Know Your Culture, Show Your Culture: The Authenticity Project #MMCon

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Powerful video requires authenticity.
Authenticity is rooted in alignment between your internal culture and your external communications. It’s not about being cool, but about being what’s core to you and your organization. And then, about being able to talk about it in a trustworthy way.

That’s why WorkXO and 5:00 Films & Media are partnering to explore the intersection of culture and video in a new project! In this project, we will be working together to help interested associations create an awesome About Us video that really reflects their culture. WorkXO will help you quantify and understand your organization’s unique culture, and 5:00 Films & Media will help you put it to work attracting new fans, both members and employees.

Know Your Culture, Show Your Culture:
The Authenticity Project
Wait – back up.

What use is authenticity?
Videos can inform, can empower, can humanize, can simplify… but the most powerful use of video is to inspire. And the most inspiring videos leverage authenticity to speak with credible passion.

How do we define authentic?
An audience thinks you’re authentic if they believe you say what you mean and mean what you say, that your words and deeds line up, that you are the same on the inside as you are on the outside. And, as an organization, that your internal culture explicitly and transparently aligns with your external messaging and actions.

Authenticity can make or break any communications; critically so with video. Authenticity strives to create a powerful emotional connection by establishing a perception of shared values and common purpose.

Get it right and you’ve inspired an advocate, falter and you’ve created a trending hashtag on Twitter. People don’t like feeling manipulated, and they LOVE calling out hypocrisy.

Where would I use this?
Any time you want to build a relationship: with staff, volunteers, customers, members, media, elected officials, etc. Every engagement on social media, every educational session, every PR opportunity.

The better you know your culture and the more deeply you understand it, the easier and more natural it will become to communicate consistently and authentically.

Okay, okay, it’s important, now what?
Here’s how it works. You’ll work with us to:

Know your culture.
Quantify your culture. 8 Culture Markers, 64 Building Blocks, Demographic Data and more.
Understand your culture. We’ll debrief the results and help you get to your key culture principles.
Show your culture.
Align your message to your culture. Do your communications need to change and how?
Share your culture through an authentic message, with imagery and sound that reflect your culture authentically.
After you’re done with this process, you’ll walk away with some new insights around your culture, and an artifact in the form of an awesome About Us video to share with your audiences in whichever ways you see fit!

Ahhh! I need to know more! Where do I start?
You’re in luck! Stop by Booth 617 at #MMCCon to find out more.
Or reach out to Maddie Grant ( or Tim Parsons ( for more information about this project!

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