How Some Big Brands Manage Social Media

social fish
social fish

I watched an Altimeter webinar the other day that I thought was worth sharing from a “the state of corporate social media” perspective. Here’s Jeremiah Owyang’s post with more details.  As always, there’s lots of data, but much more importantly, this video/slide deck includes several case studies showing how companies are handling social media management at scale.  This also includes some discussion of social media management systems.  The video is about an hour long – go grab some lunch and watch it with your colleagues.  It’s good.

Altimeter Webinar: A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation, with Jeremiah Owyang from Altimeter Group on Vimeo.

Here are the accompanying slides.

This post includes a video and a slide deck. If you are reading this in a reader and can’t see them, click through to the post. They are worth a look.

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