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Putlocker is a free movie streaming site. It has some great features that make it stand out from the rest. It also has its pros and cons. Let’s explore those in brief.

Key features:

  • Prominent search tool
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Huge movie database
  • Regular update of Movies and TV shows
  • Movies categorized by genre


  • Free movie streaming service
  • Plenty of great selections
  • Streams the most popular movies
  • No registration required


  • Frequent changes in access domains

While Putlocker keeps changing domains, this is not a problem of its own making but due sanctions imposed on it by several jurisdictions that have frequently banned several of its domains.

It is this constant threat to its accessibility that brings forth the need to have alternatives and similar sites so that movie lovers don’t face blackouts when it is in hibernation.

To make sure that movie lovers continue to enjoy non-stop streaming services, we have come up with the following list of Top 9 FREE Putlocker alternatives and similar sites.

9 FREE Putlocker Alternatives and Similar Sites

Whether you are bored with Putlocker or you cannot find its latest domain, there are always options. When your curiosity wants to you to jump into a new adventure… you need a quick list to land on.

The following is a list of the Top 9 Free Putlocker Alternatives and Similar Sites.

1. Rainierland

Without nagging ads, Rainierland would be one of the best alternatives to Putlocker. It provides almost everything that Putlocker provides. But its ad notoriety means that you will have to evade so many ads just to have a peaceful view. Taking advantage of Ad blockers can be a soothing relief because this site has a rich selection of good movies.


Key Features

  • IMDb rating
  • Categorization of movies for ease of search and navigation


  • Home of trending movies
  • Short write-up of each movie to guide you on the best selection
  • Intuitive interface


  • Too many ads and pop-ups

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2. 123Movies

123Movies appears to be a modern incarnation of Putlocker, yet without the characteristic cons that describe Putlocker.

It has a simple yet attractive interface. Its item layout is easy to master just as counting 1,2,3. Yet, behind this disguisingly simple design, there is a rich database of multimedia content that easily steals the show from the competition.

Among the top 9, it is the only one that satisfactorily blends the needs of movie lovers, TV Show enthusiasts, Anime fanatics, and Cartoon lunatics at one go. Yet, it genuinely defeats the proverbial ‘Jack of all trades’

While anchored on 123Movies, you will more likely be dissuaded by the quantity of choices available from straying to the competition. This makes it easily earn this top position in our ranking.


Key Features

  • Netflix-like interface
  • Streams movies, TV shows, Anime, and cartoons
  • Facility for users to rate their experience on what they watch
  • Great filtering tool. Filtering options include; Featured, Most Favorite, Top IMDB, Top Rated, Most Viewed, etc.
  • Great categorization. Media categorized into TV Shows, Movies, Episodes, Genre, IMDB, Release date, etc.
  • Common genres include Adventure, Action, Comedy, Drama, Biography, Thriller, Horror, Animation, History, Family, Documentary, Fantasy, Crime, Sit-com, Sci-Fi, Sports, Romance, Mystery, Musical, etc.


  • Anime and cartoon lovers won’t have to switch elsewhere after getting bored of watching movies and TV shows
  • On-Demand movies available on request
  • Great filtering and categorization tools
  • No registration required
  • Less legally constraining as it doesn’t host its movies but simply provides streaming facility


  • It stealthily steals the show from competitors

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3. MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher boasts of exclusively providing the latest and trending movies. It does not get tempted to become a jack of all trades but rather a master of movies. While it has a recent addition of TV Series, that’s more of a ‘by-the-way’ rather its new specialty.


Key Features

  • Simple yet sleek user interface
  • Easy to follow categorization of movies
  • Clickable thumbnail category lists of movies


  • User-friendly interface
  • Hassle-free downloads


  • Subtle click-bait redirects

4. PrimeWire

PrimeWire interface doesn’t have immediate appeal due to its seemingly basic and dated interface. However, behind this not-so-appealing interface rests a rich repository of great captivating movies.

PrimeWire not only boasts of great movies but also great shows. The few menu buttons and the shortlist of clickable thumbnails leads one to a vast collection of movies and TV shows.

Well, when it comes to PrimeWire, simply honor the adage: ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. Maybe it is good to be pleasantly surprised.


Key Features

  • High, medium, and low-quality options to make it easy for users to stream movies depending on their internet speed.
  • A wide array of genres
  • Vast selection – from Hollywood blockbusters to Indie movies
  • Great sorting facility – you can sort movies based on Date added, Release date, and Rating, among other filters.


  • A vast collection of TV shows and movies
  • Trailer’s video available – lets you have a preview before committing time to watch the main video. It can be such a great time-saver.
  • IMDb rating and user ratings to help you gauge the quality of the movie before watching.
  • No nagging ads


  • You have to register to be able to watch the movies
  • A rather outdated and uninspiring user interface design

5. NewMoviesOnline

As the name suggests, NewMoviesOnline takes bragging rights as the home of the latest movies. At least, it is still a new kid on the block. Whether it will keep this refreshing reputation in the long-term is yet to be measured.


Key Features

  • Movies categorized according to genres
  • A showcase of latest movies


  • You can easily focus on your preferred genre
  • A great place to keep up-to-date with the latest movies
  • A great description of movie properties


  • No option to brighten up its extremely dark theme.

6. FMovies

One of the big alternatives to Putlocker is FMovies. This site has a great presentation that easily exposes one to a wide array of its resources.

For example, the carousel alone has a show of about 9 top-selected movies. The menus themselves are highly explicit. You can easily navigate to the movies that you want using these categories menus.


Key Features

  • High-Quality 4-k movies
  • Great aesthetics and beautiful layout
  • Explosive carousel


  • Easy download option available
  • No obnoxious pop-ups
  • No sign-up required


  • No option for a lighter theme

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7. Vumoo

Boasting of great aesthetics, Vumoo goes deeper to present you with a great collection of highly entertaining movies. Beyond movies, Vumoo gives you an option of TV Series. The media is categorized in such a way that easily leads you to the exact item you desire to watch.


Key Features

  • Streams both movies and TV shows
  • A showcase of top movies
  • HD & HQ formats
  • Media categorized into TV Shows, Movies, Genre, and Release date


  • Aesthetically pleasing user interface
  • Variety of media formats to choose from


  • It seems intended to burry Putlocker into obsolescence

8. YesMovies

The dark, sleek Yes Movies interface is fully packed with quick navigation links to the kind of movie that one wants to access. Other than the highly explicit top menus, there is a billboard-like giant carousel that invites you to the top selected movies. Besides, the footer avails you of category list menus that help you access the kind of movie genre or TV Show that you are interested in. Within the category list, you can also choose your country of preference in as far as accessing localized content is concerned.


Key Features

  • Sleek design
  • Plenty of navigation options on the main page
  • Giant carousel showcasing the choicest selection
  • A wide array of genres


  • High-quality movies
  • Globally available


  • No option for a lighter theme

9. SolarMovie

Accentuated by modern design, SolarMovie boasts of an ergonomically friendly interface. This is made possible by having four sets of menus.

The header menu is general and covers Genres, preferred localization by country, Movies, TV Series, and Top IMDB.

There are two middle menus – one topping the multicolumn list of movies and another one topping the multicolumn list of TV Series.

The footer menu covers an assortment of media items that incorporate country localizations and genres.

In addition to the menus, the clickable thumbnails within the columns are sizeable enough to provide leading details for a more decisive click.


Key Features

  • Highly polished design
  • A vast collection of movies
  • Highly informative presentation of each movie. Details include IMDb rating, keywords, description, and pronounced cover art
  • Option for registered users who get free premium services such as making special requests, preparing a list of favorites, and on-demand requests


  • List of trending movies for those who want to flow with the trend
  • List of best-rated movies for those who desire to watch top-quality movies
  • List of most viewed movies for those who desire to jump with the crowd


  • Its highly polished design gives it an advantage over the competition.

What drives the best Putlocker alternative?

Putlocker has been facing two big challenges:

  • Persistent lack of availability due to frequent changes of the domain – this is not a problem of its own making but of the legal hurdles that free streaming sites encounter from law enforcement agencies.
  • Undisciplined ads – yes, a ‘free’ streaming site is not a charity entity. It still has to raise funds to finance its operations. Ads are the source of these funds. However, some sites can engage in irritating excesses just to maximize ad revenue. Putlocker is guilty of this.

Thus, its alternatives have to be better in these two regards.

What enabled the 9 sites to rank on the top?

Ranking of streaming sites is based on various criteria depending on the ranker’s priorities.

For the above Top 9 list, the following were our ranking considerations:

Big database

You wouldn’t like a streaming site where you soon exhaust what’s on offer. You would like a site that you will continue visiting in the long-term. Thus, the size of the database ranks in priority.


While a big database is ideal, it ought to be quality content. It should neither be a museum collection nor a collection of crappy movies. It should have quality movies.

Entertaining variety

Quality alone isn’t sufficient. There should be a variety. Without variety, boredom and monotony creep in.

To have variety, there should be plenty of genres and a sparring dose of alternatives to movies should one desire something else.

User-friendly design

At the end of it, streaming is about serving users. The design should not cause pain. It should easily direct the user to the content desired. Above all, it should make it easy for the user to navigate from one content item to another in a seamless manner.

A great user experience is the hallmark of a user-friendly design.


Yes, while there is no doubt that most free streaming sites border on the legal redlines, frequent disappearances make some of them unreliable.

It is hard to enforce legal compliance while remaining free and without nagging ads. There will inevitably be trade-offs. Yet, some sites are more reliable than others. They deserve to be highlighted and emulated.


A jack of all trades is known for its deficiencies. As such, a more specialized site is likely to provide greater content and better service to users.

With a few exceptions, most of the ranked sites are highly specialized. Most of them stream movies –with a few adding in TV Shows.


Entertainment is an art. Yet, art without aesthetics is not art. The media streaming site should be strikingly awesome. While this is not the top priority, it should neither be ignored nor deliberately sacrificed.


Putlocker has had its ups and downs. That makes it imperative for movie lovers to diversify their options. Furthermore, curiosity and adventure are what breeds creativity.

The Top 9 Putlocker Alternatives and Similar Sites help to mitigate the ups and downs of Putlocker while at the same time providing the means to satisfy the needs of curious minds and adventurous hearts.

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