The Psychology of Sharing

social fish
social fish

How often do you find yourself sharing news with your followers on social media? As StatPro specialise in cloud based portfolio analytics, they felt it was important to share some insights into the psychology behind online sharing, something which is a part of the daily lives of a steadily increasing number of people. Social media is more and more important to businesses as well as people, so we can all benefit from knowing a little bit more about the reasons and motivations behind peoples’ sharing habits.

The way each individual shares online says a lot about their personality. StatPro explored deeper into the psychology of sharing and created an interesting infographic with their findings.

They found that according to a study in the New York Times, there are six main types of sharer: Hipsters, Careerists, Altruists, Selectives, Boomerangs and Connectors. Each type of sharer has unique characteristics. Hipster sharers, for example, are known to have a trademark as being young, popular and creative. They are a type of sharer that is less likely to use email to share with their online community. On the other hand, the characteristics of an Altruistic sharer include being helpful and reliable as well as being thoughtfully connected. In contrast to the Hipster, they mainly use email to share online.

As you can see, these two types of sharers have completely different characteristics, which make an impact on how they choose to share online content.

Do you fancy seeing what type of sharer you are? Well thanks to StatPro you can with their psychology of sharing quiz!

This Connector sharer is connecting with her online community!

It doesn’t seem like this Boomerang sharer is too impressed with her lack of likes!

What type of sharer will you be?


 Jenny writes for StatPro, a company specialising in cloud based portfolio analytics software. She is passionate about sharing as she believes it’s a vital tool for businesses today.

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