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So I’m assuming that even those of you who are not Foursquare addicts like me might have heard that 2010 will be the year of mobile, and might be vaguely wondering what this geolocation fanfare is all about, and more specifically, why it might become important to pay attention to from an organizational point of view. I’ve been reading a ton about it all lately, and since it’s all speculation for the time being I thought I’d just share some of the most interesting posts from all kinds of sources on what the big deal is, and leave it up to you to think about and let me know your predictions or if you see the possibilities. Please comment! I have lots of ideas about the potential for using localized apps, but I’m going to sit on them for a little while until I see what rises to the top…

Will 2010 Finally Be the Year of Location? Om Malik gives us the big picture from the tech side.

Geo Me This – nice post from AppsLab talking about a few different geo-apps you’ll recognize.

My new obsession… Foursquare – Lynn Morton tells it like it is. Later in On Being a Responsible Foursquare User, she looks at it from an association point of view.

Maggie McGary picks up on Lynn’s post and has some cool ideas about what might be.

Moving Beyond the Novelty: Geolocation – Stuart Foster looks at geolocation as a marketing tactic.

Here’s more:

How Non-Profits and Activists Can Leverage Location Based Services (Mashable)

Five Simple (and Fun) Ways to Promote Nonprofits on FourSquare (Nonprofit Tech 2.0)

Harvard Teams Up With Foursquare For Collegiate Check-Ins (Mashable)

FourSquare and Social Business Design (Peter Kim)

13 Ways Businesses Can Leverage Foursquare and Gowalla (Mike Merrill)

Twitter Launches Location-Based Trending Topics (Mashable)

And finally, The social behavior incentive (how your app can be as addictive as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare) from Robert Scoble which I find particularly interesting from a “why this might be huge for building community in general” point of view.

We’re hearing lots of people talking about the potential for these kinds of apps for association events and conferences, specifically.   If  you’re going to ASAE’s Technology conference, expect to see some good stuff about mobile there.  Have you seen anything in action?  Other thoughts?  Let us know!

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