Is your board asking these 5 questions about digital? They should be.

social fish
social fish

Just came across a good post by David Edelman that I thought was worth reposting, Five Digital Issues Every Board Should Be Focusing On.  His five issues are:

  1. Customer information lifecycle: how are we gathering information when we interact with customers, how do we analyze it and what value do we get as a result? How do we use it to provide value back to customers, and overall, how does the information flow through the enterprise? As one of our most important assets, how are we using it to drive innovation, our value proposition, efficiency?

  2. Data about products and services: What do we track about what we do, who touches a process, how a product flows through our supply chain? Can we use this to add value to a customer? How much access to this data should we provide to our customers? Should customers have an audit trail of everyone who handled a request or transaction of theirs?

  3. Content supply chain: How are we feeding the interactions we have with customers? How is this coordinated across geographies and business units? How do we make sure the content is compliant with corporate brand standards? How are we monitoring reactions to that content and acting quickly when appropriate?

  4. Active management of the digital ecosystem: Do we have the right balance of being open and being in control? What are the borders and external connections to our information pipes? How are we deciding to draw that line? Who supplies us with cloud-based services, and what can they do with our data? Are we planning for more partnering in the future and do our systems facilitate that?

  5. The speed of release cycles: How fast are we able to release new capabilities in customer-facing systems? Is our architecture structured to enable easier additions of functionality on a base foundation of data and middleware? Are our IT developers managing themselves in a client-service mode where speed and innovation is as important as cost management?

What do you think about these?  Is your board asking these?  Are they asking other questions along this vein?  If not – is that ok, or is it a major risk?

By the way – we can help on all these things. Just FYI. Contact me for more info.

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