Online Community Manager Job Description

social fish
social fish

Here’s the best job description we’ve come across so far, courtesy of our friend Ben Martin at Online Community Results.

We’re doing lots of cool work with Ben, who’s our go-to for outsourced community management.  Check out his site and all the awesome community management stuff he’s offering.  Ben is also contracted with ICF so we can continue to have him on our projects, and we can’t recommend his work any more highly.

Here are the essential functions of a community manager:

  1. Helpdesk
  2. Monitoring and Moderation
  3. Nurturing Engagement – nudging, ensuring questions have a response
  4. Marketing (internally) and Promotion (externally) of the community
  5. Training (staff and volunteers)
  6. Metrics and Reporting
  7. Identifying trends / topical market research


  • Oversees all technical and system administration aspects of the community. This includes working with the community platform vendor to address, resolve, and communicate any issues related to the features and functionality of the community; providing technical support to members and staff; implementing new community features as necessary.
  • Works with Communications Manager to develop and implement community promotion and engagement strategies and tactics as they relate to the communications division and the organization’s strategic goals. Communicates and promotes new community features or procedures to members and staff.
  • Develops and maintain community training resources, guidelines, and policies.
  • Works with Social Media Specialist, Membership, Marketing, and other divisions to coordinate community postings as appropriate across the organization’s other digital channels.
  • Monitors discussions, resource postings, and trends within the community. Identifies and reports trends in usage and advises on potential opportunities. Alerts Communications Manager and appropriate staff as issues arise and work with staff to resolve issues.
  • Networks with community members and identify Community Champions. Train and empower Community Champions to participate on a more significant engagement level.
  • Monitors and measures the success of community engagement (i.e. number of power users, number of discussions, etc.), and provides reports for Communications Manager and executives.  Identify and report on community trends to internal teams.
  • Contributes to related communication vehicles and ensure the integration of community for promotion and awareness building.
  • Coordinates with Marketing/Public Relations, Communications, Education, and Foundation and other divisions’ staff to ensure successful coordinated campaigns for communication, fund-raising, and education.
  • Promotes and evangelize community activities internally. Provides internal and external community training as necessary.

Anything missing from this list? What would you add?

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