails? Visitors can register first and in exchange get a free 2-week premium membership trial.

More: Best Anime Streaming Sites


While the AnimeUltima site doesn’t require all users to register, it is advisable to create a user account first. This way, you get frequent notifications informing you of new episodes and updates. Plus you can leave comments about what you watch.

Without registering, users still have access to a ton of anime without facing limitations. You can watch anime videos across different genres in High Definition. The only difference is that you won’t be in a position to engage with other users, a privilege that the registered users delight in.

Some of AnimeUltima’s distinct features include a search bar to enable you to find animation videos faster, a selection of over 30 genres and up to 1500 animation series.


Have some free time? Feel free to choose from a list of 5000 anime movies and series on KissAnime. All available animations are listed in alphabetical order to make it easier for you to locate your favorite. To learn more about an animation video you’re curious about, place your mouse pointer over it and a brief description will pop up. This gives you a peek into what the anime is about.

All the Anime content is dubbed in English. For those viewers who don’t mind subtitles, you’re sorted too. Whether you’re registered or not, you will have free and continuous access to any uploaded videos on the site.

Want to let your social media friends in on some anime action? Simply like and share any animation video on Facebook or Twitter. Catch up on the latest and see what people are saying on the KissAnime forum.

To cater to all visitors, KissAnime has the mobile phone compatible version and the desktop version. The mobile-friendly version only works on smartphones and only requires less bandwidth.

Finally! An anime streaming site that doesn’t discriminate against age or gender. Fact remains that most Animation viewers comprise kids and teens. While parental guidance is encouraged, this site has enough animation videos and genres to suit different tastes and age groups.

The attractive interface is designed to make it effortless for you to locate Animation content categorized under different genres. These genres include Mystery, Shoujo, Space, Fantasy, Ecchi, Action, Vampire, Seinen, Horror, Adventure, Drama, Comedy, Meccha, and Romance among numerous other genres.

To get inkling on the animation videos you’re curious about, click on it and read the description. The short description will tell you what the anime is about, how many episodes there are and so on. A downside for is that there’s no place for people to engage. No public forums or chats either. The only thing available is the comment section under each episode where registered users can leave their comments.


Funimation is your haven for all matters anime. From Anime games to Manga stories, and all other animation-affiliated accessories, visitors not only get to watch videos but have a chance to order anime paraphernalia straight from the site.

Based in North America, Funimation boasts the top position as the leading media content distributor. A huge fraction of all the content is made up of Anime videos, all which you can watch for free. A short while ago, only visitors from North America could access the site. But now, their services are accessible to anime lovers from both Ireland and the United Kingdom.


When it comes to animation series and movies, Animeheaven is the place to be. Browse through a long list of Japanese animation shows and find the perfect pass time entertainment. If you already know what you want to watch, avoid having to read up and down the categories and simply type the title on the site search bar.

There are both dubbed and subbed animations meant to suit different viewer demands. A feature that comes in handy on Animeheaven is the filter button. Users can use it to sift through most viewed, best rated and top favorite anime shows.

The main categories on this site’s homepage include the Latest releases, On-going animations, and Popular today. There are over 40 different genres available such as Magic, military, drama, horror, and comedy. Watch any anime of your choice free of charge. From the likes of Isekai Quartet, RobiHachi to Fairy Tale, you can watch both classics and freshly broadcasted anime videos.

Click on that animation title that sparks your curiosity and get a snippet on how many episodes there are, its genre, and a brief paragraph describing what it’s about. What’s more, you get to see a list of other animations similar to the one that you selected.

Can’t get over an Anime show you just watched? Why don’t you share your joy with other people on Twitter and Facebook? Viewers can use the same social media platforms to vote for their favorite shows, share comments, or voice their complaints if any.


This list wouldn’t be complete without paying tribute to the world-leading entertainment one-stop-shop. With no shortage of famous movies, series, TV shows, and cartoons, Netflix is a great source for anime videos too.

Some major features that set this site apart from the rest include premium packages. Premium users can open several screens and watch different shows at the same time. The Netflix interface is available in many languages. There are no advertisements on the site and it’s designed to play on PCs, Tablets, Smart TVs, MacBook, and Smart Phones.

Here, there’s an unlimited database of animation shows, series, and movies. All users have access to the help center that is available round the clock. Should you experience issues navigating the site, setting parent control or need help finding something there’s a dedicated team ready to make sure you’re sorted.

Unlike most sites, this media-streaming site offers its services at a monthly fee. You can choose from four plans. The low-cost plan allows access with one device and lower quality video. The pricier plans offer access to multiple devices and HD quality videos among other perks.

Legendary Anime shows that you can find here include Aggretsuko, Hunter X Hunter, Toradora, Naruto, Glitter Force, One Punch Man, and The Seven Deadly Sins among numerous others.

Summary …

A large percentage of animations come from the Asian part of the globe but their viewership stretches far and wide. The Asians seem to have mastered the art of computerizing distinct graphics that bring hand-drawn characters to life.

In a world full of an endless list of media and entertainment, nothing is comparable to animation videos. There is a level of contentment viewers earn by watching anime content. But, with little to no anime videos showing on most TV channels, fans are forced to look towards anime sites to quench their thirst for good quality animation videos. There being a ton of sites to choose from it can be daunting to find one or two that fit your needs.

To save you the trouble above is a selection of the 10 most reliable animation websites and apps. Each one of these sites is unique. The one similarity they all share is that they have a wide selection of animation videos to choose from.

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Best Trans Dating Sites & Apps for Transgender Mon, 21 Oct 2019 08:07:32 +0000 If you are like most people, then you must have grown up with a simple understanding of what sex is all about and what comprises gender, which is a man and a woman and the two sexes male and female. However, over the past few years, we have come to understand that life is a bit more complicated than that. Diversity brings plenty of liberation, and gender is a whole spectrum. It is not an either/ or scenario for Transgender […]

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If you are like most people, then you must have grown up with a simple understanding of what sex is all about and what comprises gender, which is a man and a woman and the two sexes male and female.

However, over the past few years, we have come to understand that life is a bit more complicated than that. Diversity brings plenty of liberation, and gender is a whole spectrum.

It is not an either/ or scenario for Transgender people. For them, Gender is non-conforming, and the sex they were assigned to at birth may not necessarily align with who they are now.

Because most people in the society are probably prejudiced and have socially construed ideas of what constitutes gender and sex, the Transgender community has had difficulties finding love, and most of them are probably still in the closet.

This is not how it should be.

When Bruce Jenner transitioned from a male to a female, it made the national news, because people have their own misconceptions of sex and gender.

In this review, I am demystifying the myth that is sexual orientation and gender. I have compiled a list of almost 20 dating sites for Transgender people.

Because I understand that love is complicated, and it can be scary coming out to the whole world, these dating sites are impartial, and they allow you to be yourself among your peers and other people who are just like you.

19 Best Transgender Dating Sites

Ashley Madison


When the first sparkles in a relationship faded away, self-challenging people like you would take proactive actions to preserve their vitality. They would try find the right moment, the one that they were all crazy about and made their life whole.

Ashley Madison (AM) is a platform for these people to retrieve the passion they used to have. While not designed especially for trans community, AM is a go-to choice to find what you are looking for.

A great part about AM is that it shows 100% percent respect to female members, who are cherished minority on this dating-oriented site.

Some female members expressed their likes about how they can blur their photos to make them less identifiable.

For male members, you have to be more aggressive and take the lead here. By that, I mean male members have to send their photos to ladies first, who then make decisions at their discretion. However, this is another feature that female members love the most.

Other than monthly or annual subscriptions that commonly seen on most dating sites, Ashley Madison has based its operation on “credits”. So, what’s that supposed to mean? Well, if you want to initiate a conversation, you have to pay a certain amount of credits to do so.

This site also offers real-time chat rooms, members pay credits to buy a certain period of time in order to communicate with their potential date.

You know the best part for all members? You don’t need to use your personal email to receive verification code and that’s definitely a big move in privacy protection.



This is a dating app for everyone. It may not be designed specifically for transgender people, but it has plenty of options for everyone to find what they are looking for. It is inclusive and anonymous and the ideal dating site for anyone who wants to maintain their privacy.

No matter your sexual orientation, you are going to find a match on this site. It doesn’t matter how you identify yourself, what matters is your preferences, and how you wish to express yourself.

The beauty of it is that you are definitely bound to find someone who is the same as you or has similar sexual desires that you have.

It doesn’t support plenty of personal information, and you do not need to give your email, phone number, or even connect it through your Facebook account unless that is what you wish to do. You don’t even need to have a bio as everyone is there for the same reason you are – to hookup, and hence, there is no need to beat about the bush, giving unnecessary explanations, it is very simple, all you need is a photo, and you are good to go.

Since a photo is all you need, then you must make it count. Post a photo that will give people a reason to flip you and want to meet you for a hookup. A picture that stands out has more chances of getting noticed, compared to a badly taken photo.

Of course, you can use a selfie or any other picture that clearly showcases your best features, but before you do that, ensure that you look your best, and you can throw in some sexy clothing while at it, or for men, you can showcase your six-pack to get yourself noticed.

Using the app is quite easy; all you have to do is choose 1 of 4 cards that you shall see on the screen and click on each to flip it over. There is usually a 50% chance that your next casual sex encounter is just around the corner, and on the next card, you flip.

The site gives you at least 24 hours to initiate a chat with them, or else the conversation will become expired and disappear.

So, the reason for this instant hookup app is not to date and have some romance; rather, it is purely animalistic and helps you with your erotic desires. Everyone wants to have some great, casual, and consensual sex, and here at Yumi, you get exactly what you want.

TG Personals

TG Personals

This site was launched in 1999, and it is one of the safest transgender websites on the internet. You can be able to search, meet, and communicate with other singles so you can get to know each other better.

All the features on the site are 100% free, and most people come on the site to find casual sex encounters.

Originally, the site was designed as a safe place to find hookups for Gays and transgender people, but it has since evolved and not includes straight women and men looking for other straights or couples for a good time.

When you visit the site, you shall clearly be able to see that members are looking for casual sex encounters only, which is clearly shown on their profiles alongside their genders and whatever sexual orientation they are.

This straightforward approach enables everyone to be on the same page in terms of expectations and their encounters. There is no discrimination on this site, and each member is open-minded, accepting, and social.

In order to sign up for the site, you shall need to give very basic information which shall be displayed on your profile, such as your email, username, name, gender, location, and age. You can also include your sexual orientation, so the person looking can find you.

You should also state whether you are looking for friendship, love, sex, or any other form of relationship you could be interested in.

There is an “about me” section that allows you to introduce yourself to the members, and here, there is no limit to the number of characters you can use, so you can be as creative and forthcoming as you wish to be.

Matches are made based on your personal preference, and you can also add friends to your list, depending on how interesting they are to you. There is also another list for crushes that you can add.

Searching is done using filters that give you exactly what you are looking for. These could include age,

Everything on this site is free of charge, even sending and receiving messages. They have a blog where users can post their own content so long as you do not violate their terms and conditions.

TS Scene

TS Scene

This is yet another trans-friendly site that offers free services. It has thousands of users from around the world, and you are free to take your pick. TS Scene takes away the fear, anxiety, and guesswork associated with dating and gives you the perfect environment to meet other transgender men and women.

This means that you can finally be free to be yourself without any judgments or prejudice. Knowing specifically what kind of date you want is the basis for finding the right match. You can send instant messages and flirts to almost anyone and everyone you see on the site.

This website has an interesting feature known as the “Rapid Match” feature, which is also free and displays members within your area. You can then either “pass” or “like” them and get a notification when someone likes you back.

If you are uninterested in this feature, however, you can turn it off in your visibility settings, so you don’t have to use it.

The other great feature on the site is to block specific TS Scene users from sending you messages and emails in the chat rooms or on your profile, if they are not what you want, and they seem either clingy or dangerous.

This is a great feature that most dating sites do not have, and you can even go a step further and report such profiles so they can be removed or chastised.

You can also choose to receive their newsletter, which contains upcoming events and happenings in the Transgender community, but if you are uninterested in this as well, you can opt-out of it too.

This is an easy to use website that has plenty of features and gives you lots of options to meet whoever you want without having a fear of being judged or discriminated against. The user interface on the site may be old fashioned but, it gets the job done, and that’s really what you need.

Transgender Date

Transgender Date

This dating site allows members to check and find love connections for free. Their complete membership is absolutely free forever. Here is a summary of some of its benefits:

  • It allows you to enjoy all of the sites features absolutely free.
  • The community is safe and secure, and will never put your privacy and safety at risk.
  • There are more than 60,000 members on the site to connect with.
  • There are more than 100,000 horny photos for you to enjoy, and this number keeps growing every day.
  • It offers a great communicative environment. The site is always looking for ideas from members, and they listen to you, which helps them improve on what they have to offer.
  • You can chat with other users using the Transgender Date blog that is hosted by the website.
  • You also get to enjoy free audio and video live chats with other users.
  • You can upload video clips on the site so as to advertise yourself and what you are willing to offer other users.
  • You can bet involved with the Transgender community by use of the site’s active chatroom.
  • You get to chat with users on a wide range of topics, which opens up your mind and helps you to make friends.
  • You can upload up to 500 photos on your profile.
  • The registration is very simple and can take just one minute.
  • There is complete technical advice and support on the site.
  • They have an extensive user FAQ section that can be used to solve all of your common problems.

The above are just some of the benefits that you shall get to enjoy when you create your profile on the Transgender date website.

Creating a profile, as I have mentioned, is simple, and you can be able to start surfing and going through other profiles hosted on the site in a few minutes. Users get to view the more than 100,000 horny photos that have been posted on the site.

This site may be basic in appearance compared to other dating sites, but there is a great atmosphere that is very welcoming to new members. This is greatly appreciated, especially when dealing with people who may be a little self-conscious about themselves.

Many other features help you to get to know the members on the site that you can use for free, as well. There is no premium membership required to do what you need to do to meet a match from the site.

You can also choose to upload an amateur video as your profile to get right to the point and tell people what you need. It is, however, not a must or a requirement, rather a personal choice as they understand that most new members may not be open to this yet.

While this site lacks some of the polished features of other dating sites, it works just great, and it is a great place to start looking for love, especially if you are a new Trans, or you recently came out, you can find other people like you.

The site is simple because it relies on donations and doesn’t charge anything for you to become a member.



TsMingle dating site is simple and free. There are also plenty of single transgender people that you can meet and communicate with.

The website is global, which means that you can meet people from all over the world, and connect you with a potential life partner.

When you create your profile on the site, be sure to specify what you are looking for, so it can be that much easier for you to find the right match.



This is a website for Transgender people who are looking for casual hookups. If you have always fantasized about having sex with a transsexual, then this site is for you too.

The platform has thousands of Trans men and women in every possible domicile you can imagine, and they range from post-ops, pre-ops, crossdressers, sissies, subs, and you can also find doms if that is your kind of thing.

These people come from a wide variety of demographics, and you can filter your search with either black, Latin, Asian, Caucasian, etc. it depends on what you are in to, and what you want to have for your sexual encounter.

When you log onto the website, all you need to do is make use of the websites many search options and narrow your search down to what you want.



This is a Tinder-like app, which means that you get to swipe right and left for likes and dislikes. It is, however, specifically designed for transgenders and helps them find love wherever they are with no judgments.

When you log on to the site, you can navigate all-around to find as many users as possible, who you can match with.

You can search through the site using the website’s “Spark” feature.

In order to enlighten users about themselves, Transdr has come up with an automatic update feed that updates you in the “moments” feature of anything upcoming on the site and the Transgender community near you.

You can message and chat with singles for free on the app.



This is a Trans dating app that operates like Instagram. Users on the site are allowed to post their profiles or post ads and also like other users and message them as well. There is a streamlined process on the website that allows you to post as much as you wish.

It also permits people to go through potential matches by filtering with geographical location, interest, likes, and looks.

It is an easy to use app.



This app allows you to go through thousands of profiles from all over the world, and it is targeted towards the Transgenders. It gives them options to look for people they would match with and start a relationship with, or simply for just hooking up.

Its developers took time to make it extremely comfortable for anyone in the LBTQ community, and it is the first-ever to include an alternative for the Transgenders.

One unique feature about the app is that it has taken away the need to list your ethnicity as this is not required in finding your matches. They believe that all people are equal, whether white, black, or brown. This is what makes it the perfect app, as it is quite inclusive.

It also doesn’t discriminate on what you are looking for, whether it’s a relationship, a one-night stand, a couple, a threesome, etc.



This app offers two types of membership; a free signup membership and the Jack’d pro that costs $9.99 per month.

It is one of the most diverse dating apps for Gay men, Transsexuals, Transgenders, etc. it is available on the app store.

This is app has created a global community with over five million users from all over the world. They are available in more than 2,000 cities and 180 countries. It is unlike any other Transgender app available today.

Inclusivity is at its core, and the site believes that everyone should be proud of themselves and who they are regardless of where they are coming from

There are many different people from all backgrounds, experiences, preferences, and body types. All you’ve got to do is sign up and choose what you want.

The app greatly believes in the power of technology and how it brings people together. This is what they are all about. You can log on to your profile and be able to chat, connect, make friends, find a hookup, and even find love. Whatever you need, they sure do try to make it happen for you.

Other benefits of the site:

  • You get to upload up to five photos.
  • There is a favorite list for you to choose from.
  • More than half of all users on the site are there to find friends and not necessarily for relationships or casual hookups, which sometimes is what we need most.
  • It serves people from all walks of life and color.

However, the app has some functions that do not work, it is very buggy, and for you to get a password to protect your profile, you must pay for it.



This is a free app that doesn’t have any limitations in terms of what you can access. It is specifically designed for gay men and transgender people.

The website has created a wonderful digital platform whose main aim is to provide a connection and a dating experience for single people, and groups them according to their preferences, whether gay or Transgender.

It clearly understands the needs of this community and has created what is called the “chappy report,” which provides insights into what is needed when seeking a connection with another human being. Their themes are tied deeply to their stories, and they dig deep in providing you with exactly what you need.

Features of the app:

  • A pretty quick registration process and the ability to connect using Facebook so you can give other users more information concerning yourself.
  • They have a roulette system that gives potential candidates matches according to their geographical locations.
  • There are no fake profiles on the site.
  • It is straightforward, and everyone is who they say they are.



This app offers some basic features for free, but if you want to upgrade to a premium account, you would have to spend $9.9 per month.

Although this is not purely an LGBTQ focused app, it is usually advertised as a Transgender website, which means that you are bound to meet lots of Trans people when you lot onto it, which is what you are looking for anyway.

It looks quite “posh,” and you will appreciate the fact that you shall not keep swiping left and right, as is the current norm with dating sites. All you do when you find someone you like is direct message then and start a conversation with them that could potentially lead somewhere great.

You can change your location and preferences if you wish, so you are always within reach to some locals whom you can go out with.

Lucky Hookup App

Lucky Hookup App

This app is perfect for almost anyone, as it does not discriminate. It, however, has one clear intention – no-strings-attached fun. As the name suggests, it is anonymous and offers you exactly what you are looking for, and it is one of the best alternatives to Craigslist ads.

Features of the app:

  • It does not request you to upload a profile pic, and if you do not want to do it, you can easily skip that step.
  • It welcomes all genders, and it’s highly trans-friendly.
  • It bans all prostitutes from the site.
  • There are no ads on the site.

TV Chix

TV Chix

TV Chix is a fast-growing internet dating site that targets Transsexuals, Transgenders, and T-girls plus their admirers. It has lots of features, and they are freely available, which means that you do not pay anything to access them.

This site is for everyone, and almost anyone who is transgender is on it, so you can expect to find a very bit community there, ready to help you and guide you all the way.

It takes roughly five minutes to sign up and get busy, plus the options available to you are endless, you can specify what you want, and are looking for, as your wishes are their command. If you want a long-term relationship or a casual hookup or a threesome, there is no judgment on the site.

You can add as much or even as little information as you want on your profile, and you can also make it as sexy or saucy as you want to attract other people on to the site, plus the search options are limitless.

Check members using location, sexual preferences, or simply surfing through and looking at the images posted to see whom you like.

When you decide whom you like, contact them immediately and make a love connection that will probably lead to a hookup. Their instant messaging function allows you to write long messages that can communicate your thoughts and what you want.

There is a blog forum on the site where members can use to express their thoughts; in addition, there is a message board for you to get to know upcoming events and any other new thing happening in the Transgender community.

You can also take part in their surveys that ask you all sorts of questions about your experiences on the site, and these answers are posted on the site to give you a solution when you have a problem.

At no point in using the site shall you ever be asked to pay, which is what most people love about it, and they rely mostly on donations and volunteers.

TS Dating

TS Dating

This website is made for Transgenders. There is a free membership that allows you to check out what the site has to offer, but you cannot experience all of the site’s features on this plan. To get full access and enjoy all the benefits, you would have to upgrade to a premium membership.

Premium Membership

3 Day Trial – £2.95

1 Month – £18.95

Main features of the site:

  • Signing up and searching is almost instantaneous, and you can immediately get to access thousands of profiles from people looking to meet you.
  • You can choose to join for free and have a look at what is available before joining the paid membership plan. This is great, especially for people who haven’t decide to become members yet.
  • It is community-oriented and likely to introduce you to different people and activities taking place around you.
  • It gives you the option to have a photo on your profile, which shows users who you are and how you look like. This increases the chances of being liked. You can also add as many photos as you would love to add.
  • There is a chat feature that lets you chat with members in real-time using their instant messaging feature.
  • You can send private messages to members using email and inbox features.
  • Keep a little black book on the profile of all your past hookups so you can be able to keep track of people you have already met and are no longer interested in.
  • It allows you to narrow down your search and filter according to your needs, and this helps you hone into who you want quickly.
  • There are chatrooms where most members get to discuss many different topics that are of concern to them.
  • Watch and upload adult videos if you like.
  • There is an extensive FAQ page with almost everything you wish to know about the site, 24 hours technical and customer support as well.
  • TS dating site has millions of members online, and every hour, there are thousands of people who are online and live waiting to chat with you. This provides a wonderful opportunity for people to find each other for hookups, sex, relationship, and anything else you may want to find.
  • Members can search through thousands of photos and profiles of their potential matches, and the free trial period is definitely a big selling point that almost always gets people to sign up for premium membership.
  • You can post a video of yourself on your profile, which is a great way to introduce yourself and give people an insight into what you are into.

The only downside to this site is the fact that you have to part with some cash when you go premium.

Tranny dates

Tranny dates

This is a premier transsexual dating site for grown adults, and it allows singles to find others who are like them and in the same location for some fun.

It has over 30 million registered members, and hundreds of thousands of these members are available online at all times. It is the perfect place to meet single hot members of the Trans community.

Other features:

  • This app is part of the Adult Friend Finder network, which is one of the most successful and largest dating brands in the world.
  • You can join for free or upgrade to a premium membership that helps you unlock many other features on the site.
  • When you are a premium member, this appears at the top of all searches, and you receive responses as well.
  • Ensure to keep an excellent profile photo that shall help you advertise yourself to the millions of members who are available on the site.
  • There is a personality test you can take to help with matches, and these results are always posted on your profile for others to see.
  • Browse the member’s profiles that are on your match area by their state and country as well, so you can narrow down to people who are near you.
  • When you find a match, you can start messaging them in real-time or send them private messages using the email and inboxing tools.
  • Group members, according to lists such as hotlist, friends list and blocked lists.
  • You can take part in the kinky chats at the Adult chatrooms, which is divided according to geographical location.
  • You can also check out the blogs section that is quite popular, and here, members voice their thoughts and post images and comments.
  • Vote for videos and pictures of other members.
  • Check out horny and hot adult videos that are posted by members.

Ladyboy Kisses

Ladyboy Kisses

This is an international personals and dating service for men who are seeking ladyboys – these are men that act like women or men who are in the change process or Transgender.

You can register with the site free of charge, and start searching through the thousands of profiles hosted by the website. There are many different categories and lots of sexy images for you to feast your eyes on as you looking for what you want.

One of the things you should note about this site, however, is that it helps men find long term relationships and other sexual experiences, and it is mostly filled with Thai ladyboys, in particular, i.e., people from Thailand.

Creating a profile is very easy, and members can add a lot of photos on their profiles to let others know what they have to offer and what they are looking for as well. There is a questionnaire that they are also required to fill, which helps with matches.

Their comprehensive matching service sends information about potential matches directly to member’s profiles.

Many incredible features on the site allow you to filter your searches to as specific as you wish them to become. Users can post their testimonials and success stories as well, and there is a great image gallery where you can view all of the pictures of some of the hottest members on the site.

What I found odd, however, about the site was the numerous ads about Thai language lessons on the site. Maybe for people who wish to be able to communicate with their ladyboys? Perhaps.

Other than that, the price was also a huge downside, as the two-tier scheme could see you part with almost $41 just to become a member. This makes it one of the most expensive dating sites around, although it sure does give you value for your money.

Find a Shemale Lover

Find a Shemale Lover

This is a website that you can find a Shemale for dating or hookups. It is a personal ads website whose main purpose is to help members within the Transgender community find love and other admirers for sex and more.

It is a sister site for TS Dating, which is also a Transgender dating site that I have reviewed above. Members can quickly sing up on the site for free and start searching for potential matches immediately.

This site is completely free, so take advantage of this and find yourself a lover.

It allows you to create an intricate and detailed profile, complete with images and videos that make it much easier for you to find love. You can add unlimited information on your profile and a whole collection of sexy images to further enhance your appeal to others.

Images are extremely important in the site and contribute to the website’s photo gallery, which is a feature on the thumbnail for all users to click and have a look at what is available. If anyone catches your eye, you can quickly click on their image and have a look at their profile to see whether you are a match.

The company also creates a matching algorithm that gives you options that are sent directly to your inbox each day for you to have a look.

This site has a wide range of great features that make your dating experience worthwhile. When you find the perfect partner to chat with, you can decide to meet them for coffee if you like.

Members can chat in real-time with other members, and they can also enter into the chat groups and message boards to communicate. There are also plenty of forums that give specific topics of discussion to members and helps them communicate on shared and mutual topics.

If you are lonely and looking for someone to chat with, this website has opened itself up to anyone that wishes to meet a new person for whatever reason, even if its friendship and not necessarily for hooking up and sex.

You can find a potential life partner simply by filtering the search criteria, so you narrow down your needs according to the searches available on the page.

Going premium shall, however, cost you around $2.95 for three days of access to the site, and if you want to have a one-month membership, you would have to pay $17.95, which is quite high, but cheaper than some other expensive websites.


I have been blessed to know lots of caring, authentic, and admirable people who are also transgender men and women. It really does take lots of courage for someone to come out as transgender, gender fluid, transsexual, or anyone who doesn’t fit into other people’s opinions.

The fact that people are discriminated against because of who they are is totally disgusting and should be condemned entirely.

When you come out, you may lose friends, family, and relationships. This is why the review above is extremely important; it gives you options of where you can find some new friends and lasting relationships with people who probably understand exactly what you are going through.

Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair

The dating scene for Transgender singles has its challenges, which include privacy and security, and it can also be intimidating as well. Take your time if you are new at this, or even if you are a novice.

Don’t meet new people immediately, but rather take time to get to know them better before setting up that first date. In fact, if you can meet them in a public place or with friends present, that would be most ideal.

We are constantly cautioned against meeting people we connected with online, and sometimes you may have such a strong connection with someone that you decide to throw caution to the wind. Don’t do that. Tread carefully, and you shall be just fine.

All in all, I wish you good luck in your quest for love.

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Thepiratebay3 Alternatives and Similar Websites and Apps Fri, 18 Oct 2019 17:08:58 +0000 The thepiratebay3 is popularly known as one of the best torrent sites. Users can download free games, movies, apps and more. In the recent past, several countries across the globe have blocked their citizens from accessing thepiratebay3. The site also keeps facing frequent downtime because of unknown reasons for its hosting. If you are a frequent user, you must have experienced cloud flare error 522 on the site. But what do you do when the site is down? Are there […]

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The thepiratebay3 is popularly known as one of the best torrent sites. Users can download free games, movies, apps and more. In the recent past, several countries across the globe have blocked their citizens from accessing thepiratebay3.

The site also keeps facing frequent downtime because of unknown reasons for its hosting. If you are a frequent user, you must have experienced cloud flare error 522 on the site.

But what do you do when the site is down? Are there alternative torrent sites similar to thepiratebay3?

Before we share the list of other torrent sites that you can use instead of the thepiratebay3, it is advisable to use a trusted VPN service to mask your tracks as you browse. Some good VPNs you can try include:

Kickass Torrents


The Kickass Torrents isn’t the site it was initially. Back in 2014, the torrent had become the most suitable alternative for the pirates bay after the legal pressure.

The sites downfall came in 2016 when the US government seized the domain, but it has now recovered from the demise.

The sites original owners have now revived the website using a new domain



This site was launched in 2008 and currently ranking top 350 on Alexa. RARBG provides magnet links and torrent files to allow peer-to-peer file sharing by using the BitTorrent protocol.

The site is one of the most trending domains online and allows you to search the latest files. Additionally, the site has high-quality videos and has a vast library.


Like any other torrent site, the site has faced several legal battles and cannot be found on Bing and Google search results since 2015. Despite the legal pressure, it is available on privacy–focused search engines like DUCKDUCKGO. is popular for its sleek design and provides obscure rare to find torrents.

More: 1337X Alternatives and Similar Websites and Apps



This is another great alternative for the thepiratebay3. It has a huge library of content and finding torrents is simple.

Lime torrents is a straight is simple to navigate and has filters for games, apps, music, movies and TV shows. You can also access tools such as top torrent lists, a cloud search and torrent health trackers.

The site has lately gained popularity due to the recent demise of kickass torrents. Recently, sites team has launched the torrent cache iTorrents, which is used by many other search engines.



Zooqle is new in the game but it gained instant popularity due to its unique layout. Unlike traditional lists and links, this site allows you to subscribe to your preferred listing. Zooqle also notifies you whenever a new episode of your favorite show is released.

The platform holds over 170,000 TV episodes and around 40000 movies in its present database.

However, using this torrent site will require having an active software blocker due to annoying pop- up ads.



Torlock claims to provide genuine torrent and users are compensated $1 instantly for every fake torrent reported.

This platform is one of the few torrent sites that care about the law. The site gives feedback to all DCMA takedown notifications in three days.



This torrenting site has more than 1200000 torrents to search through. They provide a large number of trackers, high-speed download experiences, and peer-to-peer file sharing.

The operators identify as a ‘tribute to kickass torrents ‘on its site content.



This is an upgrade from the original version torrentz. The second generation comes with a free Meta search than can combine search results from 12+ search engines. This makes it one of the best alternatives for thepiratebay3. The last access to this site shows over 61.1 torrents.

This pirate bay alternative specializes in audio files and suits music lovers best.

Today, the torrent brand keeps a low profile since its shut down. However, content is available on For secure browsing, Torrentz2 can be accessed as an onion site through Tor router.

Lastly, this platform lacks many features so some new subscribers might find this site hard to use at first.

EZTV Torrent


When kickass was trapped in legal problems, EZTV took the chance to launch its torrent platform.

This alternative offers a warning on its site in a bright yellow banner across the top of your screen. ‘Warning, use a Virtual Private Network while downloading torrents ‘. That’s is great advice to share with users. If your current IP address leaks, your personal information like location will be put on display when you begin to search for files. Clicking a foreign link is worse than using torrent sites.

The site has a sleek design; it is easy to use and has a library of content that keeps people coming back for more.

It is the second generation of The site can provide multiple search results for other top torrent sites on the platform. It includes results from the Piratebay ,1337x, RARBG and more.

What makes stand out from other torrents is that it provides search results for various on charts for the homepage. The figures help you spot the most trending torrents worldwide.



This is popular with releasing top movie torrents. The videos were famed for HD downloads and small size files without compromising the quality of the video.

The torrent site allows you to make submissions of unpopular movies, which can help you search a movie that is unavailable elsewhere.

Unfortunately, a lawsuit from the Motion Picture Association of America saw its decline in 2015. YTS.AM is an upgrade of the YIFY group.

The use of this torrent site is at your own risk due from a legal point of view due to the possible problem of piracy and access to a movie without a consumer’s license.



If the Bit Torrent protocol is your thing when thepiratebay3 is down, this site might be your suitable option. Its search engine is simple to use compared to any other torrent alternative you can find.

On the site, you will have an option to select a file of your choice without being forced to subscribe to any link. There are torrents for music, books software, and games.

The platform has an awkward design especially if you are a new user but it becomes easier with time.

You will have to use ad blockers due to dramatic interruptions on the site. Visitors have can contribute to the site but they must sign up for a new account to access various torrents.

More: Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives


The website has unlimited access to movies, music, games, software and TV shows. It is easy to navigate and one of the most visited torrents website.



Freebookspot is designed to help you download books of your choice .it has s similar design to Zooqle and is one the leading torrents for high-quality books.

Freebookspot offers a variety of sections such as catalog, expired or wanted on its homepage to simplify the searching process for its users.

The site strictly follows the DMCA guidelines and requires users to use a torrenting VPN while downloading books from Freebookspot.

Sky Torrent


This pirate bay alternative is a one-stop-shop for music lovers. For torrent users who enjoy listening to a variety of music genres, this is their ultimate solution. Its search engine is user-friendly and allows users to download their preferred music file faster.

The interface for this torrent is hassle-free and it is famed for being one of the top music torrent sites,



Unlike other torrent websites with annoying pop-up ads, this pirate bay has a clean interface. This makes BTScene one of the most visited torrent sites.

This is one of the best thepiratebay3 alternatives since no software blocker required.



Demonoid has been in the game since 2003 and is famed for providing verified torrents. At the beginning of their launch, they availed a variety of domains.

However, the site is a private membership-only community so you will need an invite to join the Demonoid torrent site.

Lastly, you will need software blocker due to the annoying ads on the site.

More: Best Demonoid Alternatives



This torrent website is specifically designed as a solution for gaming lovers. It has high-speed downloads and allows to access the vast gaming library on the site. The pirate bay alternative is secure and allows you to download your favorite game without forcing you to click links.



Just like Seedpeer, this site has a variety of game listings for gaming nerds. However, its interface has other torrent search options for eBooks, music, movies, anime, TV shows, and software for windows as well as Mac computers.

YourBittorrent is mostly known for game torrents that are verified and legitimate. If you want to download a variety of games this is the site to visit.

Torrent Galaxy


This is a great pirate bay alternative and it is famed for hosting TV shows and movies. Its home page displays all the top trending links to movies and TV shows with the file details mentioned in front of them.

The unique feature this website has from other pirate bay alternatives is that users can search for movies using its IMDb ID.

Foreign Language Torrents (If English Isn’t Your Language)

Major Torrent (Spanish)


The torrent site has over 25 million users and the top Spanish torrent in the world.

Unfortunately, its interface is difficult to navigate but with that number of users it still great.

LostFilmTV (Russian)


Forget about the English–sounding name. This Russian torrent website is the leading Torrent site for Russian content after the shutdown of Ruttracker.

Torrent9 (French)


It is the best pirate bay alternative with over 2 million French torrents. It is popular in Canada, France, and Belgium.

Final Words

Now that you have the above list of the leading alternative torrent sites for thepiratebay3, it is important to ensure that you have the appropriate security measures in place when on a torrent site. The internet is becoming an unsafe place and it is risky to have your personal information out there.

Before downloading stuff online, it is vital to verify the authenticity of a website. VPN services can protect your personal information from hackers.

Do you have any alternative that we have not mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

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