Social Media Assessment

Start with a SocialFish Assessment

Want to get a taste of what it’s like to work with SocialFish? Budget $2,000 for this social media assessment. Whether you are just beginning to integrate social media tools to your members, or you’ve been experimenting with social media for a while and want to evaluate your progress, this social media assessment will be worth the investment.

Three Key Focus Areas
The social media assessment focuses on three areas that are vital to the success of your social media efforts:

  • Staff skill sets and resources–you’ll get an idea of the skills your staff is bringing to the table, and what skills you’ll need to develop or hire. This is the foundation for everything.
  • Process and tools–you’ll identify potential weak points in your social media processes, including the processes of selecting tools, listening, responding, and sharing new content.
  • Clarity and collaboration–finally, you’ll get a sense for how your organizational dynamics are impacting your social media efforts. Is the leadership providing the guidance the social media practitioners need? Are the social media practitioners providing the information the leadership needs?

Simple Process, Fast Turn-around
The social media assessment is a quick, pain-free way to identify the areas you can work on to improve your social media work and drive business results. The process is simple and provides immediate, actionable recommendations.

We start with a short survey of staff who are involved with your social media work. The survey gives us a 360-degree view of the organizational dynamics affecting your social media work from a staff perspective. During this time, SocialFish will also review the social media work you are currently doing on your website and in outposts like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

After the survey is completed, one of the SocialFish (either Maddie or Lindy) will spend time talking with your staff–either through on-site interviews or by phone interviews. The interviews give us a better idea of the individual dynamics at play, including staff comfort levels with using social media and staff perceptions of the organization’s social media progress to date.

Finally, you’ll get a 3-page social media assessment report, grading your team on the three key focus areas, and suggesting next steps in each area.

Contact SocialFish to schedule your social media assessment.