How Small Organizations Can Put the Environment First

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We are in the midst of an environmental revolution, and today, organizations are at the forefront, faced with the responsibility of leading by example and conducting business with the environment in mind.

Environmentally-friendly business practices are the key to a prosperous future for all. After all, we need to live on this planet, so we must to take care of it.

Going green at work extends beyond offering recycling receptacles and announcing a lights-off policy. There are two rising trends in which businesses can adopt to become more sustainable. Here we explore water conservation efforts, along with sustainable manufacturing practices.

Managing Water Risk

Water is a hot topic in 2015. As California experiences its fourth year of drought, the headlines are filled with shocking statistics on the state’s remaining water supply.

California’s fate has created increased awareness about the importance of conservation, and many are doing their part to conserve and lessen their water usage—even taking to social media to expose others who are wasting the precious resource. #DroughtShaming has taken the Twitterverse by storm, as users use the common hashtag to accompany photos of water being wasted during this critical time.

Toilets are among the least efficient uses of water—an old toilet can consume over 26,000 gallons of water per year, with newer toilets using less than a third of that. Depending on how many toilets you have at your office or workplace, you could be saving thousands of gallons each year by simply switching out your outdated toilets for high efficiency or dual-flush toilets.

But not all water risk management has to do with drought shaming or in-office water wasters. Being mindful of where you source your products can also help your business to be more environmentally friendly.

Supporting Sustainable Businesses

When you support suppliers who over-exploit the natural environment or carry out practices that cause pollution, you are indirectly contributing to ecosystem damage.

Choose to do business with other companies who have adopted green practices as well. By doing so, you’re strengthening their sustainable efforts while sending a strong message to companies still using outdated wasteful practices.

Pledge to use renewable energy at your place of business and commit to doing businesses with other companies who are doing the same. Also look for companies committed to sustainable manufacturing. According to Apple Rubber, there are three main benefits to sustainable manufacturing:

  1. It reduces the environmental (as well as health and safety) impact. Naturally, this is among the most visible factors. If a company chooses to be sustainable in their manufacturing, we all benefit, as does our environment.
  2. It enhances competition. Sustainable manufacturing challenges businesses to think outside the box and find new ways to do age-old operations, thus becoming more efficient.
  3. It saves money. Reducing packaging can minimize transport costs due to less waste and more efficient packaging.

With social activism becoming more prevalent and social media having the power to damage a business’s reputation, businesses are bound to see backlash if they don’t conform to sustainable practices. Start going green at work today. With each step towards new environmentally-friendly business practices, we all can look forward to a brighter future.

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