Link Love Monthly: December

social fish
social fish

Here’s my monthly selection of links to some of the most interesting posts that I’ve read and shared over the last 30 days – about social media in general, of course, but also about associations, systems thinking, community building, good case studies, tool tips, social media in other industries, whatever. Like all good bloggers, we read waaaaay more than we write and these kinds of posts are what inform our own writing here at SocialFishing. This might introduce you to some good blogs you might not be aware of too.

Please note this list is NOT the same as my “MUST READ” list, which I save in my Twitter favorites here. That list is much more about essential reading that will help people understand the fundamentals of what social media means for organizations. (You can subscribe to my favorites to get those in your Reader.) Think of the list below as more to do with serendipity, interesting stuff that might spark some thoughts or discussion. Dip in and out of these at will!

In more or less chronological order:

The 4 Cornerstones of Social Media Monitoring (Ignite Social Media)

Where No Association Has Gone Before – Lessons from Star Trek (Association Subculture)

You Can Only Lead the Horse (Altitude Branding)

14 Online eCommunity Options For Your Next Annual Meeting (MidCourse Corrections)

Trust is the new Transparency (Conversation Agent)

Transformative vs. incremental change (Drake & Co.)

11 Websites to Schedule Your Tweets Online for Free (TwiTip)

5 Ways to Orchestrate Serendipity (The Social Organization)

Defining Social Media R.O.I. Once And For All: It’s all about the Benjamins. (The BrandBuilder Blog)

Posterous Makes a Play for Business Blogs (Mashable)

Trouble Lurks in Social Media Guidelines (The Buzz Bin)

Associations as value facilitators (Acronym)

Social Media Is Not a Condiment (Ignite Social Media)

Driving Social Media From Behind the Firewall (Michael Brito on Altitude Branding)

A feature test with businesses (Twitter Blog)

Facebook’s Great Betrayal (Valleywag)

Six Steps to Making Risky Projects Possible (Museum 2.0)

Social Media Privacy = Oxymoron? (Socialnomics)

Can Social Network Analysis Help You Improve Your Social Media Strategy? (Beth’s Blog)

Innovation with boundaries (Acronym)

Will 2010 be revolutionary or evolutionary for CIO’s and IT? (Eric D. Brown)

Social Media – Change or Die? (Hourglass Blog)

Six Ways to Silo Bust Your Communications (Dave Fleet)

What’s up with Community? (LAF)

Deconstructing An Angry Crowd: What Can We Learn? (Beth’s Blog)

Twas the night before Christmas – The association version (Unhatched)

What Nonprofits Can Learn From The Digital Age: Hierarchies, Heterarchies & Networks(MidCourse Corrections)

Mobile, Social and Search – The Plan for 2010 (Guilt By Association)

Social media metrics mistakes (Smartblog Insights)

The New School of Human Resources (Talent Anarchy)

10 Top New Web Services of 2009 (From My Perspective) (Louis Gray)

What’s in store for 2010? (Splash!)

And last but DEFINITELY not least,
Beyond Thinking Different to Doing Different (Brand Autopsy)


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