Need to add some awesomesauce to your Facebook Page?

social fish
social fish

Here’s a useful post I just came across on Twitter about Five Most Common Mistakes Made By Nonprofit Admins on Facebook.  Good tips in there, most notably to start adding some apps to your Facebook Page.

They also mention to check out Involver.  This is a company which can help you create a really good Facebook Page, for a fee – but the cool thing is you can add a couple of their apps for free.  Which means if you’ve done the basics of setting up a  Page already, you can see if adding a couple of things might spice it up a bit.

And while I’m thinking about Facebook, I went and had a look around our Association Social Media Wiki to see what you guys are all up to on Facebook… and it looks like lots of associations are still using Facebook Groups, which is of course totally cool, but I thought I’d point out a few good uses of Pages, now that pages are getting more user-friendly and better for professional use.

Check these out!

North Carolina Nurses Association [UPDATED LINK]

Colorado Society of CPAs

Direct Marketing Association

National Apartment Association

National Council on Family Relations (NCFR)

Totally awesome.  Have you created a Facebook page? Experimented with any good apps?  Let us know.

Don’t forget to add yourself or update your Facebook entry in the wiki!

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