Here’s Your Opportunity to Start Something Awesome: Join #MBUstorm Blogging Challenge!

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Starting out is tough… We all have lots of great ideas “we wish we could do” but they keep piling up waiting for when we have enough time.

You know what: There’s no such a thing as “enough time”… And there’s no point in waiting for the “right time” to act because the right time is NOW.

You can plan for ages and never know how it would change you life if you finally did it or you can just go ahead and start acting!

#MBUstorm “Start a New Site & Double Your Money Challenge” is your unique opportunity to finally get motivated to bring one of your genius ideas to life.

“Start a New Site & Double Your Money Challenge”

Imagine this:

  • A group of people decide to start new sites the same month
  • They brainstorm together, watch what others are doing and move forward!
  • They are motivated and inspired as never before because … how can you quit when you see people are watching and working with you to help you succeed?
  • They learn new things and implement new tactics in practice right away!
  • They receive free coaching and consulting from a great community of fellow bloggers for free

That’s what MyBlogU new blogging challenge is all about:

  • Start a new site
  • Build it up for 6 months
  • Win!

Those achieving highest numbers (traffic, subscribers, profit) will receive free coaching and consulting from @MyBlogU team: We’ll work together until your winning numbers are doubled.

There will be more prizes from partners including cash prizes, free 10-year hosting, etc.

Read the rules here: The MyBlogU Start a New Site & Double Your Money Challenge


The best part of the challenge is the motivation of course: No excuse to wait for a better time to start your new adventure! Start it today while you have all the community support to succeed!

Newbie & Experienced Bloggers!

It’s a great opportunity for many established bloggers to try to build a new site and remember how to do that from scratch. And of course it’s a great way for newbie bloggers to find the way to succeed!

We’ll be holding your hand throughout these 6 months providing support, free resources and guides, tools and consulting!

You can enter the contest between September, 5 and October, 5: The earlier you enter, the more time for building up the site!

Join the challenge today!

Image: Pixabay (CC0 Public Domain)

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