Managing Social Media Campaigns

Social media marketing has become the third most popular form marketing as of 2013. Needless to say, it will only gain more popularity as social media marketing campaigns are far less expensive to create and maintain than traditional advertising campaigns. One of the reasons most companies are adopting social media marketing is that over 60% of people who use social networks admit that they will engage positively with a brand and its products after recommendations from friends on social networks.

Creating a social media campaign is not a one time event. You need a social media management team to manage and monitor the social media campaigns. Managing social media campaigns is much harder than, for example, managing email marketing campaigns as marketers need to engage with people on social media platforms and they must maintain this engagement. Marketers need to update content regularly, remove unwanted content, reply to comments and also engage with content that fans and followers have put up to successfully manage social media campaigns.

Tips on managing social media campaigns

After your company has successfully launched its social media marketing campaign, you need to allocate a budget for daily management of the campaign. Updating profiles, using analytic tools, changing the profile designs, communicating with fans and followers, setting up events, etc. takes creative thinking and money. You need to be able to analyze your social media campaigns, pick out trends and stay ahead of the game and all this is not a one-time task.

  • Use tools

Marketers now have to manage social media campaigns on various platforms and this can be a very daunting task and can be very time-consuming. Thankfully, the Internet offers a lot of social media campaign scheduling and managing tools that you can use to manage your content effectively. It is suggested that you don’t use bulk scheduling tools that can make your updates on social media platforms look spammy. Some of the best tools are HootSuitePostanoTweetDeck, etc. that offers marketers desktop dashboards that they can use to monitor, analyze and edit their social media campaigns from their desktop itself.

  • Identify power users

This is one of the best ways to engage your social media community. Marketers need to identify their power users or their fans and followers who are very loyal and who are influencers in the community. After identifying these members, you can reward them and give them certain campaign management responsibilities such as curating content, updating posts, etc.

  • The 2% rule

This is a rule that all social media marketers must remember as this rule states that there will always be a small percentage of people who will disagree with you. You must realize that your campaigns cannot be absolutely perfect with all fans and followers agreeing with everything you have to say. So there will always be a small portion of users in your social media community who will be irrational and try to breakdown positive engagement with your posts. There is no point obsessing over this 2% of people and all you can do is try to listen to their complaints and resolve them to the best of your abilities.

Examples of great social media campaigns

Some companies have been able to manage their social media campaigns so well that their campaigns reached virality in very short time spans. One such social media campaign was by the Melbourne Transit Authority. The organization named its social media campaign – Dumb Ways to Die. Without having a social media marketing budget, the organization was able to promote safety tips while using public transportation by creating a catchy song to accompany a video with very cute animated characters. The video received over 30 million views on YouTube and these numbers continue to grow.  The organization was able to grab this much attention by offering the song for free download on SoundCloud and by creating an interactive website and a Tumblr for this video (above).

Another great example of a viral social media campaign is the TweetsGiving campaign that is conducted annually by the non-profit organization Epic Change. This campaign allows people to tweet about the people they want to thank and make a donation simultaneously. Each year, the money earned from this campaign goes to a particular organization or individual to help them with their causes.

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