LinkedIn Confusion: Group or Company Page?

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You know those social media icons on your homepage? You probably have a LinkedIn icon up there. Now check the link. Where is it going? Does it link to the group you’ve been working so hard to build, or does it link to your organization’s company page? Let’s compare:

NTEN group on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Groups enable people to join, discuss topics that are important to them, and interact with other group members. Group members can also show the logo on their profile, if you enable that setting.

NTEN company page on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Company Pages are profiles for organizations. Only someone employed by the company may update the description, or post status updates to the company page. People may follow your organization, but can not interact with others following the organization.

We’ve been seeing a lot of links to company pages from social media icons on association home pages. And I think that’s a mistake for any association who has a group on LinkedIn. A company page is a great asset if you’re doing a lot of recruiting on LinkedIn, or if you’d like another place to post company news. But associations with LinkedIn groups should prioritize that effort first–especially in those social media icon links. NTEN does it right on their web site, by the way.

Where does your LinkedIn icon go, and why?

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