3 Finance Tips Every Millennial Needs Right Now

3 Finance Tips Every Millennial Needs Right Now

More than a quarter of the population of the U.S., or over 83 million individuals, are a part of the Millennial generation. Born between 1982 and 2000, members of this generation are aged 21 to 38.

Some are just finishing college and looking for their first career amid a global pandemic. Others are looking to or have recently bought a home, started a family or advanced their careers.

No matter where you fall within the generation’s age range, one thing remains the same: this is the right time in your life to get your finances together. Keep reading for a few tips to help you do just that.

1. Stash Cash for Emergencies Right Away

If COVID-19 taught us anything, it’s that even the most seemingly stable careers can suddenly run dry. Between high student loans, low-paying entry-level positions and big purchases like a first car or home, your current savings account might not be enough to get you through losing a job or other unexpected bumps in the road like expensive repairs on your vehicle.

That’s why it’s a good idea to start building an emergency fund as soon as possible.

Experts recommend saving between three and six months’ worth of your basic living expenses. Keep this money somewhere that you can access it quickly, like a savings account at your local bank.

2. Retirement Planning Starts Today

Another expert recommendation is to start saving for retirement in your 20s, as soon as you earn your first steady paycheck.

If you’re late to start your retirement savings, it can feel like catching up is an impossible task. But while starting early means more time for your money to grow, starting as soon as possible, regardless of your age, can still land you the retirement you’re dreaming of.

3. Learn to Make Your Money Work for You

You don’t need to be making the big bucks or have a hefty savings or a retirement account under your belt to be financially savvy in your 20s and 30s.

Even if you’re still primarily working to pay your bills, there are plenty of small money moves you can make that have a big impact over time. One is to learn how to make the money that you’re already spending work for you.

Credit card rewards are one way to do just that. With the right card, like one of USAA’s rewards cards, you can earn points or even cashback on the purchases you already make. Add this money to your emergency savings, or save your points to use towards a well-earned vacation.

Mastering Your Finances at Any Age

Whether you’re a young Millennial fresh out of college or you’re heading towards 40 and thinking about buying a home, you’re right in the middle of an exciting, challenging time in your life. Creating an emergency fund, starting your retirement savings and making your money work for you are all great ways to finally get your finances in order and set yourself up for future success.

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