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social fish
social fish

Here’s a quick roundup of some new (or new to me, I know some have been around a while) social media sites or tools I have been checking out lately, in no particular order.   Would love to hear if you’ve come across anything new and interesting for optimizing your social media monitoring, presence or management. Please share some of your in the comments for me.


Noticed your Google alerts suck now? Try Mention.  Best alert service I have found, picks up tons of stuff Google Alerts have been missing.


I decided to step up my Twitter game, especially for our poor @socialfish account which has been sorely neglected (which is okay, given it’s just a feed from this blog for those who don’t want to see all my ranting about DC United on my Twitter feed.)


Demographics Pro

I have not had a chance to really dig into this, but it seems really really useful for deeper marketing analysis of your Twitter audience. Here’s a quick snapshot of mine:


Grouphigh is the most awesome blogger outreach tool EVER. I cannot recommend this more highly. Go check it out NOW if you do any blogger outreach campaigns at all.


This is a MUST for EVERY association or nonprofit. Mark my words. The hardest part of social media marketing is finding the right keywords to base you monitoring and responding and campaigning and basically EVERYTHING on. No monitoring tool will give you shit if you’re monitoring the wrong keywords for your industry. Associations, in particular, are prone to major difficulties – either the words are acronym-based and pull all kinds of irrelevant stuff, or they are technical words that people just don’t use in natural language and specifically in shortened Twitter language.  This tool will help you find the right keywords, based on relationships and themes between words.  It’s a major game-changer. It’s also per-use pricing (a couple hundred bucks) so you can just use it once and get insane value out of it.


This one has caught my eye recently. You connect Twitter and Facebook to it, and it pulls out things that are interesting your audience (that they are sharing) so you can choose which stories to reshare.  I found that Twitter infographic I posted yesterday on here.



I’m on Branch but haven’t used it much yet. But, I was FASCINATED by this association example from Associations Now about the Online News Association is using Branch to crowdsource ideas for its next conference.  Check it out. Have you tried something like this?


BONUS:  Vine

I remain unconvinced about Vine, though I am playing with it to record the adventures of my two kitties, Neo and Trinity. However, I’m open to changing my mind about Vine for business, and am checking out this post from Hubspot: How 15 Real Businesses Are Getting Creative with Vine for Marketing. Have you tried Vine for anything yet?


OK that’s all I got for now.  Next up will be a post about curated news sites I’ve been reading and loving – look out for that next week.

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